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29-sai #prologue

29-sai prologue

Hey, I’m Geraffe the translator of this site
I will be straight, literally as site name “Okane ga hoshii” mean I want money,
And it was 80% of the reason for me to doing this.

Now I’m really broke because now I have no work that need to be put in as the
freelancer, and I’m really in a pinch and needed money for food and rent,

With two main novel I’ll translate :
1.) 29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Translator didn't continue, so I pick it up my speed maybe slow down a little after ch.49+ because after that I'll have to translate from Japanese. But don't worry be cause i got decent Japanese skill.

2.) COP CRATFT -Dragnet Mirage Reloaded-
No one translate this so I'll do it. after I have translated 2 ch. of 29-Sai.

So please suport me with donations, I will reply your kindness with extra chapters per 20$, with maximum of 5 extra chapter per week( 3+5 = 8 maximum) and it can be stack for next week extra, but it may increase along the money.

Now, please enjoy today "29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita...katta"
chapter 1 of 3.
**Edited with grammar checking program: 12.01am(GMT+7) 12/01/2018**

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita...katta

My current life sucks.

Such as, your salaries won’t go up despite how hard you work.

Such as, you don’t pleased with the government but you can’t do a thing.

Such as, you don’t have anything to make you excited.

And you have hidden feeling that can’t be described in a words.

Such as doesn’t have hope to look at the future.

Such as doesn’t have hope in your country.

Such as, work is eating your private time away.

And you also think the opposite.

Did you already your best?

Did you really can’t do anything?

Did you have worked hard enough to get to the goal?

Doesn’t want to work hard.

Doesn’t want to get tired.

Doesn’t want some trouble.

Nobodies like anything mentioned above.

I too don't like it.

That’s why I run away to games, internet, and light novels.

In the game, I’m the strongest.

Can use any weapons, have a powerful body.

I’m the hero who slay evils, also the villain who does evils.

Even though I said that Coward like me can only playing as good person.

Recently, a game that you can free roaming had been released a lot and I got sucked in.

A type that you can make characters do anything.

To spend my time in such free and convenient world, I’m feeling good.

Spending time by reading [Good chill story]’s light novels is also great.

That genre where the protagonist is very attractive to girls like a joke.

In your heart scream [Nope, LOL] or [That easy!].

But, if I got girls to tend me like that, will be very fortunate.

It should be a trend or something recently because there is a whole lot of harem+cheat things.

Girls can be innocent, tsundere, older or younger sister that can be related by blood or not.

Loli-baba, elf, animal girl that only have minor human ratio is fine too.

Strike zone of mine is wide of course.

There is also a lot of people who think [My current life sucks.] on the internet.

When I join in and ranting about something I hate about societies in there, I feel refresh like bathing in warm water.

And the internet is full of fun.

There is a lot of contents made by a lot of people for you to digest.

When you full with one, you go to another.

When you finished having fun with another one, you go for another.

The thing about how hard to create some content for creators, don’t wanna know such thing.

I just wanna digest content as a normal consumer.

Is continuing to be like this is good?

Voice in my heart is resounding like that, but I hold it in.

Well, troublesome things gonna appear one after another, I don’t like a single bit of it.

And I who is like that leaked out a ranting.

“AAhhh…….I want to go to the fantasy world that’s like a game, And don’t just be the normal everyday person, I want to be a protagonist in Very easy mode.”

Everybody should once have hoped for this, right?

Even I speaking this very often, but when I mostly play Hard Mode just so you know.

But, if it’s possible to go, I want Very easy mode, please.

Then a voice reply

[Yeah, then why don’t you try?]

And my conscious fade away.

<<Vol.1 Illust                  TOC                   NEXT CH>>

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