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Copcraft TOC

COP CRAFT -Dragnet Mirage Reloaded-
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Author: Gato Shouji
Artist: Murata Range
15 years ago. Dimensional gate that no one has seen before appeared over the Pacific ocean.
Beyond bundle of a cloud-like gate that always changed its form, lies the strange another world, where fairies and monsters exist "Leto-Semani".

City of San Teresa, Caliaena island.
A city located on a giant land that suddenly appeared with the gate on the Pacific ocean. And this city was built in the northern part of that island and became front gate of both worlds.

Tilarna Exedilica, a knight squire from another world.
Kei Matoba, a detective of special force police department.
They have to chase after the same culprit, in this city of the borderline between science and magic.

From the same author of FULLMETAL PANIC! and illustrator of LASTEXILE


And check out my another translation! Click the picture below!


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