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1/3 of Ch.1

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Translator: Geraffe
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Fuck, those damn Filipinos are now 40 minutes late.
No, 41 minutes.

Kei Matoba took a glance at a clock in the car while clicking his tongue in displeasure.
For a record, he is not someone who strict with time, but unbelievably those people still slowly walking here in a very chills manner, even after they're letting the other side wait for nearly an hour.
Under the streetlight shadows of two persons gradually coming this way from the nearby blog, like they're walking the dog.

"Don't be so sullen, boss"

Rick Fury spoke up from a driver seat
"People like these guys, even if it's their father funeral, they'll still be late. If you keep ruining your own mood like that, your mind will give out soon."
"I know, but even so."

Matoba mumbles in an irritated tone and checking himself roughly with the review mirror.
Grossing Versace's suit, well-combed hair with elegant looking.
His beard is now disordered because he hasn't gone back home for two whole days, but that makes him look much like a buyer in this "circle" that using the expensive thing to smoothly cover their rough manner and origin.

"I have an appointment after this."

After thinking for several seconds about how should he reply Fury, he suddenly got lazy to explain the situation, so he chooses to go with the flow.

"Something like that."
"I envy you for that, I still couldn't have a talk with my wife for a week now."
"It isn't anything that you should have to envy me for, it's a situation where two of us is getting more pain when we got closer"

Matoba complained, but Fury let out a light groan as he laughs.

"Well, aren't that make you excited? Man-woman relationship thing?"
"Nope, not good."
"That means this Kei Matoba boy is worried.......Let's go"
"Ah, let's end this."

The Filipinos that they about to trade with has come.
He opens the door and comes out of a car in the back alley street at night.
Fury took out "SUBWAY" paper bag which was placed on his lap with care.
There is no one in the surrounding, puddle which caused by the rain in the evening is reflecting the white streetlight.
The main road is still clamoring with passing by lively crowds because it still not closed time for shops.
But here is like a midnight, the troublesome Filipinos have come, they're 2 of them, both of them are wearing a printed t-shirt, one of them is holding old cassette tape player, another hold Boston bag for traveling.

Matoba and Fury are standing in front of the car, facing them.
The Filipinos examine them with eyes, Matoba has big built with a wide shoulder, Fury is thin and has narrow a shoulder, so when two of them is standing together is a weird combination.

"So, where is the money?"

The Filipinos who wore a printed "5-0" t-shirt spoke suddenly.

"Heh, you're making us wait for you for nearly an hour, who the hell do you think you are? We're worried like shit, that the cop might show up you know."

Matoba spoke with both of his hands in the pocket.

"Mister, do you have the money or not?"
"Shut the fuck up, and did you bring that with you? I heard that is first rated goods that come [directly from nature], so I'm agreed to deal with you. show me the damn goods now, you shitheads"

Another man who wore peace sign t-shirt, changed his face when he heard Matoba.

"Did you say, shitheads? Shitheads."
"How many time do I need to repeat that for you to get it? You shitheads"

Matoba glared back at him without flinching.
Fury gets in the middle of the two who look like they will fight at any time.

"Well, well, we're both doing business, please don't fight over some trifle things. Let's finish this deal, the money is here, look"

Fury take out a wad of money to let them see for a second, they're hundred of 100$ banknote, there're 8 wads in the bag.

"These are 80,000. No reason to let it go, right?"

The Filipinos eyes changed instantly, even if they tried to feigned ignorantly, but every time Fury is waving the money, they eyes glued to it like a trained pet that looking at the food.

"Now you know, then show me the goods"

When Matoba said that, "5-0" t-shirt guy start searching inside his Boston travel bag and pull out glass bottle that's around 30 cm. in length, made from tempered glass and on top of it there are small compressors that used to pump the air inside the bottle and there is small motor sound.

When the street light is reflected, the "goods" inside the bottle is moving. There are countless bubbles within transparent liquid inside, there is a small shadow of a person in the liquid.
Shadow of a naked woman.
Her hands and foots are slim.
Her golden air is waving like an ocean.

"How is it mister, this real [Fairy]."

That is not a doll, it's a living being.
She is using her hand that is no bigger than a pinky to push the bottle's interior and makes it shake under the dim light.

"She is weak."

Matoba spoke up after examine the living being inside the bottle carefully.

"No, no, she is still healthy mister. She must be tired from the transportation because it seems like she was caught on the other side just nearly a week ago."

As he said, [Fairy] with this good condition isn't easy to find, if you using good enough methods and tools to [process], you will get a very pure high quality [Fairy dust], magic powder that will give you a good high time that even cocaine or heroin can't be compared.
If you talk about a market price, it will make several 100,000$ easily, or you can just sell it at outer town's route to get the profit.

"Ah, this one is great goods. You think so, Kei?"

Fury spoke

"Yeah, this worth an hour of waiting"

Matoba lessens his tension down. and let out a smile that looks like a real one out on his face.
Fury too is laughing, the Filipinos also smile, inside dimly lighted alley four men are laughing with a satisfied feeling.

"Here take this, for your labor."

When Fury threw a paper bag that filled with money to them, they smile got widen.

"Thank you, mister, thank you"
"Are that happy? Good, I'm in a very good mood too. Because now we can get to the main topic."

Kei takes out his pistol from the waist holder, with his full smile face, and point it at them. Then he took out his note and show them his sign and ID with a left hand.

"STPD(San Teresa Police District), you're under arrest."

The Filipinos smile freezes, but not for Matoba and Fury who is still grinning.

"You guys are charged with abduction and human traffic, that fairy is not goods but a citizen by the law of Semanian, you got some heavy ones. Now, put down that citizen and money, then  raise your hands up in the air and on your knee."
"You,  You're a cop"
"That why I called you shitheads. Now, hurry and do as I say, on your knee, a knee, you know? KNEE. You should have learned it from Sesame Street right, hm?"

In front of Matoba and Fury's gun barrel. Two thugs are hesitating for a second, they thought about running, but then remembered that this alley is long straight. Their only choice of resisting is to cursing Matoba and Fury.

"Fuck you all damn cops, you lie to us!"
"Oh, you sure are rude, Rick read out their rights for them."

Fury hold gun in his hand without letting his guard down while walking to the peace sign t-shirt man then shrugged.

"I give the honor to you, Kei"
"Then I'll chant it for you, listen carefully? You have the right to silence, your speech such as "Fuck you" will be used against you on the court, and you have the right to hire a lawyer, but if you have no money...... Then you can't hire those sly foxes that always get in the way of our work.
The government will give up and think about using taxes they squeezed from good citizen and wasted it on you shitheads like a shit in a lavatory, and bring your lawyer which court has appointed for you.
How is it, you're happy right? You're happy enough that it will make you cry, right? You can cry out loud you know?"
"Go to hell fucking cops."
"Oh, you are the hell of a man aren't you"

Matoba put a handcuff on "5-0" t-shirt man and pull him up by force. Fury also finished handcuffed on peace sign t-shirt man and about to pick up the travel bag that was placed on a street nearby.
After this, they just need to bring them back to the station by a car. But suddenly a disaster unfold.

There is strange *kling* sound. When Matoba turned and look at Fury, peace sign t-shirt man which should have been handcuffed to charging at Fury with free hands.
How the hell did he get it out?

Then he realized, that man wrist looks torn out and blood-soaked.
He forcefully pulls out his hand from the handcuffs with strong force without caring about that his bone will break or his skin will be torn out.


He can only leak out that sort of mumble.
That man who was just a mere thug from a minute ago catches Fury's neck with his hand, and snap it with the same force when he pulled his hand out from the cuffs.
There is a small sound leak out from Fury's neck, then his head bent in an unnatural way.


Matoba turned his gun to peace sign t-shirt man and start shooting without hesitation, 9mm. round piecing through that man causing him to swaying a little.
Even he got shot with 3 hollow point rounds, he still not falls and throws incapable Fury at him like nothing happen---. Yes, like he doesn't feel any pain.


Such a tremendous force, like being hit by a heavy sandbag with speed more than 10km/h. Matoba was crashed against the wall in the back with his friend body.
His conscious fade out instantly because of clashing and letting out air from his lung.
The man with the force of monster put something up from the street, not a money bag, but a Boston travel bag which have Fairy in it.


Stop right there. but he can't speak those word out because of pain.

"You weak barbarian(Dorina-meta-baderi-na)"

Peace sign t-shirt man looks at Matoba with disdain and speak.

"Something like that invented tools, can't take down my servant, I'll take this girl back. When she is mine from the start. (Ii-sade-meyaji-sona-beriya--Nikoshiei-genna-yako-Ieinoe--Sona-sanien-beei-genna-nerai--Meseda-demameiya-remei-noi-e)"

That's Farbarnian language, he is from the other side..... That's right those bastards, this Filippino is being controlled by someone. Matoba grit his teeth and pointing his gun at him again.

"That is it, you damn alien. Raise both your hand up and knee......"

That man shows a grim smile.
That vicious smile is not something normal thugs possess. Matoba has faced this kind of smile once, it's so long that should have been called past, in that war.
I'll get killed by him.

When he thought that, peace sign t-shirt man turn back and letting out a small groan before dashing out of there. He heard water stumble sound from afar and that man back has gone into the darkness of the alley which has no light.
His heart wants to follow, but the pain was too great, He can't even stand up straight.


The other Filipino who wore "5-0" t-shirt was left there and curling himself on the street and trembling like a baby bird. Matoba is grasping for breath and checking condition of his friend who is on top of him


There is no response.
Detective Rick Fury, His neck is crushed. He died while his eyes still opened wide.
He is his partner for 4 years since he becomes the police of this town. He died without able to saying any last word.
It should be just a normal lure, to catch some thugs.
And Matoba doesn't know how to explain it to Fury wife, who wasn't talking to each other for a week.

"Rick............damn it"

He can hear patrol car's sirens from afar.

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