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29-Sai Ch.17

29-Sai Ch.17

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.17 - Suddenly, I have an oracle.


When I opened my eyes. I can feel the warmth of the human skin which is not my own.
When I looked next to me, I saw Marl.
Take a look at the light that passes through a window, it seems that it is still early in the morning.
Why don't I just go back to dreamworld?

[Well, wait. I have something to tell you.]

A voice ringing in my head. I'm still sleepy, let's sleep, let's sleep.

[Don't escape from the reality. Listen. It's important.]

What the heck, so noisy, I haven't press God call.
I just want to go back to sleep after woke up too early. What would you do if Marl woke up?

[Great flooding will occur in two months from this.]

My voice came out unintentionally. Marl's purring also leaking out and opens her eyes thinly.

"It's still too early, just go back to bed."(Taichi)

She obediently closes her eyes and goes back to sleep.
Hey, what do you mean? Why is that happening?

[Please find the truth yourself about why the flooding will occur. Bye.]

After saying so, the voices that were echoing in my head ceased.
I tried pressing God call, but there is no response.
Trouble comes after another. Can't I have some peace of mind?
But well, let's sleep, for now, I can't move until Marl is up too, and I'm still sleepy.


"Good morning, master, how about some morning service?"(Flam)

After my second slept, I woke up and changed my clothes with Marl, then Flam came in and with such remark.

"Nope, I can do that myself."(Taichi)
"Yes, shoo--! shoo---!"(Marl)
"I'm receiving harsh treating here, is not it?"(Flam)

I gave a straight declined, and Marl is giving sound as if to drive out the stray cat, Flam just shrugged her shoulders one time.
In fact, I think that the revenge declaration was not serious at all. It may have been a remark to comfort me.
It is surprising, That Marl took that competition seriously.
Though, they usually get along well. They often take a bath together, and Maybell sometimes mixes in there.
Looking at them go **kyah, kyah** and **Ufu, ufu** happily in the bath make me smile, they look like three sisters.

Flam changes bed sheets and collects laundry then leaves the room. Her appearance is a maid uniform like Maybell.
In the end, Flam had to work as a maid in this mansion.
Because she is a criminal slave, she can't be released easily.
And I can't just kick her out, so it was the natural course.

"Maybell still has her bad points, so it was a good shopping"(Jack)

Jack-san le out such remark.
Because Flam is a former knight, so she is strong and has fighting skills. Also an adult woman.
On the other hand, Maybell is well educated as a maid, but her body is small and weak, and she is still 13 years old.
Of course, it seems that Jack-san was planning to cover the points himself.
But he can't always go with her when she was out on shopping every day in the market.
The existence of Flam seemed to be the great help for Jack-san and Maybell.

I also thought of giving weapons to Flam, who will be the guard for Maybell in the city, but Flam refused this herself.

"No one let slave have a weapon, moreover I'm a criminal slave and a person who has directed the blade at her master once. If you're being concerned about hoodlums in the streets, just bare hands are enough, so do not worry."(Flam)

In the first place, it is unnecessary to worry because there is hardly any fatal incident in the new town.
In other words, I nearly make a grave mistake in the other day.
Even though I haven't done it, I should reflect on my own action.


After we enjoy breakfast and we relaxing by sipping an after meal tea.
It is a recent daily routine to consult the day's action at this time.
Incidentally, this morning's menu is fresh bread bought by Maybelle, jam of apple-like fruit, kelp soup with boiled eggs.
Maybell, Marl, Flam make a confusing face when they saw kelp soup. It seems that they did not know this kind of soup.

"The taste is deep and profound. This is wonderful, really interesting"(Jack)

Jack-san is obsessed with its charm and said that If he has some time he will studying kelp soup.
Thanks to that, recent menus using kelp soup and kelp are gradually increasing.
When teaching him about kelp, he always tries making something new. I'm really looking forward to it.

"It's been some time since we have settled with our base, so we should start adventure activities in Alfen. What kind of policy do you go with?"(Marl)

Marl pointed out at a very relaxed pace.

"Oh, yes, let's mainly do strengthening equipment and hunting monsters, I must be stronger."(Taichi)

I decided to hide about Great flooding.
Actually, there will be no need for me to tell them because the temple that received the oracle would publicize this fact soon.
In addition to that, it is urgent to enhance the equipment and raising our level.
If possible, I want Marl to memorize some Magic and Magic strike, will it be possible?
I don't want to think that this mansion inside the Third wall is exposed to attacks due to the Great flooding.
But just in case to make sure it is better to strengthen the defense of this mansion as well.

"Taichi-san seen to doubt your own strength, aren't you strong enough already? There is no one who knocks and kills the troll with bare hands, you know?"(Marl)
"For men, it's essential to get stronger and stronger, there is no end to this."(Taichi)
"Is that so?"(Marl)
"That is so."(Taichi)

Marl had a strange face on my words, but she seemed to be convinced.

"Well, are you going to the guild today?"(Marl)
"Let's find our new armor first, both I and Marl only have cheap leather armor"(Taichi)
"Certainly, if you focus on fighting with monsters, you'd better have a better armor."(Marl)

A leather armor that I have, it's good for an enemy like a goblin but further than that is a little out of question.
I do not know how many kinds of armors are there in this world, but a preparation of a better armor is indispensable.


"It's hard to decide."(Marl)
"We can't just pick up one."(Taichi)

I and Marl looking at armor shops around the new town.
Although I tried strolling around, there is nothing that catches my eyes.
I don't expect too much, but this is concerning our life, so I won't pick up some poor quality one.

This is the fourth armor shop.
This shop is near the Third wall in the new town.
The shop's name is written as Peron's armor shop, it was lined with various armor such as plate armor, lamellar armor, leather armor, chain mail, etc.
It seems that there is armor made from Mythril too, and even the price is high, but it's high-quality one.
What I'm looking at is a chainmail made by knitting a circle of Mithril.
The advantage is, it's light, durable and rust-free so you don't have to do the maintenance.
Moreover, you can wear some armor over it.
It would be a leather armor using troll hide as a material, it's strong against blows.
If you wear leather armor over it, a sound of chainmail may not be bothering so much.

"Oh, you are looking diligently, are you interested?"

When I was wandering around Mithril chainmail and Troll-hide Armor, a man with a solid body that looks like a shopkeeper came up with a voice.
Is he a former adventurer? There is a scar on the cheek and it is a considerable strength.

"I want new armor, so how about that chainmail and put this troll hide armor over it."(Taichi)
"Plate armor is more durable and stronger, why?"

So the shopkeeper points at the plate armor at the corner.
There is a plate armor made of high-quality steel and lamellar armor on display there.
Lamellar armor is an armor that assembled a metal plate with a string, the defensive effect is high, but every time he walks it glows with a **gashagasha** sounds.

"Certainly, rather than buying both, it seems that single plate armor is cheaper. Why do you to buy both of them?"(Marl)
"It's a bit scary for places where there are plenty of monsters, as it will be heavy and it's **gashagasha** sounds. If it is easy to move and quieter, and have defense power, this combination will be fine even its expensive."(Taichi)

Shopkeeper and Marl smiled at my words.

"Great, I heard that the young one these days only looks at beautiful plate armor, but Nii-san knows things about armor even though you're young."

Shopkeeper hits my back. It hurts a lot.
He called himself Ritz by the shopkeeper. Peron is the name of his wife, she seems to be working in the workshop at the back now.
Later, his wife's story continues on and on. Let me buy armor already, dude.
Marl is trying on small shields little farther away. I wonder if she plans to use it in the future.

"Well, my wife is......."(Ritz)
"Ritz! Are you blabbering with the customer again?! I always told you  to stay at the counter silently!"(Peron)

Suddenly Ritz shuddering fearfully at the shouting voice from the back of the shop.
'I'm dead' his expression says that clearly.
I also fearfully turn my eyes towards there, for a different reason.
I was imagining a perfect woman when I was listening to his love story, but I heard that the voice I heard was strangely high-pitch, or of a young girl.

"S, sorry, Peron, I got little excited."(Ritz)
"Nevermind! Go back to the counter! Or you need me to kick your ass!"(Peron)
"I understand, I understand, it can't be help......"(Ritz)

Ritz-san, you're afraid of your wife, huh.
I look at the wife who drove Ritz-san to the counter.
She was a little girl without a doubt.
If you do not wear a belt full of things like a tool on your waist you will only see a little girl.
Fluffy red hair, an almond-shaped strong-looking eye, flat-chested, all loli factor is present.

"That old man, he is a lolicon................."(Taichi)
"Ahn!? Do you want to be hit!? I'm already over forty already! People from dwarfs like you guys are too big!"(Peron)
"No, nothing!"(Taichi)

I straightened my back unintentionally.
At the counter, why the hell Ritz-san is biting handkerchief with jealously looking.
Not just lolicon, but also an M? Aren't you too deviant?

"Then? Do you want to overlay Mithril chain mail with troll hide armor? It's not a bad choice. If it's a Mithril chainmail, it's light so it will not be a burden even if you pile in another layer of armor. Now, can you crouching down a bit."(Peron)

When I crouched, Peron-san hugged me a couple of times or touched my body several times.
Ritz-san is hitting at the counter so hard that it trembling. Customers, destroying our properties is strictly prohibited.

"You, too, come here."(Peron)
"Okay, good........ Hey! Why are you hugging me! Release me!"(Peron)

Peron struggles with Marl's embrace.
Ritz-san is excited. You're into the lily garden too! (TLN: Girl X Girl, damn he is deep.......)
And why the hell are you looking at Marl with those eyes, I'll hit you.

"Peron-san is so cute! Won't you become our child!"(Marl)
"No! Why the hell......"(Peron)

Peron-san spoke in a fed up tone and picking up armor that fit us from among the leather armor made of troll hide and adjusted Mythril chainmail.
I try it.
There is a little sound, the sound has been suppressed considerably more than I've imagined.
The weight is somewhat heavy, but it does not pose a problem.
Troll hide armor is more flexible and easy to move than I thought.

"How about it? It will be somewhat heavy, but you don't feel so strange right?"(Peron)
"Oh, it's more than I've imagined."(Taichi)
"It lighter than I thought that I feel strange. But it feels comforting when wearing it."(Marl)

Marl stretches out her arms and turns around to check the flexibility.
I guess even if it's high-quality armor, but you don't feeling good when you wear it, it's bad. And we've to wear it all the time during the adventure.

"Well, did you like it? Well, let's talk about a price..... Recently received a lot of troll hide stocks, actually, the price is falling a bit. If normally a couple of these cost 70 golds, how about I give you a special discount down to 50 golds?"(Peron)

As far as we looking at other stores, it's a reasonable price.
This shop is near the Third wall, and it's good that it is relatively close to the mansion.
The quality is better than three other stores.

"How about a maintenance?"(Taichi)
"I'll do it if you bring it to my place, of course, you have to pay a handling fee."(Peron)

Peron-san hit her thin chest with her palm.
When I turn my eyes on her, Marl nods.



We paid 50 gold coins, and we headed to the Adventurer guild.
The remaining balance is about 6 gold coins and about 60,000 yen in Japanese yen.
Although there is nothing troubling to live, for the time being.
it's essential to earning more money because it is necessary to gradually upgrade equipment further in the future.
And also I can raise the level at the same time.

**Mumble, mumble**

At the moment I entered the Adventurer guild, the inside of the guild felt like I could hear such a sound effect.
What is this atmosphere?
Is that because of Troll crusher thing?
I looking around the guild somehow.
Adventurers who seemed to make contact with my eyes instantly turned away.

"Taishi-san, you have become famous in the bad meaning from the previous matter...."(Marl)
"I can't deny that."(Taichi)

Since I can't help it, I scratched my head and headed to the guild counter.
The one who is sitting at the counter was the same female staff as that day.
Why are you trembling so much like Chihuahua?

"WE, W, welGomE!" (TLN: Her words are messed up)
"No, no, don't be scared of D rank adventurer, I won't eat you."(Taichi)

I am forced to smile bitterly with a tremendous fear of the female staff.
She is trembling so much that her word is messed up!
Marl also comes out from the side.

"Yes, He does squeeze mace a bit, but I'm not scared of him."(Marl)
"Oi, you, I try not to scare her, don't add more fuel..... I'd like to earn money for the time being, is there a subjugation quest?"(Taichi)
"Well, uhh........... This?"

It was indeed a subjugation quest.
From here, one week away distance, and three days to climb the mountain, slay the Snow dragon that said to live on the mountain.
Although reward is definitely very good. But, hey, that's not it.

"No, no, just a normal quest is enough, it's not a job for D rank, does it? Please give me a quest that is fitting my rank."(Taichi)
"Oh, Uh, ah....."

She turned around and show me a big pile of requests. Just how many you think I can take?
From the extermination of big hornet's hive, subjugating of Big Boar, to the standard goblin hunt.
In any case, the reward for completing is a large silver coin, and it seems that a reward for hunting is separated.
5 big copper coins for 1 goblin, 2 big copper coins for big hornet, nothing for big boar.
The corpse of goblins is selling for 2 nig copper coins, 1 big copper coin for big hornet, 1 big boar is 8 gold coins if corpse in good condition.
In my case, I can bring corpses of big boar back in its full size, without dismantling it.
Should I take big boar's quest?

"Why is the extermination of the boss hornet's hive the highest priority?"(Marl)

Marl asked from the side.
I have no reason to stop her, so I'll watch her continue.

"Ah, yes, the destination is a rural farming village, 2 hours away in a horse-drawn carriage from here, but as some of the big hornets started to appear in the village, so it's urgent, this request came in first this morning."

Then she gave Marl a request.
I also look into it from the side.
The destination village is close, a rural village which is about 2 hours by a carriage.
Big hornet is damaging not only this village but also neighboring rural areas.

"Taichi-san, let 's go get rid of big hornet! We must take trouble people as a top priority!"(Marl)
"Oh, I understand, do we have to walk there?"(Taichi)

Female staff trembling at my words. It's a bit of a shock when you got that scared after all this.

"Y, yes! The one who posts this request sells crops in the market at the new town and he can bring you with him as he is going back to the village at noon, his name is Bison. I think that you can find him if you search for Bison of Viet village at the market."
"Ok, then, I don't have much time so I want you to tell the people at my mansion that I will undertake this request, how much will it cost?"(Taichi)

There is not much time until noon.
Perhaps he will sell the goods quickly and may return before noon. I don't want to miss this Bison-san.

"Well, if it's a request, it will be a single large copper coin with a commission. But if you personally ask for it, is it about half the price?"

By saying so, the female staff points her line of sight towards the tavern.

"I still don't have a reliable acquaintance here, I want to make a request."(Taichi)

I shrugged my shoulders and put a large copper coin on the counter.
Fill out the necessary information on the request form which the female staff gave me, and write the contents to tell.
The content of the request, the name of the rural village, the content is that I would not return today is enough?

"Is it okay with these?"(Taichi)
"I think that it's enough! The first request in Capital, my heart beating fast!"(Marl)

Marl's eyes shine as she says so. I feel like I've not seen such a facial expression of Marl for a while.
Because I'm  going on a request after a long time, I muster my spirit up.
Although they're low-rank monsters, I must be careful not to let my guard down.

"Then, Taichi Mitsuba-san, D rank adventurer, Marl-san,  E rank adventurer, exterminate big hornet's hive, please."


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