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29-sai TOC

29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita...katta

Raw: Link
Author: Ryuto
Artist: Rein Kuwashima
Summary :
“AAhhh…….I want to go to the fantasy world that’s like a game, And don’t just be a normal everyday person, I want to be a protagonist in Very easy mode.”
After that I got sent to another world and live as I like......maybe?

Spanish translation

Chapter list:

Vol.1 :
Ch.1 When I realized, I’m already in another world.
Ch.2 When I go to Adventurer guild, I got beaten up.
Ch.3 When I was training, I was confessed to.
Ch.4 I got to ate something delicious on the first day.
Ch.5 Adventurer is the very profitable business.
Ch.6 I thought it was a joke, but it’s a truth.
Ch.7 Hitting the bushes for goblins but I found something else.
Ch.8 After a date, I accidentally……(Fake name)
Ch.9 When I went to the knight's barrack, I was judged……….(fake name)
Ch.10 I really have a bad feeling, So I run away.
Ch.11 I got attacked by assassins, so I kill them.
Ch.12 When I arrive at the capital, I have an audience with the King.
Ch.13 We enjoy a rice after a long time.
Ch.14 I take a stroll in the capital’s market.
Ch.15 I bought a slave in the slave market.
Ch.16 Let's calm down and talk properly.

Vol.2 :
Ch.17 Suddenly, I have an oracle.
Ch.18 Ojii-san is strong, you know.
Ch.19 I gain easy profit with bee extermination.
Ch.20 I finally start my production.
Ch.21 We’re learning magic together.
Ch.22 Then it's the big announcement.
Ch.23 I decided to make my own weapon.
Ch.24 I trample over the army of Orcs.
Ch.25 The second princess is being pressed to me

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