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29-Sai Ch.9

29-Sai Ch.9

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Translator: Geraffe
Editor: Martini

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.9 When I went to the knight's barrack, I was judged……….(fake name)

Last night, we forgot to eat dinner, so when we woke up we are eating our lunch in a leisurely manner.
Today, Pinea continues to serve food normally without any teasing.
But when our eye meet, she gives me a warm smile.
What is with that face expressing, "Yeah, yeah, I understand everything, no need to talk." It’s pissing me off.

"So what should we do today?"(Marl)
"Yeah, we have nothing urgent today."(Taichi)

I tried asking Marl about our wedding ceremony. Marl said that we should do it normally like the majority of adventurers.
If they're a noble or commoner that live in town, they have to register at the governor’s office.
Officially register and proceed with the wedding ceremony. Something like that.
But for adventurers, at most, they just make a request to change their surname at the guild.
Then let's do that right now. When Marl heard it.

"Yes! Let's do that right now!"(Marl)
"Yeah, let's go the guild."(Taichi)

After we finished that, we can have some tea or liquor there. If I'm bored, I can train at the Training ground too.
Also, we have a good budget, gears, and battle power. We should look for a way to move to another town.
I came all the way here from another world. If I don't go and do some sightseeing, it would be a total waste.
They don't have any attractions here at Crossroad. Let's look for that kind of information too.
Marl is also nodding in approval. After we finished our meal, we go to the Adventurers Guild.


"Yo, there you are. The knights are calling for you."(Ulz)

When we arrived at the guild, Oldman Ulz notifies me about the appointment with the knights.
Is must be about the Trolls from before.
When I ask him, he told me that they want only me to go.
So I can't bring Marl with me.

"What do you think?"(Taichi)
".........If that is just an invitation to the knights order, then it should be okay."(Marl)

Marl's happy face from before turns into the serious face.
I feel the tension is rising up here.

"Even if I said “called,” I think this is just an invitation to meet with them. They won't do anything bad."(Ulz)

Oldman Ulz encourages me with positive words.
He must be worried about Marl's gesture. Well, the other side is the Knight order, I just have to go.

"I don't know what will happen, so Marl, you stay here. And I haven't told you yet, but I’m thinking about moving to another town, so I want you to gather some useful information for me."(Taichi)
"I understand, please be careful, Taichi-san."(Marl)

I'm a member of Adventurer Guild, they won't do something terrible.
I leave the guild and go to the knight's barrack.
If I remember it correctly, it's in the Western district.

Ah, I forgot to make a request to change surname.


When I arrived at the barrack, it looks like my coming was already known, so they instantly brought me to the meeting place.
Crossroad is one of the biggest towns that belongs to the Karendale Kingdom.
There is a change of Mayors every 5 years.
The Mayor will be chosen from the influential nobles in the kingdom.
The nobles who get appointed can only be of Count and upper ranks.
And the nobles rank in this kingdom are, from the highest to lowest, is Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron, and Baronet.
For more details, there are a lot more than this.
For example, people who are appointed as knights will be treated as nobles.
Or, honorary nobles doesn't have a lineage, such as an adventurer, or mercenary who have achievements from war.
This is knowledge that I got from Marl.

Even so, what are they calling me here for?

"I, I yield!"
"Enough! Winner, Taichi-dono!"

Why am I sparring with these knights?
When they brought me here, I had little time so I raise Sword and Polearm skills to lv.4 and bare-handed to lv.3.
Another is the magic that I have learned. I raised them all to lv.3.
The result is me having straight victories against the knights whose levels are higher than me.
I already explain this long so, but Spell fist is not on the skill list that I can choose to level up.
If I have a skill that isn't on the list, should I categorizing them as skill? It's hard.
I still have skill points I save for useful looking magic in the future.

"He can use many powerful magic abilities, and he also has talent with the sword....."
"Among adventurers, sometimes there will be an omnipotent warrior like this. Don't underestimate them."

The knights who are watching from the side are gossiping.
Ufufu, sorry, I got this from a cheat.

The next opponent bowed to me.
I also bowed back and enter the stance.
The swords we are using in this sparring sessions are metal sword without sharp edges, but if it hits you hard enough, it can break your bones.
This is a little better than using a real sword to train.
It easily hurts you, but it gives your body the feeling of a real battle.
And even if you get hurt, there is a mage here to heal you.


The opponent knight is shouting and closing in.
I step sideways/aside to dodge the slash that’s aimed for my shoulder, and use my back to attack him with kungfu.
Even if it’s just a cool looking technique, combined with lv. 3 bare-handed, it throws off the metal armored knight.
But the knight beautifully gets his balance back mid-air, and charges at me again.


This time we exchange a blow with our swords.
As expected of Sword skill lv.3, his attack is sharp and powerful.
But I'm now lv.4, I'm a master that is hard to find in this world.
I parry his sword and punch him in his hand that is holding the weapon.
When I point my sword at a throat, the knight already lost his sword.

"Winner! Taichi-dono!"

When leader Walls declares that, a cheer breaks out from the spectators.
I shake hands with my opponent, we bow to each other, and then sheathed our swords.
It looks like his hand is hurting, so he goes to a mage to get healed.
Sadly, the mage today isn’t the big breasted golden haired Magic soldier-chan, but an old man with a nice beard.

"Wonderful sword handling, do you want to join the knights....... No, would you like to be my family-exclusive sword coach?"

The one who spoke was the Commander of the Crossroad's Knight Order, Twanich. A real Viscount.

"I have to refuse. This was an honor, but I like the freedom of being an adventurer more. Plus I have no confidence in formality and manners."(Taichi)
"Um, that’s very regrettable."(Twanich)

I waved my hand and gave him a wry smile. Commander Twanich is answering me with a really regrettable tone.
A life without much freedom is okay, but not a civil servant’s life.
It'll make me lose my sweet time in the mornings too, guhehe.

"Ehh, and for what other reason do you calling me today?"(Taichi)

You wanted me here not just for sparring, right?

"Un, I heard Walls talk about a promising adventurer. It was not a good reception, but I want to see your skills with my own eyes. And I also want to give you a medal for slaying the Trolls."(Twanich)

The man who looks like a butler in the back is giving him a black tray.

"If I directly gave you money, there would be problematic with the system, so I'll give you this."(Twanich)

Commander Twanich hands me a short sword on top of the tray.
I receive it with both of my hands.
The short sword I received is sheathed in the leather scabbard and it's considerably heavy.

"Can I take a look?"(Taichi)

The Commander gives me a nod.
I ask him first as a courtesy, and then I unsheathed it.
From the reflection of the color on the blade, I understand that this one a finely crafted sword.
Pointy tip, the blade is thick and single-edged, and on the handle, there is something engraved on it.
Have I seen something like this before?
Ah, I remember, this is a knife for dismantling game from hunting.

"It doesn't look too expensive, but it is beautiful."(Taichi)

When I use the Appraisal eye on it, it reads "Hunter’s Knife."
Even without special effects, it is a considerably good sword.
I sheathed it back and attached it to my waist belt.
There is a latch on the scabbard, so I don't have to worry about it falling out.

"Look like it's to your liking."(Twanich)
"Yes, thank you."(Taichi)

I was considering buying a new short sword before, but with this, I don’t need to.
It's a good sword after all, lucky.

"Well, how long will you be staying in this town?"(Twanich)
"Let's see....... I think i'll be here today or tomorrow but soon I'll move out. And I still don't have any destination in mind."(Taichi)
"Is that so, then before you leave you should report back here about your destination. Because if it's a big town, there will be an army barrack. We can prepare a recommendation letter for you."(Twanich)

The Commander offers his help in a straightforward manner.
I don't know what I can get with a recommendation letter.
But he offers it with goodwill, so I'll receive it.

"By the way, I heard Taichi-dono is also good at magic.........."(Twanich)

Sparring again!?


Well, shooting magic at each other directly is too dangerous, so it became joint training with a magic soldier.
But about detailed theory, I know nothing about that.

"Welcome to the Crossroad's magic soldier corps of Karendale Kingdom."

Commander Twanich brought me to the magic soldier corp garrison, which is not far from the knight's training ground.
Looking closely, it looks like knights order and magic soldier corps are a subdivision of bigger entity named the Karendale Kingdom's army.
And those who gathered there are magic soldiers, Magic soldier-chan is there too.
I shook hand with everyone and we introduce ourselves.
Magic soldier-chan’s name seem to be Linet.

"Before we train, you should tell me your excelled element."
"Excelled element?"(Taichi)

The one who asks me is an old male mage from the training ground before.
He seems to be the leader of this Crossroad's magic soldier corps. His name is Mark-san.
When I use the Appraisal eye on him, it appears he is also the honorary baron.

"Hm? You don't know your excelled element?"(Mark)
"Yeah, nope. I trained in magic with my master, but he only taught me how to use it, no theories."(Taichi)
"I, I see. That is a very unique way of training."(Mark)

His smile looks cramped when he heard me. Then he took out a glass orb about the size of a palm.
He took it out from thin air, he can use Treasure box too?

"Hold on to this for 30secs, and you will see what your excelled element is, and your magic capacity too."(Mark)

I took the glass orb from him, but just after around 10 seconds, it starts to get hot and emits light out. it's so bright that it look really dangerous.

"Is, is this thing safe?"(Taichi)
"S, Strange? Did it break?"(Mark)

While we’re talking, it gets even brighter and it starts to tremble.
I'm now scared! And this is too hot, it burns!


A crack appeared on the glass orb, and the light faded.
It suddenly fell silent.

"It, It really broke now, sorry..."(Taichi)
"A, Ah, no problem"(Mark)

Mark-san takes the cracked orb from my hand, and then turns back and give an order to Linet-chan and co.

"There is a checker in the warehouse, bring it here, fast."(Mark)

Linet-chan and the others dash inside the warehouse.
And Mark-san is now grabbing my shoulder, not letting go.

"Well, well, well.................. Why don't you sit down and have a talk with me, Twanich-sama too."(Mark)

His smile is pressuring me and he drags me to the table without asking for my consent.
Commander Twanich, his follower, and leader Walls are also making a serious face.

"You, Taichi-kun right? Where is your hometown?"(Mark)
"Ehhh---- On the countryside, the name is Shikyuu. I believe you never heard of it."(Taichi)
"So, Shikyuu is it."(Mark)

While we're talking, the magic soldiers that went inside brought out some orb and something that looks like a stone tablet.
Mark-san ordered them to put it on the table, using the stone tablet as a base for the orb and fasten it with a wire.
Then he inserted something that looks like a gem into a tablet and writes something down. Then the scribbles he wrote begin glowing.
The orb is also letting out a light by itself.

"This is?"(Taichi)
"A tool called [Status Checker] it will show the magic capacity and ability points of a person with numbers, it also shows the skills of the person too. Regrettably, it not too common because it needs to use an expensive gem."(Mark)

But, currently, in the capital, there is ongoing research to reduce its cost.
Mark-san told me this while completing his preparations.

"Now, Taichi-kun! Put your hand on the orb!"(Mark)

Honestly, I have a bad feeling about this, but I can't refuse.
I hope it will be okay, I hope that my strange abilities will not be shown.
Thinking that, I place my hand on the orb. Then character projected in light appear midair.

[Name] Taichi Mitsuba  [Age]19
[Level] 12
[Life force] 182   [Magic capacity] 503
[Power] 156  [Resistance] 161 [Agility] 141
[Dexterity] 117 [Magic power] 260
[Skill] Sword 4, Bare-handed 3, Polearms 4, Archery 1, Spell fist 2, Fire magic 3, Water magic 3, Wind magic 3, Earth magic 3, Non-elemental magic 3, Physical enhancement 1, Magic enhancement 1, Magic recovery 1, Negotiation 2, Cooking 1, Appraisal eye.

Uwa, my true status are really showing.
So cool, this [Status Checker], it even shown Levels huh?
But it doesn't show skill points?
But hey, what is with Age 19?  I'm already 29 years old.
"That" makes me a juvenile, huh? It might be true because my belly is gone too.

"Well, this thing is wonderful..."(Taichi)

I spoke out and look around, but everybody just has their mouths open wide.
Huh, what does thats mean?

"Level 12 with those stats are weird enough.......... But with such tremendous Magic capacity and Magic power."(Mark)
"Sword and Polearms skills are 4!?"(Walls)

Starting with Mark-san and Walls, following with Lent-chan and other, everyone begins speaking to each other in surprise.
Now, I have a really, really bad feeling.

"Nope, this is just a misunderstanding, really."(Taichi)

Of course, I instantly refuse.
Just a normal very strong adventurer is already fine. I don't want any responsibilities of being a Hero.
Will I get tasked with defeating a Demon King without a single coin as a reward!?
Like in those games! Those famous games!

"Like I told you before I came from the countryside and lived with my master. Mom and dad are normal people without a single shred of Hero bloodline in us. And the reason I lived alone with my master is that when both my parent died from illness, he took me in."(Taichi)
"Give it up. With only your Level, you’ve got such high stats. You can't cover this
 up. And also your origin is not involved in this."(Twanich)

Commander Twanich shook his head.
It looks wrong because of the base stats huh?

"Listen, with normal people, for every 1 Level, their base stats will rise up only by 1-3. Even if it varies with talent... But these digits are totally out of this world. It is not possible unless you're a Hero. Especially with this high level of Magic power."(Mark)

Mark-san is also doubting me.
Ugh, I can't find any excuses.

"Okay...............I give up. Just what does Hero need to do?"(Taichi)
"For starters, you have a lot of duties to attend to. First, you should report where you live, which country did you enlist in as an adventurer, report your Hero status to the Adventurers guild, and report to the country when there is a summons for you. In the case of a Hero staying in the country that has a summon order, he needs to report there too."(Twanich)

Commander Twanich answered my question.
The first couple are okay, but answering the summons is fricking troublesome.
Moreover, what do I do if I'm on a quest, do I have to abandon it?

"The upside is that you'll get help from other countries. You'll get a pass that lets you travel between any country without limit. If you’re about to face an inspection, you can just pass through. It'll make your travel easier right? Another thing about the second condition, about the summons, the country that makes a request, and country that you're residing in both need to provide you with full support in every aspect. Such as when you are work as an adventurer and can't possibly abandon a quest. The countries will take it over for you and finish the quest."(Twanich)

I get it. It seem like the limits are lower than I thought.

"There are a lot of details, but that is mainly it. If a country's in the position where they need the power of Hero, they will prepare a fitting reward. And summons are mainly about subjugating monsters that are too much for them to handle."(Twanich)
".........................So, I'll just be put in as a force to eliminate monsters they can't defeat huh?"(Taichi)

Commander Twanich's eyebrow twitched when he heard my remark.

"Don't worry so much. For me, if I was able to fight them, I would want to do it for my country and others too."(Taichi)

It's the same common story for both worlds.
The Hero's end.

"You sure are wary... After this, please go to the capital to receive an official assignment of Hero."(Twanich)

After he finished, he walked out with Walls and his followers, leaving me with the magic soldiers corp.

"You're the first Hero of Karendale Kingdom in 50 years. Things will get bumpy, but do your best."(Mark)

Mark-san is hitting my shoulder lightly to thank me for my hard work.
Now that I’ve got a magic professional with me, I should ask him about magic.
Yeah, let's ask him about some necessary survival magic.

"Well can you teach me more about magic? I’ve learned the 4 elemental and Non-elemental forms of magic from my master, but others than that, I don't even know their names........................"(Taichi)

I still have some conflicting emotions.
However, information is a weapon.
And I need it as much as I can.


You can call them mutants of the human species. They can be 1 in a hundred thousand or even 1 in millions. The growth in their stats are 2 to 6 times that of a normal human.
Many countries have signed treaties about 500 years ago, agreeing that they won't treat Heros as property of the their own country.
They are to be the world's power against beings that endangered the human species.(Such as giant monster like the dragon.)
There are stories passed down saying that a single experienced Hero can take down a dragon that would normally need an army of a thousand knights.
When a Hero is moving according to the treaties, they have the full support and protection from the country.

In the past there was a Devil-King who want to conquer the world. He may have also been a Hero.

Ch.9 When I went to the knight's barrack, I was judged as a Hero(Real name)

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