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29-Sai. Ch.8

29-Sai Ch.8

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.8 After a date, I accidentally......(Fake name)

After the sun has set. we who won the battle and coming back early time than in the schedule, are now receiving a welcoming cheer from the town's peoples.
It's also because we brought back the head of Trolls we have subjugated too.
I'm the one who brings it out from the inventory before entering the town because of everyone request.
Of course, it freaking heavy, I have to pull it along on the way back? no way.
There are also peoples who pray for the deads too.

When we march back to the knight's headquarter.
We are allowed to disperse and now going our own ways.
Well, we should head back and report to the guild first.

"Marl, are you still alright? I thought about going to report to the guild first, will you come?"(Taichi)
"I'm alright, let's go"(Marl)

So I bring Marl who is currently still excited by the welcoming earlier to the Adventurer guild together.
There are some adventurers that coming with us too, and there are some who are already leaving and going into the town.
Ethan is coming with us too.

"If you want to celebrate! You need money!"(Ethan)

It's true.


"Oh, you've come back. After you guys gone, there are a lot of goblins sighted around the town vicinity. I've worried what happened to your guys."(Ulz)

Oldman Ulz make a relieved face when he saw us.
But we need to tell him the bad news.

"3 Didn't make it huh................."(Ulz)

The bodies of 3 dead adventurers that the guild has received from the knight order, guild side said they would help buried them at the town's cemetery, and sent back their belonging to their families.
Adventurer's card seems to be used as a dog tag.
I saw one of the old-timers, brought 3 of its back to Oldman Ulz.

"Now, everybody brings your car here for inspection."(Ulz)

Everybody obediently do as he said, and started to give him their card.
Guild's staffs checked it one by one and paid them the rewards.

"OI, are you for real?"(Ulz)

When Oldman Ulz inspects my card, he let out surprising voice.
Sure thing, it has recorded the 3 killed Trolls too.

"Oldman, this guy is the real thing. When I'm at the front, I saw him burned 3 Trolls, and helped the Knights take one down with magic too."
"Ah, I saw that too, it's not a mistake. After that, he insta-killed one he burned with one hit,  and he also the others 2 that come later."
"He hit that thing bare fisted."
"Are you kidding?"(Ulz)
"For real, he straddles on top of it, and was like ORAORAORA"
"You brought Troll's corpses back too right, show him."

Adventurers that saw my deed kept confirmed and praising me.
Hahaha, don't need to praise me much, guys.
Then we walking to the warehouse.

"It's shocked me, this will cost a lot."(Ulz)

Olman Ulz leaked that out when he looked at 3 Troll's corpses that were lined up on the floor.
Monster' corpse that was hunted by adventurer will be selling out as materials on the market.
Of course, the selling price outside will be expensive than buying price.
But part of the profits will come back to Adventurer guild too.
To keep it simple the more adventurer brings back corpses, the more guild will profits.

"How much is it?"(Taichi)
"Troll's skin and bone are good for making weapons and armors. It's fat can be used as a gold smelter. Its meat can be sold as high price too, unluckily its head is damaged, it's still cost a lot. Without inspection it shouldn't be under 30 golds for 1 corpse and subjugation reward is 5 golds per 1 Troll. Roughly it should be around 105 golds"(Ulz)
"It an unreasonable sum for a work."(Taichi)

105 gold coins, It means I got 10 million and 6 hundred thousand yen.
The adventurer is not just something very profitable business.


"To all adventurers! CHEER!"

We raised our mug and have a toast.
After I got money from reward, I started a celebration party by invited all participated adventurers.
There are around 20 persons here, so I closed the shop exclusively for this party.
Even if it cost me 5 gold coins for hosting this all you can eat and drink party, but I'm rich anyway so no problems.
And it better than getting envied by the others.
There are some female adventurers who are sending a gaze too.
But, Marl-san guard is too heavy, and she isn't leaving an opening.
Ah, goodbye bountiful breasts.

At that night's full throttle drinks and shouts, we went back to the inns and slept like a log.


Next morning.
When I woke up, and start teasing Marl, we got in the mood.
Yesterday, it was harsh form marching and fighting too, so we have it hot from the morning.
And for Marl? Different in our stamina is high so, well.
She is now sleeping soundly using my arm as her pillow.

But, well I'm also easy.
Even without knowing nothing about her, I accepted Marl.
But able to snuggle up with the girl that is to my liking every day. Made me think, a puppet is fine, Whatever will be, will be!
Um, I'm not wrong. Am I a male right?

I use Daily life magic to clean up the bed and our bodies. Let's continue to lie down.
When I opened status and checked. My Lv. becomes 12 and I have 42 skill points left.
While I'm looking through status, Marl woke up.

"Mou......Taichi-san, doing it so harshly even though its morning."(Marl)

Then she leans closer and kisses.
Hey, don't do that, idiot! It'll get hard again.
I won't take any responsibility if that happens!

"Ufu, Taichi-san is falling for me completely right---"(Marl)
"Noisy, should I teach you a lesson."(Taichi)
"Ahn........W, wait, Taichi-sannn"(Marl)

When we're about to begins a 2nd round, the door slam open with a loud sound.
When I looked at the opened door, I saw Pinea whose veins on the head is popping out, standing there.

"I'm sorry for getting in the way customers-san. But now is time for cleaning, wouldn't you get out already.........?"(Pinea)

I'm sorry.


"Ufufu, all these past days, if I'm not protected. I should've been pregnant already."(Marl)

Marl is lively speaking while smiling happily.
I heard that if female adventurers want, there is a guild service for Contraceptive magic.
So there won't be any problem happen, there is also a story about a perverted monster that abducted women for breeding, so this measure is important.

But, perverted monster huh.............................Just like my imagination.

For other reason, it is for the women that wanted to be an adventurer, but have to stop because of pregnant.
Example if the mixed gender party and someone in the party got pregnant, it'll get disbanded.
So the Contraceptive magic is popular since long time ago.
But there is also intentive pregnant, or because she found a lover and want to get pregnant is also exist.
So the leftover ones in the party are still having it hard.
If they found a new member, then it's a good thing but its still not that easy.

And this magic also easing the pain in a period. So it even got popular among the normal citizens recently.
This side is also thanks to it, for that, I don't have to hold back on many things.

"Alright, what should we do today. We also got a money from Trolls too, how about going on a date together?"(Taichi)

Marl is looking at me with an open mouth.
What the hell is that reaction?
Do you think I'm a person that only working and training?

"What, have a problem?"(Taichi)
"NoNoNo! Let's go!"(Marl)

Then Marl hugged my arm with excitement.
Oh, her eyes are sparkling, so cute.
And we got 35 gold coins per Troll corpse.
Together with the goblin's subjugation rewards, we now have more than plenty.


"And.......Why is the first place we come is a weapon shop?"(Marl)

Marl narrowed her eyes with displeasure.

"Well....thing is, my sword broke to pieces yesterday. Even Marl have a sword hung at your waist right? If a man like me don't have any, it'll look bad right?"(Taichi)

Putting on battle staff is jumbling.
When she looked at her waist, then at mine, she gives a nod.

"It sure is, I'm a woman and I have a sword with me too if Taichi-san has none and got looked down at is bad."(Marl)

Right? So. I walk to the counter.
Luise is here today too, but she is occupied by another customer.
When I arrived at the counter, Owner Cat is letting out a smoke from a pipe.

"Welcome, what do you want for today-ne?"(Owner Cat)
"Ou, I want a sword, the one that can withstand a magic power input, And I can hitting Troll head without it broken."(Taichi)

When he heard my order, he raises his eyebrow.
Ah, the face that tells "Don't be ridiculous" face.

"Wait, for a rookie like Onii-san who doesn't even know Magic strike is to soon, Just get back and train-------"(Owner Cat)

Before he finished speaking, I focused my magic power at my index fingertip and poked at his face.
Owner counters me with his magic focused pipe.
The impacted sound is loud, and Owner's pipe is pushed back a little.
Owner's eye is widely opened.

"..............I'm surprised-ne"(Owner Cat)

He must be intended to push my finger back.
But his pipe just got pushed back instead, so he is surprised.
And also because what inside of a pipe got thrown out, so he pushes it in his clothes.

"But it's expensive you know? How much is your budget?"(Owner Cat)
"Un, Then around 10 golds."(Taichi)
"Hmmm, is that so-ne"(Owner Cat)

Then, Owner is jumping off the counter and totter away.
What is that? What is that cutely back?
Well, if there is a cat, why there aren't any dog?
If I have to choose a side, I would choose a dog for certain.

When I look at Marl, she is also looking at Owner with burning passion.
That also looks cute in this world, huh?

"These are things that are in your budget range, there are ones that are little expensive. But just 10 golds wouldn't be enough-ne"(Owner Cat)

Owner Tooks out several short swords that have the same length of my old sword.
There are 3 of them, so I tried holding and pulling it out of sheath to test its weight one by one.

"Hm, It looks good for a reserve, but its little light. Marl  would be more suited for this"(Taichi)

Then I let Marl holding it.
And there is one that she took interest in, so she kept looking at that one.
What she interested in is a green metal curved sword, which has a pattern on it.
There is also a finely carved pattern on its handle.

"Do you like it?"(Taichi)
"Eh? Ah, I'm just thinking that it looks beautiful, and by holding it up, it considerably light."(Marl)

Then she sheathed it back to scabbard.
Um, she likes it.

"Owner, do you have one that has a longer blade?"(Taichi)
"Yeah, for Onii-san, it must be this?"(Owner Cat)

Then he shows me a long sword that finely made.
When I unsheathing, I see the untainted white blade.
Weight and feel when I hold it up in my hand is also perfect. If it's this sword length, I can behead Troll with it.

"Great, This is it. I'll take this and this, these 2 swords can you give me some discount?"(Taichi)

I then choose to buy a long sword that Owner pick up, and a short sword that Marl has taken a liking.
Marl is currently busy choosing her new crossbow, so she isn't noticed.

"These 2 are 25 golds, I can give you 24, but our shop won't let you put a tab on you know?"(Owner Cat)
"Wahaha, don't look down on me. Things like this should be this."(Taichi)

Then I take out 24 gold coins to pay Owner without missing a single coin.
His eyes open wide again.

"I'm shocked-ne..............Where did you get this large sum of money?"(Owner Cat)
"I took down 3 Trolls and sold its corpses. It shouldn't be long before the Troll's material to be out on the market."(Taichi)
"Aiyaaaaa, Onii-san is always making me surprised-ne"(Owner Cat)

I put a long sword in the sword holder at my waist and checking its condition.
For a short sword, let's aim for a good time and give it to Marl.

"Hm, are these made from Mithril?"(Taichi)
"Yeah, these two made from Mithril-ne, Mithril is durable, it doesn't break, it doesn't bent, it doesn't chip, it doesn't deteriorate. It's can be called one of mightiest metal-ne. It also has very high magic capability too, even if you put a lot of magic power in, it won't break down easily."(Owner Cat)

When I use Appraisal eye on it, its name show "Mitrhil sword."

Even though it doesn't raise my magic stats that much, but it functions as a melee weapon is high.

"And another sword is a rare item with wind element magic imbued with it. It is weight reduction and speeds increase magic in it too, that will make user movement agiler."(Owner Cat)

 I use Appraisal eye on it, a short sword also show "Mithril short sword".
As Owner said, it has weight reduction magic and speeds increase magic of wind element attribute imbued with it.

"Thank you, Luise sure is busy."(Taichi)
"It's like that every day-ne"(Owner Cat)

When I parted with Owner, he curled himself into a breathing meatball, I come out of the shop with Marl.
Luise is still stuck with the same customer, and she looks pissed.
But I'm still on a date with Marl, let's not poke my nose in.


After that is a normal date.
We walk around and bought some snack to eat, watching a street performance in the Central Plaza, take a look at clothes and accessories shop.

"By the way Marl, your stuff looks few, do you have problems with clothing or something?"(Taichi)

Marl is a woman, Of course, she wants a lot of clothes for a change in a mood.
Furthermore, this girl is the real princess.

"If there is too much stuff, it will become a burden.........Though, I want some new clothes too."(Marl)

Then she shows a little sorrowful smile.
True, if they don't have an inventory like me, they can't keep too many clothes.
If you have a base like a rented house, then it's a different story.

"You can put it in my inventory, don't mind it."(Taichi)

She is still holding back.
Just need to give her a little push

"Another thing is, I want to see Marl in cute clothes too."(Taichi)


If I talk about the result: It overkill.
We went through clothes shops one by one when I realized it already evening.
But for me, buying one dancer costume which shows a lot of skin is more than satisfied.
But when you become satisfied, you got more tired.
We've talked about clothes, so I bought some too.
Now, we're rested on the bench at the corner of Central Plaza.

"Ahhh, it' so fun! It has been so long since I shopped this much!"(Marl)

Marl dropping herself on the bench, and stretching out her arms and legs with a full smile.
I saw Marl smile many times. But this is the brightest smile I've seen on her face.

Evening bell is ringing.
When the bell toll, most shops are closed, peoples are going back to their family, some going to bar.

Reward form Troll's subjugation, I gave Marl 10 gold coins.
Because, she told me its weakness, and gave me cover fire too.
Even though it very dangerous stunt.

Moreover, I also gave her 20 gold coins for daily necessities as we agreed on before.
And today's clothes cost is taken from that necessities.
Because from the agreement this also includes in clothing and food cost.

"Well, I got to learn a lot today too."(Taichi)

For this world, ready-to-wear clothes are 2nd handed ones, it makes me shocked.
And their all have their own unique design, they don't have any duplicates.
But it can be understood, because of it all order-made.
They don't have mass produced ones, every piece is handmade.
And if they're not tailored ones for themselves, they need to hire a tailor to make ones, which cost a lot of fortune.

For that reason, normal peoples made their own clothes.
If they don't wear it anymore, they'll sell it.
And then others will buy them to use.
If they tired of it they'll sell it again, repeated this circle.

So as I explained, there exist a lot of specialists in managing 2nd handed clothes.
For the basic, there are some baggy and plain clothes too, others are cute or erotic ones.

"Ehm, Taichi-san, those clothes, do I really have to wear it?"(Marl)
"I have already bought it, of course."(Taichi)

She is asking me, because of my suspicious smile a little while ago for sure.
Can't be helped, because of this all erotic clothes must be used by of a certain kind worker.
Even if Marl is the cute type, but if she wears this erotic type clothes, I wanna see what she'll look like.

"Ah, right. There is another gift for you."(Taichi)

I took out Mithril short sword that I bought from the weapon shop from my inventory, and give it to Marl who is sitting beside me.
Marl receive it with a very shocked face.
Um, thou shalt feel gratitude.


When you saw her speak like that, and hug it tight on her chest.
That means she'll never return it for sure.

"I have many reasons, but it'll tire me out if I explain. So, please just accept it without asking, okay?"(Taichi)

The truth is just I saw you took a liking.
So I bought it, that's mainly and all.

"...................Y, Yes"(Marl)

Marl is all red, and lower her head.
What? Her reaction now is strange.
And peoples in the surrounding is looking here with smug in their eyes and seems to be happy with us.

What the hell is that about?

And then I bought Marl who hugged short sword tight in her arms back to the Burning golden bed like that.
Pinea who saw us. Begun to walk here.

"Welcome back, how wa your.........Hoho"(Pinea)

When she see Mithril short sword in Marl arms, she let out a big grin.
What to say, I really have a bad feeling.

"Hehhehhe, I don't know how you did it, but you're not bad Onii-san. You even bought her a Mithril short sword. Isn't this great, Marl?"(Pinea)

Pinea smiles like an Oldman even though her face isn't fit for it, and use her elbow to hit my stomach.
If you look at her outside appearance she looks just like a normal loli girl, but in reality, she is even older than me and also this place Mistress.
At first, I thought she was the Owner's daughter, but I was wrong. In truth, she is his wife.
And just know this fact yesterday. Dwarf, how frightening.

But still, I didn't get it.
What is all of this mean anyway?

"Hey, is giving Mithril short sword to someone have a special meaning?"(Taichi)
""EH?"" (Marl&Pinea)

Why is atmosphere is frozen

"Ehh, then? Then why did Taichi-san gave this as a gift......?"(Marl)
"? I saw you like it, and it can be used in self-defense too."(Taichi)

When they heard my explanation, Pinea smile is twitched. As for Marl, she started to tear up and seem like she is going to cry at any moment.

"Ehh, even though I didn't understand all of it, but please don't cry, okay? Pinea, can you just explain to me please?"(Taichi)

First, I hug Marl who start to make sobbing sound and caressing her head, while asking Pinea for an explanation.
It must be some custom or tradition I don't know.
Marl hold her head in my should and start crying.
Um, another world custom is hard to understand.

"A, ummm. You really don't know? It's a common sense though?"(Pinea)
"Yeah, I don't understand it at all. I live with my Master on the mountain in the countryside and trained with him till recently, So I don't know common sense here much."(Taichi)

When she heard me, Pinea hit her forehead with her hand.
And explain with a fed up voice.

"For general, if a man gives Mithril short sword to a girl, it's mean[Become mine and use this sword to protect your purity], you know?"(Pinea)
"Ehh, It's a proposal? A love declaration?"(Taichi)
"Does it have another mean, dumbass?"(Pinea)

Common sense, you know? when I heard that from Pinea, I looked up at the ceiling.


Marl, who was crying till her eye is all swelled, is sit on the bed and facing me who sit chair in our room.

".................You have to prepare dinner didn't you, why don't you go down already?"(Taichi)
"I can't leave dumb ass who makes a girl cried alone with her."(Pinea)

And I don,t understand why Pinea is standing nearby and glared at us.
I made her cry, even though I didn't mean to, you know?

"Well, Marl, can you listen to me first?"(Taichi)

Marl, who is looking down at Mithril short sword on her lap, nodded.
Look like she is still listening.

"I'll say this straight, I gave you that sword as a gift without knowing that custom before."(Taichi)

Marl letting out sobbing sound again when she heard me.
Please, stop it, or my heart's Hp will become zero.

"How should I say this............"(Taichi)

I don't know what should I say in this situation.
Calm down me, at a time like this, I should say it ou straightly.

I take Mithril short sword form Marl's lap.

My action makes Marl raise her head and look at me with a despaired eye.
Pinea is shocked that she can't speak, and making a very scary face.

"...................Will you take this again?"(Taichi)

I use my two hands to lift up Mithril short sword to give it to Marl.
Marl who still can't process what happened, leave her mouth open, and then.


Her swelled crying face is now turned into a smileful face.
Pinea who said [Ah, yeah, yeah, I'm full] and leave the room.
I told you to leave from the start.
We make up. I'm now sitting beside her and bring out a towel and clean her face.
Marl look like she is tickles but let me clean her obediently. Then I hug her and push her down.

"I'm really, truly happy."(Marl)
"Is that so"(Taichi)

I caress her head and kisses her.
And tonight is a long night.

Ch.8 After a date, I accidentally propose her.(Real name.)

-Material for weapon and armor-
Material that used to make weapon and armor in this world can be arranged into 2 main categories.
First, Metal Ore like copper, iron, steel, brass.
To normal Magic ore like Mithril, Light quartz, Orichalcum.

Other is material from a monster like a fang, bone, leather, shell.

Weapon and armor that made from normal Metal ore are easiest to process and cheaper, and if it made from by the fine craftsman. It'll come out with high durability, so it's most popular.

Weapon and armor that made from Magic ore are hard to process, and ore veins are fewer so its more expensive but its performance is also far higher.

And weapon and armor that made from a monster's material, it has varied quality depends on the various reason. Even if you use the same part of the same monster species, you won't get the same quality of gear.
But if it's weapon and armor that made from high ranked species such as dragon, it's performance will be higher than that made of Magic ore.
And for the basic, most of it is lighter than metal.
That why there're a lot of people who choose to use monster's part as material.

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