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29-Sai Ch.7

29-Sai Ch.7

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.7 Hitting the bushes for goblins but I found something else.

In the evening, little time before the midnight bells. I and Marl are waiting at the west gate's rendezvous.
We've eaten, and our conditions are perfect.
There're some adventurers that came here early too.
Not too far away, a division of Knight Order is gathered, They're all wearing same uniform armor.
Lowest Lv. of the knight's member is 10, and they all have at least Sword skill Lv.2.
And the leader of this subjugation force is Lv.22, he also has Sword skill Lv.3, he sure is strong.

At the adventurer's side, it can't be compared to the former.

For examples, Ethan is just Lv.4, Marl is just Lv.2.
But I can't really criticize them, I'm just Lv.5 too.

In the knight order side, there is a mage too.......... Though there is only 1, the same on this side.
Long golden hair, like a pampered girl.
Maybe it because she is the magic soldier, she is wearing a cape, not an armor like the rest.
Un, but you can already guess her capacities by looking at the mound on her cape, she has considerably big ones.

"She is so gorgeous isn't it--------"(Marl)
"Yeah, a magic soldier. I should keep her as my role model."(Taichi)

A skill I just gained is just like a hot blade.
To witnessing real fight of real mage, it should be a good experience.
I can use it as a reference.

"R, Right!" (Marl)

Marl is agitated by my remark.
Fuh, my innocent poker face is worked.


In the dark of the night, we started moving to the targeted goblin village.
The scouting team which is excellent adventurers over Lv.10 is leading, following after them are the knight order and then us, the newbies are watching the rear.
I, the mage are in front of newbies-----------My positions are after the knight order.
The one who lightens up the way is me, who use light magic at the tip of staff, and armor wearing guys at the rear.

If we got attacked, In front there is the knight order, and there are others adventurer in the back, became a shield for me, because I'm a mage.
Magic soldier-chan is close too.
Marching has no problem.
There is some monster attack, but it got repelled by adventurers and knights at the front.

"It's going smoothly."(Marl)

When I took a glance at the side, I saw a corpse that was moved aside to not hinder a marching.
It's all goblins.
Because it's in pieces so it's hard to tell.
But, the recent attack has only been goblins.

Isn't this feel strange?

Last time we fought them, they came in groups.
Then why are they attacking us one by one like this now?
They're strong in numbers, if not attack in a group then it's meaningless.

"Goblins pack! Prepare to engage!"

After the shout from the front. I and Marl bring ready our weapons.
Is this their main force?
Those from before are scouts huh.

"Be sure, and don't hit our allies?"(Taichi)
"N. No problems!"(Marl)

Even though its name look weak, but the power of light crossbow is real.

I started to hear fighting sound from the front. ------------huh? Did they slip through from front line?
Because I fighting's sound gradually become closer.

"Here they come"(Taichi)

Goblins emerge from the darkness.
The knight has surrounded Magic soldier-chan tight, and she's also readying her wand in a low stance.
That side seems to have no problem.

Those goblins already become target practice for magic.
First thing first, well, let's just use only 20% for a threat this level.

"Marl, don't come to the front."(Taichi)
"Y, Yes!"(Marl)

I leave the front row, and heading out for goblins, putting magic into battle staff at 20% then I swing out.
Boom. the sound it made look like a bomb more than staff.
Many things that have been goblins scattering aside.
Instant dead.
To goblins, this is just too overkill.
If intestines are all gone, the price will go down too.
Then I'll halve its power to 10%, that should be enough.

"Ora ora! Here I go!"(Taichi)

I kept going forward, hitting, smashing, trashing goblins that got in front of me.
Before, there are some of them that survive the first hit, But not now.
Marl might be afraid of hitting me, so she is anxiously looking this way.

Un, Good decision.
If it's an all-out brawl like this, the risk of hitting your own allies are high.

But, still......

"It's still strange."(Taichi)

The movement of goblins is very strange.
Looking closely, this can't be called an attack, it looks like they're trying to break through and go pass us.
They're not stopping for an engagement, there are only confusion attack and running pass.
Marl, Magic soldier-chan and the knights who protect her. They're even tried to attack them once.
I try to hit them, then waiting for a counter-attack.
And there is none just as I thought.

So I try calling out the knight who is in the back row of the main force.

"Isn't the movement of these goblins seem strange?"(Taichi)
"Yes............Look like they're running away from something."(Magic soldier-chan)

The answer came from Magic soldier-chan
Her voice is cute just like Marl's, but a little cooler.

"T, Taichi-san, I feel, dangerous, this looks really bad."(Marl)

I felt someone tugging my sleeve, I look back and found Marl whose face is very pale and trembling.
Marl has Danger perception skill.
Is Danger perception skill caught up on something?

And then I heard loud screaming for help from the front.
***Thud***, there is something fall in the front of us.


Marl saw it and leaking out a small scream.

That is a corpse of a person whose limps and body are bent in the wrong direction.
Looking closely at the equipment, it seems to be an adventurer.

"T, T, TAICHI-SAN!!"(Marl)
"Calm down, calm down and take a deep breath. Marl listen, I need to depend on your knowledge right now. What can make goblins run away and have the power to kill a human in a single hit like this."(Taichi)

The front seems to have to engage that thing right now, I can still hear a screaming many time.
I can't be hesitated.

"I, If there's something that eats goblin as food, and have over human power that is......"(Marl)

A Troll.
Marl paled while replying.

"Don't engage it in the front, circle around and attack it from the back! Even though it has a lot of power, it doesn't fast, pay attention to its movement! Don't ever try to receive its attack!"

When I came to the frontline, I see the knights surrounding and attacking Troll in a group.
Half of the adventurers in the frontline either injured or got killed by the Troll are pulling back.

"Uwa, what the hell is that"(Taichi)

I have heard that Troll looks like a giant human, but this is a lot more than I've thought.
It's height maybe surpassing 3 metres.
The eye is glowing red, Teeth are bent fangs and saliva is leaking.
Body is covered in muscles, and have long arms.
White-gray colored skin doesn't have any weapon with it, it doesn't even wear any pants.
Something that is hurting my eyes is dangling around.
By the way, that thing looks like it can getting ready for battle at any time.

"Adventurer!? This way is dangerous just leave it to us!"

One knight is looking this way and warns me to get back, but I ignore him and raise battle staff up.
I use magic instantly.
Kukuku, I learned your weakness from Marl-sensei.

"Turn into a crisp!"(Taichi)

The magic power that has been gathered got turned into bolts.

Firebolts are shooting continuously from the front of battle staff.
Troll body got piecing and burning by the bolts.
Flame form the Firebolts covered over Troll body.
As I heard from Marl, Troll has high regeneration ability.
If it was a normal wound from normal attack it'll get healed instantly.

But getting burned is a different story.

Troll regeneration got obstructed by flame.
And while still covered in flames, its now swing its hand around in agony.

"A Fire magic user huh! Great, its regeneration is gone! Kill it!"

A knight that looks like a leader is giving out an order and unsheathed his sword.
Knights around are charging at the rampaging Troll simultaneously.
Even though, Troll is swinging around its prided powerful arms furiously at the incoming threats.
But the knights have easily blocked it without using a shield.

"Get penetrate!"(Taichi)

I'm also using Energy bolts to shoot at its consecutively, by aiming at Troll's head and upper torso.
Energy bolts are all hitting the target. The homing attack won't miss anyway.
Chest, shoulder, throat, and face of Troll got pierced through just like I said.
When the balance of the Troll's face is sent off by me.
Knight's leader has used others knight shields as a foothold and jumped at the Troll.

"Hahh!"(Knight's leader)

He gave a short yell, and slash at its thick throat.

***Sun ***, it gave out that sound, and Trolls is falling
on its back.

Ohh, As expected of a knight.
The knight's side seems to get injured too, but nobody got hurt enough that they can't move.
And at that time when they use shields as a foothold is cool.
That is a move if you have not trained to use it against giant monster before, it can't be done.

"Bring the injured ones here! I can use Healing magic!"(Taichi)

Good thing that I still have enough magic left.

"Nah, it's good. Compared to us, we're least injuring than your side, just go take a look at the retreated adventurers."(Knight's leader)

Knight's leader whose holding a bloodstained sword is walking this way.
He then hit lightly my shoulder and smile.
He is older, but a handsome with golden hair and blue eye.
His age maybe around 30.

"Nice support, Because of that person who got injured has decreased. Thank you."(Knight's leader)
"No, your side is more......."(Taichi)

I haven't even finished my sentence then I see.

"Oi, Oi..........."(Taichi)

There are 3 more Trolls coming out of the forest.
I jumped back hurriedly, and ready my battle staff.
While charging my magic power,  ready......Now.


Ball of fire is appearing above my head and got sent at the chests of 3 Trolls.
After it hit, it exploding around the same time.
Troll's agony groan can be heard.

"Took it down one by one! Injured peoples switch your position with the one in the back!"(Knight's leader)

When the Knight's leader is taking a lead, others knights follow after him.
I follow them too, there is no time for complaint.
I'm putting magic power inside battle staff.
The first hit should be fully charged, after that, I should adjust it on the second hit.

"Hey! Why is a mage is charging too!?"

One knight yelled out to me, but I ignore him and closing my range at the most left Troll.
It big but look like human, weak point shouldn't be different.


I jump out in full force and strike down at the flame-covered Troll's head.
When it hit, I released all of the magic power that stored in battle staff without reserved.

***BOOM!***. There is exploding like noise come from the Troll' head-----------------is gone, with some part of its chest too.

Hahaha! Behold my mighty magic!
While thinking about that, come 2 more Trolls.

How many are these things?

I targeted the new coming Trolls and going for it while charging magic power to the battle staff.
And facing 2 of them at the same time is dangerous, so I running slightly side way from it's front.
Troll saw that and swing its fist at me.


I swing battle staff at incoming fist.
It fist exploded and blood is gushing out.


I rotated my battle staff that has hit the fist while charging magic power in it again and thrashing it at Troll's leg like that.
***Pan!***, Troll's leg bent in the opposite direction let out that sound.
The ground is shaking as its tipped over.


I plunge down battle staff at its head.
It twitching a little and stopped moving.
Then I look at other Troll that coming for me.

"Oh, shit!?"(Taichi)

The battle staff that was plunged down at Troll's head is stuck to the ground.
It can't be helped, so I rolled away to avoid Troll's fist which swung at me.
And it fist hit my battle staff that is stuck at the other Troll head.
Hey, hey, my battle staff will bend.

I took out a short sword and put in magic power.

"Um, this sword is no good."(Taichi)

Magic just went through and it cracked.
If it can use to piece for one time is enough.
Then Troll swings it thick arm at me, but I barely dodged it.

"OHH! Y, Yosh! It's too close!"(Taichi)

It got angry because I killed its friend? It now attacking me very furiously.
If it hit me just only once I would die? Don't wanna try it.
So I dodge the incoming fist by jumping back or rolling out.

If it keeping on like this my stamina will run out.
Now, what should I do? while thinking like that one bolt flying from my back and landed on the Troll face.
The arrow bolt piecing it eye directly, the Troll holding it face while crying out loud.

"Ta, T, Taichi-san! Run!!"(Marl)
"Idiot! You're the one that should run!"(Taichi)

Marl is the one who shot that bolt.
Her face is pale, and her legs are trembling.
Why the hell did she come to the front!

Troll is looking at Marl with wrathful eye and roar.
It's running straight for Marl and ignored me.

"Do you think I'd let you!!!!!"(Taichi)

While its running, I jump kick at its rib.

That kick made Troll throw off aside.

And I follow that body.
My body feels lighter than usual, my foot that touched the ground is so light that I could feel it.


I running to the Troll that I just kicked and now lying on it back. I piece my short sword on its forehead.
Because I put in too much magic power, short sword broking to pieces.


No choices, so I put magic power into my fists and punch its face.
By sitting on its throat, I straddle over Troll.
Troll trying to resist me, but it got pinned down and being punched by torrents of magic-infused fists.

I kept punching.

When I came to my sense, Troll face became minced meat.

"Huff, huff, your dick head."(Taichi)

There are blood and meat splattered all over my body.
Ew, Stink, I feel sick.


Marl running straight here and tackle me down to the ground with her hug.
Because I'm all dirty with blood, Marl is now also dirtied by it too.
She is so afraid that her face is full of tears and snots, it's ruins her cute face.

"This is just all splatted over blood idiot! Even though I told you it's dangerous you still come out to the front!"(Taichi)

I hugged Marl who is still sobbing and look around to be sure.
There is still a fights going.
Firstly, I should go get battle staff and corpses.


"Seriously, it's finally over."(Taichi)

When I finished healing injured persons, I let out a sigh.
Casualties at adventurer's side, 3 deads, 7 injured, 5 badly injured.
At Knight's side 6 lightly injured.
Just look at this, I know that knight's side is much more capable.

To ensure this, the knight sent out scouts and confirmed that goblin's village is destroyed.
Seems to be those Troll's deed.
And goblin at first was running away from Trolls.

The attacked Trolls are 6 in total, half of it was done in by my hand.

And now we're treating the wounded.
Good things that I bring 3 whole barrels of water, so we have a clean water for treatments.
The ones who gravely injured are cured by me and Magic soldier-chan to the point that they can walk by themselves.
So, they can walk on a return trip.

Now, I've currently collected all Troll's corpses into my inventory.
6 Troll's corpses.......... Including subjugation rewards, how much money I'll get, I just can't stop expecting.
And the half of it was my doing. So, I'll gain a lot of profits for sure.

I thought back when I killed the last Troll.
There are Marl and some others knights that witnessed me killing Troll with a bare hand, Magic strike with a bare hand and no weapon.
So I try punching a tree with the same method, the tree which has the same thickness as my body broke down.
And when I confirm it in my status, there is Spell fist skill Lv.2, Yes!!

"Taichi-san, good work."(Marl)

Marl offer me a wet towel.
I took it and wipe my face and arms with it, I feel refresh.
Well, I got Troll's and wounded peoples blood all over my body.
So I use towel wipe battle staff too.
Even though I use it so harshly it doesn't even have a single dent.
As expected of expensive thing.

"Thanks, you're helping a lot"(Taichi)

A towel is now full of blood, so I just throw it into inventory for a time being.
I can use Daily life magic to clean it, but right now I just want to preserve MP just to be sure, I can wash it later.
Then, Knight's leader and his subordinates are coming this way
Magic soldier-chan also comes, It an eye candy.

"Good work everyone, Thank you for all thing you have done."(Taichi)(TLN: He is speaking with the very polite tone here.)

When I gave out polite speech, Marl is making a weird face.
Knight's leader-san is the same, so I cough one time.

"I'll tell you this once, I can speak polite tone normally, but when I fought, I don't have time to mind it."(Taichi)
"Hahaha! No, don't mind that. If an adventurer with great abilities as you mind that, it's weirder."(Knight's leader)

Knight's leader-san laugh and give out his hand.
I took his hand and shake.

"I'm Walls, leader of Crossroad's 1st knight division. I thank you for help in Troll's subjugation so the casualties are low."(Walls)
"Taichi Mitsuba"(Taichi)
"Adventurer, right? Look at your abilities so Rank B? But even if you say you're Rank A it's no surprise."(Walls)
"No, I'm an E. Just become an adventurer for 10 odd days, and this is just my 2nd quest."(Taichi)

My answer makes the knights confused and begin to talk among themselves.
Ah, this looks interesting.

"Ano, you can release such strong magic and killing Troll bare-handed and you said Rank. E? Are you joking?"(Magic soldier-chan)

Magic soldier-chan asked tensely.
But the world is harsh! Because it's true!

"It hard to believe.........Have you trained before became an adventurer?"(Walls)
"Ahh, I learned some martial arts and magic from my master in countryside, un"(Taichi)

A different world to be precise! And got some power from weird mysterious voice too! I can't tell them that.
When Walls heard my answer, he seems to remember something.

"You achievement this time is big. Most of it is saving the knights too, I want to pay back. Can I have your contact?"(Walls)
"Ah, no problems."(Taichi)

I told Walls that I stayed at the Burning golden beds and he can contact me there.
And I still didn't finish healing the injured adventurers, so I want to go back and continue to help.
My magic that can be used in healing is steadily increasing by now too.

"Taichi-san......Maybe you just got targeted by the knight order."(Marl)
"Hah? What does that mean?"(Taichi)

While walking back to adventurer's camp, I tilted my head at Marl remark.
I didn't do anything bad to be afraid of though.

"No, I just think that Taichi-san shouldn't just be nice to everyone."(Marl)

Marl is making a serious face I've never seen before.

"It shouldn't be a problem, right? Knight order should probably have money to pays. It doesn't too bad to have some power and connection. Also, I didn't have the plan to join knight order anyway."(Taichi)

Marl is still making reluctant face to accept my answer.
Even though I just to come to this different world to live as I like, I don't wanna be someone underlings again.
I'm a Japanese who can say NO.

While we're talking about that we reached the adventurer's camp.
When the front line is badly wounded, the rear is just fighting with some goblins.
Even though there are some of them went to see the fight with Trolls in the front for the safe guard too.

"You have the courage to jump straight into the fight with Trolls. As expected of Taichi-san. Let me massage your shoulder."(Ethan)
"You're being creepy. So, no."(Taichi)

I chase away Ethan who came to tease and checking the wounded current conditions.
I used Healing magic on them so they've avoided death's door, but there's still trace of pain on their face.
I kneeled and look at a spear-user old man whose condition look worst.

His arm broke and the bone is piecing out of his skin.
Even I used healing magic on him several times, his wound is still hurting.

"Itatata, sorry, because of your help, I survive."
"Don't mind it, we're doing the same quest so we need to help each other out right?"(Taichi)

When I use Heal again to ease his pain, he clenches his hand several times.
Even wound is completely healed, strength is still not recovered completely.
Healing magic can't solve every problem huh?

"Thanks a lot, even I can't hold a spear for some time, but I can do something with this. In truth I want Ojou-chan from that side to take care of me, but my plan is all ruined now, so unfortunate."
"Haha, It's unfortunate indeed."(Taichi)

I laugh and lightly tapping his shoulder and go to next person.
Even though there's someone who died, but It's not me or Marl.
Even though it's sad, but we won.
We survive.

-Spell fist-
It's a martial arts that using magic to enhance user's body.
By using the magic strike to covered themselves or weapon to increase attack power.
One who can use this art must be excelled magic swordman or experienced warrior.
But, the methods of learning is different between former and latter.
Magic swordsman will gain Spell fist through finely magic control [Technique].
But, a warrior will gain it by [Experience] they gained without realizing.
While a rookie can just pulling through with mithril sword is a great success.
But if that is a highly experienced warrior he can cut Fullmetal door with ease.
Different is they can use this art or not.

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