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29-Sai Ch.6

29-Sai Ch.6

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta

Ch.6 I thought it was a joke, but it's a truth.


It's owner cat today who watch over the shop.

By the way, is it because it's just the time or because of Luise isn't present here that the customers are all gone.

"Have you been here before?"(Taichi)
"Just for once or twice, because fighting isn't my forte"(Marl)

Isn't your forte? Shouldn't you say you don't have a single clue should be more correct?
Anyway, I still lacked knowledge about the conductor, I should just ask the owner.

"Sorry, but I bought quarterstaff here yesterday, but I just use it little too harshly then it looks brittle like this. You have something that is more durable than this?"(Taichi)

And I too out quarterstaff out for him to inspect, and the cat receive it to have a look.
I don't have a problem with living expense now, so I can spend it on working types of equipment.
Also, when you look at the giant cat inspecting a weapon, is a wondrous sight.

"Un, Onii-san are using it so harshly-ne. Even if it can be used in melee combat, it's just for magician use it to defend themselves, and they're not any of them that kept swinging and hitting it around-ne."(Owner Cat)
"Taichi-san is truly just swinging and hitting around. He hit hard enough that jumped goblin are sent flying away."(Marl)

After that Owner Cat is mumbling about something, then quarterstaff is getting covered by pale light.
He nodded and look here.
He is cute if you look at him.
His plain eyes look sharp.

"It functions as a conductor is still working, this shop has no policy of buying back the goods. But if you're going to exchange it for a new one, I'll give you a discount 2 silvers."(Owner Cat)

When I ask him what you will be using exchanged ones for, He said it can be used to create a new conductor Wand.

"If you're using conductor staff, a new one should be the same right? How much is your budget?"(Owner Cat)
"Not over 1 gold"(Taichi)
"Then it's here and here-ne"(Owner Cat)

What's the owner have recommended, is a wooden staff which is reinforced by metal on both ends, and a thin metal sheet is added to cover its whole pole.
You can say it just like a metal reinforced quarterstaff.
Its length is around my heights.

Another one is a spear.
It's little taller than me if you combine the lengths of handle and blade together
Should be around 1.9m.

If you're comparing it to another spear in this shop, it can be called short spear.
At the handle, there is also thin metal sheet cover it just like a staff before.
The blade is two-edged and it's also considerable thick, it's durability should be high.

If it's this spear, it can pierce through the thick-skinned monster.
Even it has more attack power, you still should have learned to handle it first to use its full capability.

"It's both have merits and demerits-ne. If you want to focuses on dealing melee damage, you should pick a spear.

But if you want to use magic mainly quarterstaff is better."(Owner Cat)

"Because it functions as a conductor is better?"(Taichi)
"Quarterstaff have more magic capacity and can preserve magic better when using a magic strike. But spear's blade is normal metal, it will disperse a magic power."(Owner Cat)
"Magic strike?"(Taichi)

When I ask about something I haven't heard before, the owner is making a surprised face.

"Aiya, Onii-san even though you're the Magic warrior but you don't know about a magic strike? Now, I understand why your weapon is in that state."(Owner Cat)

Then, the owner picked up tattered wooden quarterstaff and hit my shoulder lightly.
It force make my shoulder dropped a little.
I don't need to harden my muscles to receive it, It doesn't even make me budge.

"That's normal hitting, next is a magic strike"(Owner Cat)

The owner prepares to hit my shoulder just like before.
But before the contract, the entire quarterstaff is letting out a light for an instant, and then....


I feel like my shoulder was hit full power by a metal rod.
Through shoulder to the body, I nearly fell on my back, but I still hold up and stands.
Marl is also supported my back.
Its power is incredible.
I can't even lift my shoulder up.

"That is a magic strike-ne, if you put a magic power into a weapon when it's touching the target it'll releasing magic power you put in on them. The staff has both magic capacity and preserving, it's an ideal weapon for a magic strike."(Owner Cat)

The owner explained and then put the quarterstaff on my hurt shoulder, and the pain is gone. Healing magic, is it?

"You should train to use it. Onii-san also has high magic power anyway-ne. Just for the record, that before are just touching, If it's normal hitting you will get sent out of the shop instantly-ne."(Owner Cat)

The owner explains again then smirking.
He knows about how to handle weapons well. As expected of weapon shop owner.

"I don't mind, but now that I got hurt how about giving me some discount."(Taichi)
"Nope-ne, that's just example of how to use magic strike, but you seem promising. So it's an investment for a future If you choose to pick something up, I'll make it 9 silvers."(Owner Cat)
"Um, wait, Marl, you want to buy something too right? what do you want?"(Taichi)
"Ah, yes, I want something that is easy to use, like a crossbow!!"(Marl)

So, crossbow huh?
Even though it doesn't very good at repeated shots. But it easier to handle.

"Understood, then owner! I want this too can you give me a discount or an extra service."(Taichi)
"Can't be helped. Then I'll add some extra bolts for Ojou-chan's crossbow."(Owner Cat)

He made a displeased face.
Well, we got some extra anyway.

And me.........Yeah, let take a staff. I want to use that magic strike.


Conclusion, I took reinforced staff...... When I use Appraisal eye on it, it says "Battle staff".
And Marl bought a Light Crossbow.

We took it easy in our room after we come back to Burning golden bed and ate our dinner.
I lie down and look up at the ceiling on the double bed..........Well, I pretend to, the truth is I'm currently looking at the status menu.

Just looking though.

And Marl is currently write down our daily spendings today on this double bed too.

Why double bed? 'Cause it's cheaper than two rooms.
Staying together is cheaper, I don't think about anything more than this, really.
Just put in together the advanced rent I paid and Marl's, and it's finished.

And I choose one of Magic eye skill called Appraisal eye.
If I look at the item, I'll know its name, ability and how to use.
If it's a living creature, I'll know its name, Lv., And skill it has.
If it's a person, then I'll know jobs, achievements, crimes, and alias too.

Well, what will I see if I use it on her?

Name: Marl(Fake name), Mariel Blan Miscronia.
Lv: 2
Skills: Ethics 2, Deception 1, Danger perception 2, Music 1, Persuasion 3, Royalties exquisite(Real).
Aliases: Newbie adventurer, Girl who run away from home, 1st Princess of Miscronia Kingdom(Second in line to the throne).
Achievement and Crime: None.

Incredible.................A real life royalties.
I thought she is a just normal idiot. But she is the "True" idiot in lots of ways.
What to do, should I pretend that lots of things never happen?
No, if it's like that, when I want to do it, how could I hold it back.

Calm down.

Calm down me.

Even the contents are so surprising, but I have to accept it.
Because of that I need to calm down.
The things I can do now is sparse.

Yeah, there is only way.

"Let's pretend that I didn't see it."(Taichi)
"Heh? What're you talking about?"(Marl) 

And Appraisal eye only needs 1Mp to activate.
Now, I leveled it up by 3Lv, My MP is now 333.
Even it has been increased that much, I still can't use it without thinking.

"What is it?"(Marl)

Marl who is called by me, raised her face from an account book and smile.
Red-brown haired, Shaped face, Bright skin, and if you look carefully you'll find dignified feels.
Her breasts aren't big, but its shape fits perfectly. And even though her body is small but she has a good proportion.

Ahh....Why the hell are you so perfect, this girl?

".............? Ah! You just wanted to call me! Mou, Taichi-san don't be so lonely."(Marl)

I don't know where she begins to mistaken it. But Marl smiled and put down an account book and crawling to me, so I have to push her out.

Che, don't come near me, I won't let you tempting me that easily.

"Hey, what the are you thinking about, Why are you running away from home and became an adventurer?"(Taichi)
"Mumumu, I told you already yesterday. I don't like, no, I hate the opposite side that I need to have the political marriage with, so I run. What about Taichi-san, what do you want to do? I'm only one telling you this alone is not fair!?"(Marl)

Marl push away and hug my arm then rubbing her cheek on my shoulder.
Are you a dog, what is this adorable being?

But, it's all true. Even I let it passes through at that time.
I still can't believe that she is a real princess, well just think about common sense for a second.

Now, what to do again, I did it with a princess.
If it looks bad, let's take Marl away with me.

"Well.......I still don't have a concrete goal in mind. But for now, collecting experiences, training, upgrade my equipment. And raise my adventurer rank, maybe? The reason that I become an adventurer because it suits me."(Taichi)
"If you're a man, shouldn't you aim to build a harem or become lord of some castle?"(Marl)
"It doesn't like I don't have an interest though, but wouldn't building a harem directly affect you?"(Taichi)
"If I'm the legal wife, then it's no problem! I should say that is the capability test of the real man!!"(Marl)

As I listen to Mald, It seems like male adventurer has a lot of wives isn't something unusual.
There is a lot of reasons, such as you have to face the life and death situation, so a stress have build up.
Or he has too much of vitality just one person is not enough.
He is so fit.
The simple reason is to leave an heir.

Or some believe that talent will pass to the offsprings of a capable adventurer.

"Well how about we try, if I alone am enough?"(Marl)

Marl whispered near my ear and bites it.
Bruuhhhhh, I'm nearly letting out weird voice.

If you dare challenge me then bring it on.
I still have full conscious today.
Don't underestimate me, If you think you can tempt me then try!

I'm sorry, I can't resist.

Marl is the cutest!


After that, we spent every day to train.

I have 23 points (TLN: I think the author is confused here he should have 24 but well.) I have spent 3 for Appraisal eye.
I raise Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Healing, Non-elemental to Lv. 2 using 15 points.

Raise Polearms skill to Lv. 3 using 3 points.

And Daily life magic for another 1 point so I have used 22 and have only1 point left.

For elemental magic Lv.1 is single target magic, elemental magic Lv.2 will be started to show the distinctive point of each element.

Wind magic Lv.1 Air bullet, Lv.2 Wind blade and Air walls.
Air bullet is fast and hard to see, so it's also hard to dodges.
Wind blade is to using nearly invisible gale to cut off an enemy.
Air wall can be used to fend off an arrow or blow away a nearby foe.

Earth magic Lv.1 Earth bullet, Lv.2 Pitfall trap, and Earth wall.
Earth bullet is slow but with its mass, it can be used to slow down foes.
Pitfall trap can be used under enemy foothold and can also build a huge trap hole.
Earth wall is to create a strong wall as its name, even I use the sword to slash at it, there are not even scratch.

Water magic Lv.1 Water bullet, Lv.2 Ice bullet, and Water Veil.
Power of water bullet is between wind and earth, it can be used to stun some foe. But because it's easier to control, it suited for handicap.
Ice bullet will piece through a target and freeze them, it killing power is high.
Water Veil have no physical defense, but it very good against fire.

Fire magic Lv.1 Firebolt, Lv.2 Fireball, and Flame.
Firebolt is as fast as Air Bullet.
Fireball when coming into contact with something it will disperse and damaging surrounding, it an area magic.
Flame is to release a torrent of flame from your hand, like a flamethrower.
When I try it, I'm leaked out something like "Begone Trash!!" too.

But when using Fire magic, it burned your target too, Ugh.

And then Healing and Non-elemental.
Healing Lv.1 Heal, Lv.2 Detoxing.
Detoxing can also use to cure drunkness too.

Non-elemental Lv.1 Magic arrow, Lv.2 Magic bullet, and barrier.
Magic arrow is to shoot out an arrow made of magic, it's power is very high compared to the sam Lv.1 magic.
Magic bullet has a spinning force when it's shot out to improve its power, and if its hit, it'll explode too.
A barrier is to create the magic veil.
But it very great because it can be used against both physical and magical. But it consumes high amount of magic power and you can't move too.

As I test, I think that Non-elemental magic is powerful than Elemental magic.

And about Daily life magic.
It can be used to light up a fire, refrigerated food or drink.
Cleaning body, clothes, tools, lighten up a room.
Stopped bleeding, It really useful.

And now I'm trying magic strike.
It's considerably hard.
If you talk about putting in a magic and then hit, it's easy.
But something like the cat owner did, where you just poking at the target and you can send him flying, I don't know how to do that.

Try putting in a lot of magic power, I feel close, but something feels really off.
Also, there is no skill like "magic strike", in the skill list.


It's still not as good as the cat owner, but it still took form.
I can try and find someone to train it on the training ground.
But if I can't control it, and make someone exploded, I'm done for.
I can say this because I try to hit a wooden target once and it goes boom.

"Taichi-san, Taichi-san"(Marl)

While thinking, Marl is closing up at the back without me realizing.
When I turn around to face her, she started speaking happily for some reason. 
She is just like a little puppy.

"Ulz-san has told me that there is goblins annihilation quest out. And this time we have a Knight order and other party joined too. Let's go!"(Marl)
"Goblins is it. Well."(Taichi)

We walked to the guild's counter, and give Marl some bolts from my inventory.
After several days of training, Marl can use her light crossbow against an unmoved target without a problem. And she also got herself Shooting skill.

I also go Shooting skill after I shooting crossbow sometimes.
Looks like you can also gain a skill by normal training without using skill points.
If I want to keep up some points, then I should train more.
There are a lot of peoples at the guild's counter.

Almost every one of them has a newbie equipment just like us.
There is no one with expensive getups after I look around.
All of them are a warrior, there is not a single mage?

"Ah, Mage is here."
"Oh, then survival rate is up."

Why Are they very welcoming?
Am I only mage here?

"Oh, Taichi. You're going too right?"(Ethan)

Ethan who is getting beaten up till he fainted by me on the first day, called out to me.
After that time, we also trained together from time to time.
Even though until now I never lose to him even once, but he is getting goods too, and his Sword skill is now Lv.2. there is a time when I nearly lose too.

"Ah, are these all the peoples who joined?"(Taichi)
"Might be so, there is also Knight order with us, It's an easy job."(Ethan)

There is 18 of us here.
Almost everyone is warriors, Archers including Marl is 3, I'm the only mage here.

"Alright, you all here! Pay rate is the same 5 big coppers per 1 goblins! And also 2 silvers for participation reward, but if you do nothing I'll not pay you!"(Ulz)

When old man Ulz finished, everyone is getting excited.
The rest is a rough detail.
The goblins village that we got to subjugate this time is in the forest, half days from town. We'll move tonight and attack the village early in the morning.

And after cleaning up, we should be back at the town by evening.

"We'll meet up at midnight bells, at worst you have to sleep in the wood for 2 days. You have to prepare a ration for yourself, and I'll tell you we have dried food for sale at the counter!"(Ulz)

When he finished, old man Ulz is grinning, and some of us send out **BUUU** sound.
Then we go buy some necessary things at the counter just like old man Ulz say.

"For certain, give me 3 days worth of foods for 2 peoples. also a blanket, I want 2."(Taichi)
"What about some lantern? Taichi-san."(Marl)
"Yeah....That too, and also water give me barrels of water, I want 3, Fill it fully."(Taichi)
"Oh, you'll put it in your treasure box?"(Ulz)

When I nodded old man Ulz called out some staff and tell him something.
Look like that side need to prepare too.
When I tried to eavesdropping, They talk about something like carrying it by carriages. because they're walking.
Of course, they're heavy, but it doesn't concern me.

"How much can be stored in your treasure box? Last time you also took lots of goblins back right?"(Ethan)
"Don't know, never reaches its limit once."(Taichi)

Same Items can be put together too.
No weight counts, No maximum counts.
I never things it will be infinity but it's enough for sure.

When we got barrels of water, we went to the weapon shop and bought a bolt for Marl's light crossbow, I bought another 3 dozens of it, this finished our preparation.
Now, how much we'll get this time.


-The lack of mage for an adventurers.-
Only 20% of the populations that can be a mage.
And in reality, only 10% can become the full-fledged mage.
And If they can use an attack or healing magic, they will choose to enlist in the army or town's hospital.
Which is safer than being an adventurer, and got a stable income.
That's why in this world, there are not many mages who want undergo trouble and become an adventurer.
For the records, there is only 1 mage in every 40-50 adventurers.

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