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29-Sai. Ch.4

29-Sai. Ch.4

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita...katta

Ch.4 I got to ate something delicious on the first day.

“First, Calm down.”(Taichi)
“Y, Yes… I’m so sorry…...”(Red-brown haired girl)

The red-brown haired girl is shrinking down sadly.
And after that, we left the training ground and settle ourselves at the guild's bar.
The red-brown haired girl slowly drinks some juice(Which I bought) meekly.

"Well, what is all this about, if you calmed then can you tell me?"(Taichi)
"Erm....I just became an adventurer not too long ago, but I'm too afraid to hunts monster alone. But when I tried to join some parties........"(Red-brown haired girl)

She looks pity with those explanations.
Well, I get the gist of it.

"And it's not going too smoothly right?"(Taichi)
"Yes.......There are some of the parties that let me joins, but.........."(Red-brown haired girl)
"They have hidden aims too right?"(Taichi)
"Yes, but I'm always able to flee, by hair's breadth though." (Red-brown haired girl)

She signed after replied to me.
The reason must be that she is this cute, it makes every male have one or two hidden aims in their mind.
And you know that she is weak, and she wants you to take her out of the town, which have no other peoples.
If they mind clouded by lust, she can't be possible to resist.
They just need to surround her, then it's over.

"Then why me? I'm happy though, but I'm also male, I might do something bad to you too, you know"(Taichi)

How can you be able to survive til now, this girl?
She is that type of girl that got duped and violated, then got discarded.

"Not a problem at all! I'm sharp with these sort of things! And someone who spoke about this sort of thing, won't really gonna do what he spoke!"(Red-brown haired girl)

And you tell him that in the face?

"So? Thanks for trusting me, but I don't trust you."(Taichi)

I also want [people on this side] as my friend too.
But aren't this talk going too smoothly? This is not just some eroge, right?
Ou... I gotta help this weak little girl! Just like that?

"Don't you worry this girl can be trusted, I can vouch for her."(Ulz)

Old man Ulz also gives her a helping hand.
He is drinking an ale at the nearby table, did you called it a day already?
But if there is a guild's employer back her up, I can trust her a little.

"I understood, but why me? I want an explanation."(Tachi)
"Well, you're good at both sword at staff, can also use magic? I saw you test at this noon,  and it amazing when you fought on par with several Rank C at the same time,  if that is a normal newbie like me, We'll be out cold in a mere second."(Red-brown haired girl)

Is that so? I send a questioning gaze at old man Ulz, and he nods to confirm it.

"Even if you're a magic user, normally it took around 10 seconds to chant, and also the one who is good at both sword and magic like you are rarer. Someone like that is always wanted. "(Ulz)

Is that so.
I'm just Lv.2 and I'm now uncommon.
Don't get overconfident, me. It'll trouble you later.

"I get it now, sorry for suspecting you. I just came from the countryside, don't know much of common sense here so I took a precaution. I'm Taichi, nice to meet you"(Taichi)

I offered her a handshake, she gives me back a full smiled face and shakes my hand.

"I'm Marl! I'll be in your care from now on!!"(Marl)

So cheerful, just watching this is a bliss.
Old man Ulz who saw it end in a good way, walk away to the other table.
You read the mood, huh? Old man.

"By the way, where are you staying, Taichi-san. I'm staying at the inn near this guild."(Marl)
"I'm staying at 'Buring golden bed', near the Central Plaza. Old man Ulz recommends that place to me, 1 night with breakfast is 2 big coppers and 5 coppers. If you want to have a meal besides breakfast it's 3 coppers, you'll get 1 main dish with bread and soup for an extra. I think you can be content with both quality and quantity."(Taichi)
"Ummm..... The rent is more expensive, but the food term is better. What about the room?"(Marl)
"It's clean, bed sheet is also clean, the door lock is tight and the room is also considerably large."(Taichi)
"Then tomorrow I'll go there too, can you tell them?"(Marl)
"Yeah, I'll notify them. What about tomorrow schedule? Tomorrow morning, I wanna go buy some daily necessities, and look at some quest here."(Taichi)
"If it's not a bother, can I also go? I can show you the way around."(Marl)
"Is that so? then I'll take up your offer. To tell you the truth, I feel a little anxious to walk alone."(Taichi)
"Taichi-san is strong, even if you got surrounded by ruffians, you'll deal with them in a flash."(Marl)
"Stop with the compliment, you're overestimating me too much."(Taichi)

If you look at me with that sparkling admiration eyes, I'll get embarrassed.
It's just a power from a cheat.
It doesn't come from hard working.

"And what will you do after this today?"(Marl)
"Ah, It's this late? I'm thinking about continuing to move myself a little. Right, is there a bathhouse or something alike around here?"(Taichi)

And I remember that the inns have no bathroom too.

"There is one, but it's in the Northern district for the rich people usage, if poor adventurer like me go there, they will just kick me out."(Marl)
"So, It's regrettable."(Taichi)
"But at the back of training ground, there's a place to wash yourself up. Adventurers often go there to wash their sweat after training."(Marl)
"I get it, I'llgo out and buy some towel and spare trunks for changing first."(Taichi)
"They also selling daily necessities for adventurers at the counter too."(Marl)

For real? Adventurer guild is convenient.
Then I hurry and buy some cheap towel, trunks, and soaps.
It's cost me 3 copper coins, soap is expensive.

After that. I continuing to train.
It's sword this time.
If an enemy is closing up in range and quarterstaff is no use, so the sword is a better choice. the same reason for when you fight in a narrow place like a cave.

"Marl, which weapon that you're good at?"(Taichi)

I try asking Marl who is watching me train nearby.
Her eyes are swimming around restlessly.

"Ehh....Sword, maybe?"(Marl)
"What is with 'maybe'................... Then try holding this wooden sword, how about it you know how to wield it, right?"(Taichi)

I got a very bad feeling.
Marl, who is holding the sword face this way.
But her waist is bent and shaking.

"First, try coming at me"(Taichi)
"Y, Yesss!! TAAAA!!"(Marl)

She is faster than I thought.
But she is not using her waist, and the slash is slow.
I easily moved aside and hit her shoulder with a wooden sword.

"Your waist bent too much, hurry and come!"(Taichi)
"U, Wahhhhh"(Marl)

This time, she's charging while randomly swinging her sword around.
Hey, hey, your eyes are closed. I moved aside and blocking her leg.
She is falling down on her face.

".........Let's, just forget about what we talk before."(Taichi)
"Waitwaitwaitwait!! You gonna just leave me here!?"(Marl)
Marl threw a wooden sword away and clinging to my leg.
Let the girl weeping while clinging to your leg is embarrassing, but nope, count me out.
"I don't have time to walk with a hindrance. Give up on being an adventurer and go back home."(Taichi)
"Uwahh, you heartless! You're being so kind to me before but you're going to leave me now!?"(Marl)

**Whisper, whisper** Training ground is in chaos.
There are peoples who know the story and sending some warm gaze.
There are peoples who saw Marl face and send me scornful gaze like it saying 'Normie go die!' too.
My head hurt.
I grit my teeth and try to hold out the urge to hit her head with my fist.
I pull Marl up by the cuff.
Marl height is just around 150cm. and I'm around 175cm., our height is different by head size.

"Listen to me, Marl. I can use sword, staff, and magic even though it's my first day as an adventurer. But I'll climb higher and higher and it impossible to avoid danger, you get that right?"(Taichi)

Marl is nodding with a tearful face.
Ugh, a mental attack is cheating, Marl.

"And when that time comes, can you protect yourself? Sorry, but I'm not strong enough to help someone who can't even look after herself."(Taichi)
"T, That is........"(Marl)
"And another thing. a partner you team up with must be equals. I can guarantee your safety, but what can you do for me?"(Taichi)
"B, Baggages carrier....."(Marl)

I put back quarterstaff to the inventory before her eyes, and took out an adventurer set, then put it back again.
Peanut gallery around is raising an applause, but this is not the time to mind it.

"As you can see, I can use treasure box too. Baggage carrier is not needed."(Taichi)
"T, Then how about chores....."(Marl)
"Do you think, just by doing chores you'll get part of reward from subjugating monster is proper?"(Taichi)

When Marl is oppressed by my word, she is looking down silently.
Can you guess the conclusion now? Both warm and scornful gaze is decreased.
My theories seem to be touched.


**mumble, mumble** I can't hear her mumbles, so I ask.
I shouldn't have asked her,  I should've just walked away.
Marl clenched her fists and raise her face up to look at me in the eye.

"Then if Taichi-san guarantees my safety, I will give Taichi-san my everything!!!"(Marl)

Then all of the seniors around us, grab the wooden sword and coming at me right away.
No more, this girl.

After shocking conversation 30 minutes ago, I rest my head on the table at the guild's information counter.
Please do something.
Please just do somethinggggggggggggg.

"Ukukuku...........Gahahahahahahaha! You have some damn bad luck!!"(Ulz)

Old man Ulz is laughing hard while hitting my back.
I'll make you cry someday, you damn old man.
For Marl who is the source of all this, go back to the inns she is staying for hurry up and moving to the inn where I stay.
Me? I received kindness guidance from smiling seniors after Marl has run out.

"I have some burden now."(Taichi)
"Even you say burden, but she is quite good, you know?"(Ulz)
"She can't even hold a sword? Can she even use magic?"(Taichi)
Look like a total burden.
"She can't fight but she is quite knowledgeable, and have quick wit too."(Ulz)

If you're not suited for a fight, why don't you become some sort of intel or something?

"I'm sorry for making you wait!"(Marl)

**Pan!** Marl slam the guild's door open.
Ah, um, so energetic.

"Let's hurry and go, my luggage is heavy too."(Marl)

When I got invited, I just stood up and took her luggage.
It's heavy as she said.
Why is woman luggage must always heavy abundant?

"Let's go"(Taichi)

She is smiling happily and followed.
I heard cheering at the back too but ignored it.
Because if I stay here, I can't convince her.

How should I say this, I feel like I'm playing chess and just getting cornered.

When we leave the guild, the sky is turned red and it'll soon become night.
The trading end for today, vendors are closing their stall.
The bar is lightened up bright and attracting men.
I and Marl walked in this atmosphere.
What face this I show now?
And when I took a peek at her, our eyes met.
She is blushing a little with happiness and smiling embarrassingly.
Shit!! Too damn cute!!!!!!!
We have nothing to talk about, so we walk silently til we reach the Burning golden bed.

"Welcome back"(Inn's old man)

When we come in, the owner is greeting at me.
And when he saw Marl at my side, he making [HMM?] face.
Then Marl step ahead, choose a room huh?
She needs to place her luggage there isn't it.

"From this day on, I belong to Taichi-san! So I "What the hell are you talking." it HURT HURT HURT HURT HURT HURT!"(Ma(Taichi)rl)

I clawed her head from the back.
I can't let her lead the conversation, I need to remember this.

"Owner-san, I'm sorry but she is gonna stay here from now, so please find a room"Ah, I want the same room as Taichi-sa--HURT HURT!" for her."(Tai(Marl)chi)
".......Is separate good? We have double room too."(Inn's old man)
"I want that room---! IT REALLY HURTTTTT! PLEASE STAHPPP!!"(Marl)
"Different room for her is good! We'll go eat dinner, so I leave that luggage to you. We'll go eat!"(Taichi)

Then me, who is still clawed Marl's head drag her to a dining hall.
Even if we got a lot of attention but it's good, I don't care anymore.

"Uuu..My head hurt, meanie."(Marl)
"I have a mountain of things to talk with you...... Pinea! Give me 2 set of a meal and drinks."(Taichi)

Pinea who is still busy answer with [Gotcha], and go to the kitchen.
Marl look at that with interest.

"Let's hear about your evil's plan first. Answer me straight, Why me? There are stronger peoples right?"(Taichi)

Even if old man Ulz say I can trust her, but I really can't.
Don't know what to say, but she is hiding something for sure.

"Taichi-san isn't some retired knight or mercenary right?" (Marl)
"That's right, but don't answer questions with a question."(Taichi)
"Well, You don't have any experience but you're this strong. It's nothing ordinary, everyone who sees that will realize immediately that's you're full of talents."(Marl)

For me who still don't know about a standard of this world, can't agree or disagree with her opinion. Even in my common sense is impossible but this is another world.

"Then why the reward is giving all you have to me? That surely is normal, think about common sense. And what are young girls in this age are thinking, giving your everything to a man? Even though I said it at the training ground, but I'm also a man."(Taichi)
"If a help from Taichi-san can make me an adventurer, then Taichi-san can enjoy my body to your heart content every day. If we both profitable then it's a win-win situation isn't it?"(Marl)
"Aren't you embarrassing!? And you present yourself too much, this side is too damn surprised!"(Taichi)

While we're talking, Pinea placed food tray on the table while speak [Take your time--] and gone.

"For the record, I never told anyone before Taichi-san. I'm still virgin!!!"(Marl)
"Shut up!"(Taichi)

I roll pasta up with a fork.
My head is hurting again.
"Why the hell that you want to be adventurer this much? You can even sell yourself, so can you tell me your reason, or else I can't really believe you."(Taichi)

Dinner's menu is Neapolitan pasta like thing and soup with salad.
And the drink is something I never drank before.
It's not to bitter and got a nice fruity smell.
I never drank alcohol in the former world, but are this ale? I can feel the alcohol.

"Truth is I'm a princess of a country that's a little far from here."(Marl)

I respond while shoving salad into my mouth.

"I'm at marriageable age 2 years ago, so there is a talk about engagement. But the male side is a prince from the nearby country that has a rumor of being a douchebag."(Marl)
"Ho--- So you don't like the sound of that, so you run away from the castle and became adventurer you have been dreaming of, right?"(Taichi)

I heard a lot of this kind.
A plot, plot.

"How can you know that Taichi-san! This is it, right! Adventurer POWER! Let me resume because I don't wanna go back, so I want to be with Taichi-san who have a bright future, if it went smoothly we can build a concrete life foundation!"(Marl)
"It's ended the same as before!? And if you really are a princess as you said, If I lay a hand on you isn't it GAME OVER for me!"(Taichi)
"You don't have to think too much about it, and if we talk about the highest dream of an adventurer isn't it to get to lay a hand on a princess or becoming king doesn't it?"(Marl)
"The story about getting one at the first town on the first day, I never heard of it before!!!"(Taichi)

I shout and slam at the table, a mug is flying a bit there.
Maa, It's not like I'm not pleased with Marl.
Eyes full of determination, Red-brown haired tie in ponytails seem flowing.
A height that is shorter than me for 1 head, her breast is of the modest size which is to my liking.
A face, a habit, a style, is all hit my strike zone.

"Which part are you not satisfied with me!? It's weird that I'm saying this myself, but I'm confident that I'm a beauty!"(Marl)
"It's the first time someone compliments herself as beauty!"(Taichi)

Are you sailors wearing warriors(TLN : Sailors moon pun)
Marl who finished eating pasta are ordering something from Pinea.
Pinea made a surprised face but whispering something to Marl, then she is grinning before gone back to counter.
What was that for, well whatever.

"Even so, you can't be adventurer even by that kind of reason,  you'll die. Just obediently go home. There is a family waiting for you too."(Taichi)
"I won't go back, at least in this 3 years, because when 3 years have passed, my little sister will be at marriageable age. so I can send her as prey for that douche bag prince instead."(Marl)
"You're worse than I think!?"(Taichi)

I tsukomi Marl who can speak that kind of story with a poker face.
And then Pinea place something that looks like whiskey bottle on the table
It's a pink transparent liquid, with a sweet smell.

"Well, well, just took a sip."(Marl)

Then Marl pours some for me.
It likes alcohol, but easier to drink.
I can taste a softly sweet, it like a juice more than a liquor.

"It easy to drink, what is this."(Taichi)
"It called nectar, It's easy to drink right?"(Marl)

Marl told me while smiling funnily.
If you smile like that and be quiet you look a lot cuter.
Damn, so cheating.

"No matter what I'm not gonna touch you and won't cooperate with you. And next time don't do this, you'll have a hard time"(Taichi)
"Such as?"(Marl)
"This thing, you're doing,  eating and drinking together with male till drunk, you'll be sorry if something happens."(Taichi)

Mu, when I realized, my mug is empty.
And when I going to refill it, Marl do that for me.
Her smile is full of her face, What is that?

"Taichi-san is so unbalanced."(Marl)
"Even you're unfriendly but you're worried, Even you're more matured but somehow you have a childish side."(Marl)

I don't know she is praising me or not.
But this Nectar sure is delicious.

"But to me, Taichi-san is should be worried?"(Marl)
"Which part?"(Taichi)
"That part where you told me to be careful, but you're not"(Marl)

**Kiii** My view starting to distorting.
I try to shook my head, but it's still here.

"Please don't worry, just count the stains on the ceiling and it will end! Don't be afraid!"(Marl)

Marl cheerful tone is so charming.
This Nectar isn't just some strong liquor but also have this sort of effect too!

"YHU HAFT PANNED DIS......(You have planned this?)"(Taichi)

I can't speak normally, my view is spinning.
Marl call out to Pinea and give her a thumb up.
I can't hear what they say but Pinea is grinning widely, She is an accomplice!
Adventurer around is started to making merry too.
Hey, stop it! Rape is a crime, you know!


My body doesn't have strength.
Marl who is smiling to the ear is carried my top half. And Pinea is carried my lower half.
And I got carried out of dining hall like that.
That I see Owner.

"We also have an extra sheet"(Inn's old man.)

I don't want this extra!
At least just stop Marl! Are this inn backing a rape!

"If you really don't want this then I won't took a hand. But after listening to you two. you're just pretending. You're not honest, Onii-san"(Pinea)

Pinea who is on my legs spoke.
It's true that Marl is my spec. But, it's a different story!!
I try to resist as hard as I can, but I can move only just a little.

"Then, take your time......"(Pinea)

Pinea is waving here and leaving the room
What is left inside room is Marl who is holding on to Nectar bottle with smile face.
When she put the bottle in my mouth then my consciousness vanish.

I opened my eye up.
Unfamiliar ceiling.
Yeah, this is an inn.
How long did I sleep?


I heard a voice nearby
And there is something warm wrapping around my arm.
The one who is sleeping beside me is the red-brown haired girl whose face is full of happiness while hugging my arm.
The higher skin temperature of other person felt so good.
Felt good?


I leaped my upper half fup.
There is an only thin blanket that covers us up.
And below that is naked me, with a naked girl.
On a bed sheet, there is a red stain------------

"Ufufufu.......Good morning, Taichi-san"(Marl)

I'm done for.


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