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29-Sai. Ch.3

29-Sai. Ch.3

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Translator: Geraffe
Editor: izikblu (Last edited 25/01/2018)

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita...katta
Ch.3 When I was training, I was confessed to.

After I finished buying the leather armor set and quarterstaff. I went back to town.

Next, the inn.

Let’s look at the map on the menu first, and confirm its location.
The inn that was recommended to me isn’t far away, so I start walking on the paved-stone road.
There aren’t many people with pointy ears like Luise. And cats are nowhere to be seen.
It seems like there are beastman with animal ears and tails, but there aren’t that many in this town.
They’re a minority, huh?

This town’s atmosphere is a lot like the Europe in the middle ages. But stone buildings are more common.
There are few wooden buildings like adventurer guilds.
Does a lot of stone buildings mean that there aren’t any earthquake here? Because if there was one, it would be a total disaster.
What’s the population of this town? From looking at the map, it’s wide too. It would take several days to explore the town completely.


I unintentionally raised my voice once I reached the Central Plaza.
There are a lot of people like in Tokyo, and there are also a lot of carriages passing by.
I can hear a lot more of the bustling town than people talking.
Well, I can’t blend in the crowds, and I don’t want to risk getting ran over by a carriage.

So, I decided to just walk around at the outer edge of the plaza.

Crossroad is divided into 4 districts in the North, South, East and West. With the Central Plaza at its center.
By the way, I’m coming from the Eastern district
The Eastern district is a business zone that has the Adventurer guild, the Merchants guild and other kinds of shops.
The Northern district is for the rich. Likewise, the Southern on the opposite end is for normal people which can also be called the “poor people's district”.
In the Western district, There is a church, government agency, and soldier barracks.

The inn which I was recommended, is in the Southern district near the Central Plaza.
It didn’t take much time to find the inn.
It has a sign which has a picture of the bed, painted in a deep red color, and the name is “Burning Golden Bed.”(TLN: 灼熱の金床亭: Shakunetsu no kinshō-tei Weird name right?)
There’s no mistake. This is the right place.
When I get inside, I see a short muscular old man at the reception counter. The spacious area at the back seems to be a dining hall for the guests.

When the old man saw me, he gave me a business smile.

“Welcome to the Burning Golden Bed, are you here for lodging?”(Inn’s old man)
“Ah, the old man at the Adventurer guild recommended this place to me, how much is one night here?”(Taichi)
“If the Adventurer guild recommended you, then the price for one night including breakfast will be 2 big coppers and 5 copper, If you eat lunch and dinner here too then they will be free”(Inn’s old man)

I’m still not sure about the value of money in this world.
But if I compare this price to the weapon and armor I just bought, It doesn’t seem that expensive.

“For now, 10 nights stay please.”(Taichi)
“Then it’s 2 silvers and 5 big coppers.”(Inn’s old man)

I’m starting to get it, 10 coppers = 1 big copper, 10 big coppers = 1 silver.
And from shopping at the weapon store, I learned that 10 silvers = 1 gold.
Then this big coin with a hole in the middle is 1 big silver = 5 silvers.
Let’s try.

“Is this enough?”(Taichi)
“A Big silver coin is it? Then your change will be 2 silvers and 5 big coppers. I will be checking you in, so lend me your adventurer card.”(Inn’s old man)

My guess was right.
After this, I just need to understand how much 1 copper coin is worth. Then I’ll understand this world’s economy better.
And my wallet is nearly empty. The next immediate issue is to gather information for earning money.
Also about the conductor thing before. If I don’t learn basic common sense in this world, I might get into trouble soon.

“Hoiii—Pinea! Come and lead the guest to his room!”(Inn’s old man)

After he finished writing down the details from the adventurer card, the old man called out for someone from the dining hall.
He is so loud… If I consider his height and high energy, He might not be human, but a Dwarf or something.


A young girl with a cute apron came running out from the dining hall, while energetically replying.
So small, she must be around 10 years old? Her height hasn’t even reached my waist.

“Guest-san, I’ll show you your room. Come this way.”(Pinea)

The girl -Pinea- lead me to the second floor.
The stair steps are so short, they must be designed for the inn owner.

The room I got has a window facing the roadside.
There isn’t much right now, but in the evening, sunlight will shine through the room. The bed is clean too, I can rest here no problem.
The room seems to be about 5 tatami mats? But since it also has the bed, it doesn’t look that spacious. (ED: ~8.2m2 or ~27ft2)
Even though the table beside the window which was facing the roadside looked plain, I still have one. Perhaps it’s for writing and work?

“This is a good room, the bed is clean too.”(Taichi)
“You can expect the food to be good as well. A Dwarf’s cooking is a good match for adventurers.”(Pinea)

Pinea smiled cheerfully.
It’s the kind of smile that makes you feel relaxed.
With that enthusiasm, I should give a good reply.

“I would like to have some lunch right away, is that okay?”(Taichi)
“Of course, and we’ll add something extra too.”(Pinea)

I receive the room key from her and put it in my inventory along with the quarterstaff, then go downstairs.
At the dining hall I see a lot of adventurer looking people, are they staying here too?
When I take a glance at their equipment, they look a lot more experienced. In contrast, I look like a newbie who just wore his first armor.

“Here is today’s lunch, it’s 3 coppers.”(Pinea)

When Pinea placed food the tray on the table, I gave her 3 copper coins and started eating my first meal in this world.
The dish is a cabbage-like vegetable, some kind of meat stir-fry, vegetable soup and black bread.
The stir-fry tastes like miso, it's strong but delicious. That cabbage-like thing has been cooked properly, the stir-fry also has a good garlic like smell.
On the other hand, the soup is bland and the bread is hard, I need to soak it in soup before I can eat it. It looks like other people are also doing this.

Also, It looks like the soup is the “extra”.

“Well. What should I do next?”(Taichi)

Should I rest for today, or should I stroll around the town?
When I think about it, I still haven’t tried pressing all the buttons on the menu. Let’s go back to the room and try it.
And if there is still some time after, I should go and train with my quarterstaff at the Adventurer’s Guild. Hunting some boar isn’t a bad idea either.

“I’m full, so I’ll go back to my room.”(Yaichi)

After I call out to Pinea who is working in the kitchen, I go back to my room.
When I open my menu, I find out that I’ve leveled up. From the test maybe?
STR, AGI, VIT rose up, is this the work of Physical Enhancement skill? But DEX didn’t move an inch.
The raise in POW seems normal, it’s the same as physical training, my max HP became 69 and MP became 164.
Looking at it again, maybe they follow VIT and POW. Because they raised to 13 and 17.
To sum it up, my raise in status this time can’t tell me anything, and I still can’t figure out how it works.

Also, I gained another 6 skill points. I want to raise some skill to Lv.3, but for now, let’s go for diversity.
Too vigilant? No, it’s good like this. I don’t want to take a risk, efficiency is the best since I don’t want to die.

I raise my Polearm skill to Lv.2 for handling the quarterstaff. I distribute the other 3 points to  Magic Power, Magic Recovery and Non-Elemental Magic Lv.1.
Just raising Magic Power by a single level caused MP to spike up from 164 to 246, it increased by 1.5 times just like the Physical Enhancement skill.
I thought POW would rise too, but it’s just MP.

I try to calculate my MP recovery time, before it needed a full day to fill up my lost MP.
It also raised up by 1.5 times.
Currently, it’s 1 MP every 4 minutes…I still can’t shoot out magic like a Gatling Gun.
I need to think of a solution.

Non-Elemental magic to Lv.1, lets me use the magic called “Magic Arrow”. I try to shoot it in the air once.
Seem like it just normally shot out a Non-Elemental magic arrow. But because of that, it can be used on any target.

When I finished learning and leveling up skills, I tried pressing a button on the menu.
Just as I did so, I got an an option to leave some of the widgets on.
So, I set it to leave HP, MP, compass and the minimap displays on.

Let’s recheck my inventory.
First is the adventure set.
Which is a bag filled with various tools for adventuring, such as blankets, torches, lighters, knives, a 10-meter rope.
Next is my remaining money, 1 big silver, 6 silver, 18 big copper and 17 copper coins.
And there is 1 Small Boar’s leather, 1 Small Boar’s meat, 2 Small Boar’s corpses,and a Big hornet’s corpse.
All that’s left is dried fruit, dried meat, 3 packs of crispy bread and a leather bag for storing water.
I don’t know how much I can store because there is no visible weight limit. It looks like it can ignore the size and weight of stored items.

Also, If I lump items together in the same package it will be counted as 1, just like the adventure set.
The 2 Small Boar’s corpses are also in the same slot, it’s convenient.
I just remembered that carriages in town still need to put the same thing on top of each other.
That means this ability isn’t normal.
But I still need to investigate just to know, whether people can accept it or not.

I’ll try to bring out items from inventory my at some shop.


After that, I continue to press menu buttons till 3 p.m.
What I learned is, if I put an item in tool slots, and I just think about it, it’ll be ready in my hand.

The only thing I haven’t touched is “God Call”.

I could just take it easy and lie on the bed, but let’s go check for some quests at the Adventurer guild, to see what they look like.
Corpses, leather, meat, I wanna sell them all if possible.
Well… Do I need salt to tend the meat?

Anyway, if I left it like this, would it rot?
Yep, there is still a lot to learn.

In a loud voice I told the old man and Pinea (who is preparing dinner), that I’ll go to the Adventurer guild and leave.

I have 37 MP left. It has the same amount as the time when I first came to the guild.


“Ohh, you look more like an adventurer.”(Guild’s old man)

When I entered, that same old man at the information counter called out to me so I waved back at him for a little formality, and then took a look at the quests that were pinned on the board.
There are also safe quests like doing chores in town like patrolling around the townscape.
I just noticed...I can read everything normally, whatever.
Next is to subjugate monsters or dangerous beasts around here, the difficulty varies, but it already has restrictions placed on it.

Just as I thought, the dangerous ones are the ones that want you to go somewhere uncharted.
Or monster subjugation.
When I look around for some finishable quest, I spot a Small Boar hunt quest.
Look like it will be turned into food.

It requests 1 full body.
I took the request notice out from the board and showed it to the old man at the information counter.

“Old man, this quest please.”(Taichi)
“I’m Ulz, let me see? Hunting some Small Boars huh? If you’re being careful then it should be fine.”(Ulz)
“The truth is, I’m already done.”(Taichi)

Then I take out Small Boar’s corpse from my inventory and place it on the counter.

“WHOA!! Hey, it will dirty the counter! Take it to the special counter that way!”(Ulz)

I apologize normally and put corpse back in my inventory.
The old man leaves the counter and I follow him.
When we arrive at the special counter for receiving quest items, I took out the Small Boar’s corpse again.
Is it still warm because I stored it away right after killing it?
That means the flow of time is stopped in the inventory.

“You have treasure box too? It’s rare.”(Ulz)
“Treasure box?”(Taichi)

When I asked back, old man Ulz was surprised.

“If you don’t have one, how can you take out a corpse? Is that not treasure box?”(Ulz)
“W-well, It’s called treasure box huh? I studied magic with my grandpa on the countryside, and he called it an inventory.”(Taichi)
“Hoh… Well, I don’t know much much about magic anyway.”(Ulz)

Old man Ulz didn’t think too much about it and just continued checking out the corpse.
When he finished checking, he calls out other guild’s employer to take the Small Boar’s corpse away.

“Un, No probs, quest finished.”(Ulz)

Old man Ulz applied a seal on the request notice and gave me a reward, 5 big copper coins.
Ho, the pay rate is good.

“I still have 1 Small Boar’s corpse with 1 leather pelt,  also 1 Giant hornet’s corpse too. Would you buy that too?”(Taichi)
“Ah, let me take a look at it first. If it’s in good shape, I’ll buy it at the same 5 big coppers.”(Ulz)
“I’ll leave it to you.”(Taichi)

I was thinking of how to dispose of that, and now I got 5 big copper coins from just delivering it, today I got total of 1 silver coin.
That makes me think, being an adventurer isn’t too bad for earning money.

“Just on your first day, you’ve already done this much. I have high hopes for you.”(Ulz)

Old man Ulz smiled widely and slapped my shoulder and finally went back to the information counter.
His smiling face is making me uneasy…
He’ll do unreasonable things for sure.
Let’s toss troublesome things aside and go train.


Piecing, pry, beat down, swinging, sweeping while doing a spin kick to the back, jump, and piece, fill the gap with magic attack… Hmm, it’s easier to use than I thought.
The Polearm skill can be used with spears and long handled weapons too, isn’t this nicer than the Sword skill?
The problem is, it hard to use in tight spaces.


When I’ve confirmed all my moves, I sat at the bench in the corner of the training ground.
I should have bought a towel.
When I think about it, I still don't have any spare clothes.
Let’s go buy some.

“Umm… Can I take a bit of your time?”

While I was thinking about that with a water bag in hand, someone called out to me.
When I look up I see a girl wearing leather armor.
Red-brown hair tied up in a ponytail, big round eyes that reflected curiosity, and a well-shaped face, she is a very beautiful girl.
Since she has a European face I can’t really tell her age. But she shouldn’t older than 20.

“Well, what is it?”(Taichi)

I put the water bag back to my inventory, and look around hastily.
There are two people looking here with weird gazes.


She looks down and trembles.
At first, I thought she was a swindler, but that might not be the case.


When I said that, she raised her head.


The training ground went quiet immediately.
And there are some piercing gazes here and there.
How the hell did it get like this.


Crossroad’s population is about 10,000.
There are about 500 adventurers, and half of them are Rank E adventurers.

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