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29-Sai Ch.27

29-Sai Ch.27


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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.27 Preparation is nearly done.

Two weeks and a little from the disturbance of Princess Calinella.
And about two more weeks left until the occurrence of Great flooding.
Gathering of forces seems to be in a favored side.
It seems that the building of the fourth wall which had been advanced at a rapid pace is likely to be in time for a Great flooding.

Removal of miscellaneous buildings built outside the wall is also underway.
It is a very annoying story for those who lived there, but if the monsters rush in, it will still turn to the rubble.

There seems to be almost no confusion, and work seems to be progressing smoothly.
It seems that in the new city there are refugees who have lost such houses and huge apartment-like housing to accommodate people in the districts.
However, people who can get in such housing are lucky people.
Refugees seeking residences are overflowing in the new town and out of the wall.

"As I thought............."(Taichi)

I felt the bitterness looking at such people from above the fourth wall.
There is still room in my mansion, but not nearly enough to accommodate all the refugees who overflow here.

Refugees are allowed to enter only in the new city, but recently refugees who are seeking residence in the wall are also flowing in.
Well, most of the residence it will be picked out as it is found.

However, the inflow problem of refugees in the new city is serious.
Problems such as deterioration of security,  sanitary, environment and also soaring commodities price are piling up.

Fortunately, for the basic foods such as barley, the production capacity of the Kalendale kingdom is high, so it seems that they can be escaping unreasonable price.

It seems that the price of the meats is stable because the monster's meat that was defeated by the knights are being released to the market, helping them stabilize it.
In that field, I was a helping hand too because of the last expedition.

The level of me and Marl further rises, my level is now 31, Marl is 20.
And this is my statuses.

【Skill point】 21 points (Skill reset possible)
【Name】 Taichi = Mitsuba 【Level】 31
【HP】 407 【MP】 2317
【STR】 805 【VIT】 830 【AGI】 809
【DEX】 249 【POW】 492
【Skills】 Sword 5, Bare-handed 5, Polearms 5, Shooting 1, Spellfist 3
Fire magic 3, Water magic 3, Wind magic 3, Earth magic 3, Non-elemental Magic 5, Healing magic 5, Origins magic 2, Boundary Magic 3, Daily life magic, Physical Enhancement 5, Magic Enhancement 5, Magic Recovery 5, Negotiation 2, Cooking 1, Riding 2, Blacksmith 5, Signs Indication 3, Danger Perception 3, Appraisal eye, Magic eye, Poison Resistance 3

By maximizing the level of Physical Enhancement the status has become ridiculous. Magic Enhancement is also raised to the maximum and the total amount of MP is also overpowered.

Rest of major change is,  weapon skills were set to Level 5 and Non-elemental Magic and Healing Magic to Level 5.

As to how much I became inhuman, I can lift a stone that would take a four large build man to hardly lift it up as if lifting the empty cardboard.
I became able to run faster than the horse's full power running without magic enhancement, and I do not feel tired at all even running for hours at that pace. It is something, it feels like being real  Superman.

As for magic.

At Non-elemental Magic level 3, I learned Magic power beam and Magic power explosion and the Magic cannon and Explosive magic bullet at level 4, the Mega blast at level 5.

Magic power beam is the same as light rays I used before.
The Magic explosion is the magic that blows away the surroundings by impact using myself as a center.
When you thrust into a flock of monsters and activate this, monsters will go boom in every direction

Magic cannon is a single-shot & powerful version of a light ray. Emit a magic power in a laser shape. It made me shout Kamehameha.

Explosive magic bullet is the reinforced version of the magic bullet flying in homing style.
However, the explosive power is different. If it is a small house, it will blow away.

Mega blast fires a long-range light bullet. A crater of about 100 meters in radius was formed at the point where it landed.
I never thought that it has such destructive power and shot it 50 meters ahead and nearly died.
Honestly, it's power is too high and I can't think of any other use than blowing monsters that are enormous in number due to the Great flooding.

If I shoot it seriously it might blow away the castle.

Healing magic has the more effective High heal, content such as Detox, Wide-range healing magic, Regrowing limb magic. It seems that there is no Resurrection magic as expected.

Regrowing limb magic is consume less magic power if there are still limb to be attached, but if you lost it, you need to put in much more magic power, and limb will grow out. It was a slightly horrible sight though.

However, rehabilitation is necessary after restoring it, and it seems that it takes time in several years of rehabilitation to be getting used to regrown limb.
The experimental subject is the adventurer who went hunting the monster.

After all, many people are inferior in ability and compared with knights, so a number of injured peoples are higher.
However, there were also some elites who can overwhelm some knights.

A trio of A rank adventurer, for example. All of them were Magic swordsmen who can use both weapons and magic with level 40 or higher.
Of course, everyone was an old man. The reality is not sweet.

Marl also grew steadily, Sword skill also reached level 3, and she surprisingly learned Dual sword skills.
Alchemy also raised to level 3, Daily life magic, Water magic, and wind magic also level 2.
She also learned Magic strike and got Spell fist level 1.

It is a pity that I can't see her HP and MP, but due to magic, Magic strike, and high-quality equipment, she became much stronger than the Knights.

Also because she is a real princess, and always wearing dress armor, she seems to be popular as "Gale sword princess".
I guess it's better than the Holy maiden(lol).

I recently became famous because I went out on expeditions with the knights and every time I come back with an overwhelming victory.
Originally a "Troll crusher", after I destroyed orc's army alone, I became "Army crusher", and one time I got too excited and blow away monsters group by the Mega blow, I got "Annihilation" or "Genocide" name too.

Although Annihilation or the like is good because it is still cool, but Genocide is too much.


Marl in a dress armor comes running to me over, on top of the fourth wall that surrounds the new town.
It seems that she has been going around and checking the cityscape.
Those who saw Marl are cheering from below.

Marl waved her hand with a smile to their cheers, and the cheers become louder. Is she an idol?

"Hehe, I have become famous."(Marl)

Then Marl hugs my arm. The boing rings from under the wall.

"Noisy! Marl is mine! I'm not giving her!"(Taichi)

When I cried out like that, this time booing and a laughter got mixed up.
It seems I have not been disliked so much, I feel a little relieved.
Some people are seriously booing, though.

I and Marl descend the fourth wall and join with the knights.
At the time of the occurrence of a Great flooding, I will first shot a Mega blast away at a wide area from the fourth wall.
Today is a preview for that.

People crowded for a glance at Marl. The people of the Order are guarding us against them.
She really became like an idol, you know.
While being guarded by the Order, they push through the new city and enter the wall.

When we come to inside the wall, we finally escape the crowd. There are a lot of guards around here, and security is good because the knights also live around here.
Even so, people walking around will look back at us, but I will pay no mind to that.


"Welcome back, Master."(Flam)

When I arrived at the mansion, Flam greeted me.
More than a month has elapsed since I bought Flam.
Flam has seriously worked on this mansion without saying anything since that discussion.
She pretends to be tempting me a little from time to time to tease me and Marl.

I think that now is the time to talk like that again.

"Flam, come to the living room, I have something to talk with you."(Taichi)

I put armor in storage and it becomes easier to move.
For armor and clothing that I'm equipped, I can put it directly back into storage, it is very easy to take off.
It is still troublesome though because you have to wear it normally.

Marl seems to be changing clothes in the bedroom.
I go to the living room ahead and tell Maybell to make tea and bring it to the living room.
Flam just followed me.

"Sit down."(Taichi)
"Yes, please excuse me."(Flam)

Soon after that, Maybell pushing a cart with tea for us.
I wait for a while for Marl come down and drink tea with only us two. Marl came down quickly after that.
I start talking when the 3 of us is here.

"First of all."(Taichi)

I took out the steel long sword and put it on the table.
Flam drops her eyes on a long sword and waits for my words.

"There will be a flood in about two weeks. I think it should be okay because we're in the wall, but I do not know for sure. There might be a riot or some arsonist might get in. So I'll give the weapon to Flam, protect yourself and Maybell with this."(Taichi)

Jack-san is alright. He has Sword, Bare-handed, and Spy skills.

"I have told you many times, but I am a criminal slave, and I have aimed at the lives of my Master and Marl-sama in the past, so I can not possess weapons."(Flam)
"This is not a request, it's an order, Flam, take this sword and protect the lives of your and others here, but you do not have to do everything to defend this mansion. Your life came first, got that?"(Taichi)

Between me and Flam is a contract of slavery magic. If I speaking of commands, Flam can't refuse.
By the way, it was my first time to do this.

Flam picks up a steel long sword on the table and pulls it out of the sheath.
This is also the sword I made, of course, the quality is "Supernatural".
It is a simple straight sword with few decorations.
It seems that Flam seems to be holding back if it is an expensive thing such as Mithril. And that stand out.

"I feel that this thing are too good."(Flam)
"I make it, so, just use it. Is there anything else you'd like in terms of your treatment or anything else? I want to do what I can."(Taichi)

Flam nodded in my words, putting the sword in the sheath and opening her mouth.
A full smile that I have never seen before appears on that face.

"Well, it's been a month since my Master bought me, but when will I receive the kindness of my Master?"(Flam)

The air in the living room freezes.
Marl's hand that holds on a teacup trembled. Cold sweat comes out.
Maybell has sparkling eyes. You're around that age to be interested, I understand.

"It's about a holiday, yeah. Let's it be Sundays every week."(Taichi)
"It is wrong, it's cowardly to distract the talk like that. Please understand this, Master, we slave are afraid of being thrown out if we're not getting called."(Flam)

I don't know any of thoseeeeeeeeeee!!
Why are you speaking this kind of stupid remarks, me!

"W, well, what if I refuse."(Taichi)
"[I want to do what I can]. Is that a lie?"(Flam)

Think about it, me, think. Persuade her.
Flam thinks "that kind of thing" as part of the work of a slave, and worried that I never ask for it.
In other words, you should admonish that you do not have to do such a thing from the beginning. Alright.

"W, Well, of course. But this is not the case, Flam is mistaking it, not that I forgot what I did to you though? Although I bought you I still don't have that kind of qualification, even Flam does not need to do such undesirable things from the beginning, there is nothing to worry about. "(Taichi)

Flam nodded to my words and a smile appeared, and Marl suddenly breathes out a sign and hold her head.
What? Did I fail? Did you say weird things?

"In other words, Master will give me your kindness if I said I want it and beg?"(Flam)
"... Wha---, no, no! Not that! Why does it become like that?!  Where are your common sense! Hora, I already have Marl!"(Taichi)

Listened to my words, Flam took a glance at Marl with a smile.
Marl has a bitter look with that gaze. 

"Marl-sama, did you remember the promise?"(Flam)
"Is not that too vaguely interpretation?"(Marl)
"But it was a promise to acknowledge this pattern, right?"(Flam)

Marl sighs again on Flam's smile. As if she accepted her defeat.

"M, mumu, I have no choice ... because I made a promise."(Marl)
"What? Promised? What is that !?"(Taichi)
"It is a promise between us, women, it is a secret to you, Master."(Flam)

It seems that there was something going on between Marl and Flam at places I didn't know.
In other words ... what do you mean! What!?

"Forget it, I will go sleep with Maybell-chan today, Taichi-san you idiot."(Marl)

That's why Marl pulled Maybell's hand and leave the living room.

"W, wait!! Marl-san! Please wait! Whyyyy!?"(Taichi)
"Is it a promise, listen, Taichi-san, don't you dare run away, or else I'll be really angry okay?"(Marl)

Maru glared sharply at me with a little grudge, and shut the door of the living room and went away.
Only me and Flam are left in the living room.
What do you mean, what is this?

"Ok, Master, let's go to the bedroom, I beg for your kindness?"(Flam)

Flam rises from my front sofa and holds the sheathed sword up in one hand and present her another hand to me.
Don't take this hand, you will not be able to return after if you do that.

"If you run away, Marl-sama will be ashamed, are you trying to put a shame on Marl-sama?"(Flam)

Then, I take that hand.


"Hh, hnn, unnnnn........"(Taichi)

Sunlight pierced my eyes, it looks like it is still in the evening.
On my chest, Naked Flam is breathing out softly with alluring aura while adjusting her glossy body.
Who done that to her, was me.

"That's it!"(Marl)

And the door is opened along Marl's shout.
When I look that way, I see Marl in her underwear.
What is it? What? Why! Why underwear only!?

"Marl-sama, it's different the promise?"(Flam)
"No, I didn't break any promise! I'm not disturbing or stopping you!"(Marl)
"Then, what are you going to do?"(Flam)
"Join in!"(Marl)

Marl says so and plunge herself into the bed.
Stop it, you idiot!

Eventually, three of us spent the day without taking dinner.
But VIT 830 is not for show. I won.


"How did this happen……"(Taichi)

After I'm awake, I mutter to myself.
Marl and Flam are sleeping soundly on my left and right.
Certainly, this is a man's dream, but the guilt is building up.
No, both Marl and Flam is agreeing to this, so why do not I care so much?

However, considering the circumstances it seems too easy.......
And when I looking at Flam, I met her eyes, seem like she woke up already.

"If Master is also a man, do not worry about the details..... Truly, you are such a cowardly guy."(Flam)

Saying that she smile and bring herself close and cling to mine.
Soft, tender big thing that Marl doesn't have were pressed. Ooou, this is feeling......
I was thinking about it and on the other side, Marl hugged me, though she seems to be really just asleep.

"What to say ... I'm just a hopeless man inside. If I don't keep thinking about what I'm doing, I'll get pulled by the situation."(Taichi)
"At that time, Marl-sama is very angry at you, you know? Shouldn't you be spending a bit more on unproductive time like this more? Because master seems to always live in a such a rush way."(Flam)
"It's almost like a whisper of the devil."(Taichi)

I kept talking with Flam until Marl got up.
It was my first time to talk to Flam this long.
I wonder if it because of both our bodies closer, so as our hearts.
But I was not in a bad mood.
Somewhere, I feel that something that was on my mind has lifted.


"Marl-sama, what is your promise?"(Maybell)
"If Taichi-san says it's okay. I will also accept it."(Marl)
"Mumu, is that okay?"(Maybell)
"It's fine, like at the time when I got pregnant in the future, and Taichi-san won't have to endure it, or else Taichi-san will be pitiful."(Marl)
"I, is it something like that?"(Maybell)
"A mistress and concubine are such a thing, and Maybell-chan want to be one?"(Marl)
"E, Er, ........I'll think about it."(Maybell)

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