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29-Sai Ch.26

29-Sai Ch.26

Damn you, Taichi......
And Marl's drug is magic!!

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.26 I fell into self-hatred state.

Next day.

"About the matter of Princess Calinella."(Taichi)

Wake up in bed, I talk to Marl who continue to cling on me.
Marl is still half asleep, but she seems to have listened firmly.

"As far as I hear the story from Marl, she wants me because I'm something that Marl has right?"(Taichi)
"Mmmmm........I think that's probably the case, after that, there is also a hero position too."(Marl)

Marl said that while rubbing her sleeping eye.
When I'm watching this scene, I feel like stroking her head.
And since I do not need to hold back I do it. Cute.

"So, it is not myself but [Marl's fiancé] or [Hero] is burning as her desire, so I'm thinking that if I become [her fiancée], won't I get bored at once?"(Taichi)
"Well..... that possibility may exist, she a child who forcibly take from others and get tired of it for three days, but if it is not so, what will you do?"(Marl)

Marl nods in my words but also refutes.
Yes, certainly. That's right.

"Oh.....yeah, at that time I have to give up and accept it, but she is a type that will hype up more and more when she doesn't get something, she absolutely will not give up, even if you refuse it she will be more hyped up and it's counterproductive, I thought."(Taichi)
"Give up and accept..... certainly, you can not deny the possibility that she will be using more brutal mean to force you."(Marl)

Marl listens to my explanation and makes a bitter smile.
That's right, that's her kind of person, yeah.

"By the way, Mr. Taichi-san?"(Marl)
"Did you think that if there is a chance you would eat her up?"(Marl)
"Only a little bit at that time."(Taichi)

I don't plan to do that right now.  Nope.

"Okay, Calinella's tits are pretty great, are not you?"(Marl)
"Oh, that's a great thing, not as great as Marl though."(Taichi)

Marl pinched my flank. It's hurt, please stop pinching, Customer-san.
The fact that those tits are good is forcing me to admit as a man.

"I am honestly sorry, I admit it, I can't hold myself back."(Taichi)
"...... Ha........ It can not be helped, I will forgive you. Because even though you were drugged you still managed to hold back against that Calinella, rather I have to praise you for that."(Marl)

That said Marl stopped attacking me.
It certainly was incredible. I feel like I saw the mystery of the human body.

"Taichi-san, you actually thinking that we should try to live together and talked and you thought she will giving up, then?"(Marl)

Are you an Esper?

"Taichi-san, if you spend a lot of time together, those passion will be gone? If not you'll let it go just once, is not it?"(Marl)
"Well, such a thing...."(Taichi)
"You don't refuse it there, what excuse does the person who buys the former assassin criminal slave, that has aimed for his life and let her sits by his side have to explain?"(Marl)

There was no excuse.

"Well, even if it's good for Flam-san's case, but you're sweet, too sweet, it's sweeter than honey of Big Hornet that I tasted before multiplied by 10 times, Taichi-san, this is what other side wanted."(Marl)

Marl shot me down harshly. It may be the first time that Marl denied me outright from the front.
However, I have my reason.
Although I was not cooled enough at that time, I did not get engaged because of perverted thoughts.

"I thought that there were many things that would be useful if you had a connection with the Kalendale royal family, like making them deal properly with the forces that tried to assassinate us, now we have a good relationship with each other through Sondark."(Taichi)
"Too naive. By that, you will be pulled around by the Kalendale Kingdom, and if the engagement becomes an official one, first they'll give you a noble title and then give the proper territory to tie you down when you decided to make her second wives or something. It's should be around that."(Marl)

I can't speak a thing.

"First, you're too tolerant of Calinella, she drugged you with energy and sleeping drugs and try to rape you, you know?"(Marl)
"Well, well, It's not life threatening though."
"Taichi-san, what would you think if it was me?"(Marl)
"Well, can you understand my feelings now?"(Marl)
"I'm terribly sorry."(Taichi)

I apologized obediently.
Certainly, even if it was attempted, it's not something that should be forgiven that easily. (TLN: What about your own girl? She drugged you too, y'know?? Taichi-san-yo??? )

"Well, Taichi-san always sympathize with other... I also took  advantage of it for the first time we met, really, Taichi-san is too soft, is not it?"(Marl)

Maru sighed deeply and hit my forehead lightly with her hand.
And wrap my cheeks with both hands, make sure that I don't turn my face another way, and have an undeniable smile on her face.

"There is no choice, I'll take the lead in this case, Taichi-san, please let me handle this alright?"(Marl)
"Oh, yes ... Well, what are you going to do, Marl?"
"Do you want to hear?"(Marl)
"Oh, no, it's okay, yes."(Taichi)

I could not say anything to a Marl who smiled.


"Well, I'll be going."(Marl)

Marl, who is wearing a dress armor, smiled and waved her hand while getting in a carriage Jack-san prepared.
I see her off and breath out a sigh. Nobody can stop her now, including me.

"Look like Taichi-sama can't win against angry Marl-sama."(Maybell)

Maybell's casual word is stabbed me.
No, I'm being looked down by a maid.
It is a situation that related to my reputation.
But I can not refute the argument, it is regrettable.

"Massage, let's massage Taichi-sama, you can forget disturbing things by that."(Maybell)
"Maybell, you just want to step on me, aren't you?"(Taichi)

Mobel turns her eyes away to my words. Hey, deny that.
There are also eyes of Flam who is stopping by and looking here with doubtful sight.
What are you going to do with weakening me, you girls?

"I will go out"(Taichi)

I decided to escape.
I want to apologize sincerely when Marl come back. Let's do so.



I sit on the park's bench and sigh.
My self-hatred is rising since I talked with Marl.

Why didn't I make a question when sleeping drugs were in the tea if I asked at that time and let the maid drink it then it was over.

Even if I pretended to took it, I should just wake up when they about to put the restraint on me........ Regretting it now won't get me anywhere.
It is obvious that my own pride leads me to this situation.
Getting full of myself when I was just getting stronger and becoming richer.

When thinking about such a thing and getting stuck with a bench, some birds that look like doves descend and we begin to wander in front of me.

There are doves in Eriald as well huh.

"Piyo Piyo" "Piyo Piyo"

Their chirping is fricking weird.
Because it is a different world, it sounds different. Yup.

I take off some barley from storage and sprinkle it.
Oh, they come and eating while chirping piyo piyo. This heals my heart.

But is Marl alright alone?
I think that there is nothing to worry as the destination is Sondark's mansion and the Castle, but I'm still worried.

Marl's level has become the same as the veteran adventurer's but she is also a weak girl as well.
Will she be alright? It will be okay. There is no one can stop that kind of Marl.

The thing to think about now is a relationship with the Kalendale kingdom in the future.
Depending on the result that Marl will seize this time, I feel that I need to think a bit more about how I deal with others.

First of all, how much can I trust them?
At least, I can trust Sondark's cooperative with something we mutually benefiting.
Because Sondark's loyalty to the kingdom is real, as long as we are in a cooperative relationship, he will eliminate political forces that will hurt me.

I know that the Kalendale kingdom is not monolithic.
Our first contact was the worst form, but there is no need to hate them for the end of time.
For now, I will say that past grudges should flow into the water.

What about the uproar this time?
It seems that Sondark surely knew that Princess Calinella would do something.

And Princess Kalinella's plan is bearing a fruit and has a physical relationship with me, it's the promise of engagement by saying "only in a name" as it is now.

Now, Princess Calinella can freely barge into the mansion while I was away from home, there was no problem if she doesn't make a ruckus.
They surely also know about I picked Flam up too, they should know my personality well.
Maybe I need to have physical engage with Princess Calinella at least once, or else she'll never be satisfied.

"No good, it's frustrating."(Taichi)

It's true so it can't be helped.
Yesterday, at the time I persuaded Marl and accepted that proposal, Sondark has already checkmate.
Perhaps Marl is pulverizing it to shreds now.

Even if the matter of Princess Calinella is bad, my existence is still useful for  Kalendale kingdom.
It seems now that my reputation at the military camp is rising, and it will not be a problem for them to trust me until at least the flooding ends.

Well, otherwise it has been announced that I and Marl are acting together, so there is no problem about the Karendale Kingdom will try to eliminate us.
There is no merit for them.

I should be careful about them pulling me by the nose, like this time.
Later is making me break away from Marl. This case also includes this.
In addition, this time they used Sondark for that.

Indeed, I gave weapons to the Karendale Kingdom through Sondark and had them distributed weapons to other countries.
To them, they're just the providing weapons.
However, it takes time and money to move people.


This time the relationship is being used as obligatory, but I feel like losing something important as a person if I ignore this.

There I stopped thinking.

"Let's take advantage of this experience as a lesson, and apologize to Marl, yeah, that's it."(Taichi)

It is a bad thing to plan or think about something when you're depressing.
You should refresh your mood at such a moment.

Well, what would be good to refresh my mood?
A woman is out of the question, I'm getting sick of those problems.
Would I to go to the adventurer guild and get a light quest to do? Or will I shed sweat at the construction of the fourth wall?
Neither is a hit for me.
If it is shopping, I'll buy something for Marl.
A gift to make her mood better should be something cheap and useful.
I started looking for a present for Marl.


"So, why are you here?"(Peron)
"Well, I tried various thing but I thought that jewelry is somewhat not a hit."(Taichi)
"Even so, why the hell you come to an armor shop......."(Peron)

Peron-san grumble at me at Peron armor store. She is a married woman so she is safe.
By the way, Ritz-san is turning his gaze here with wrath.
I wasn't hitting on her, so calm down you lolicon.

"Aren't you thinking about something rude just now?"(Peron)
"You're overthinking it, ma'am. by the way, Marle was eagerly looking at the shield, but what kind of shield do you think is good for her?"(Taichi)

Peron-san groaned at my question.

"Small shield is good if Marl's style is to fight with speed."(Peron)
"Well, yes, I do like this, should it be a hand-held type or fix it with a belt in her arm ... or is there a size problem too?"(Taichi)

Since Marl seems to not give up on dual-wielding, is it better for a type to fix to arm?
The movement of the wrist should not be hindered...... Isn't it almost a big arm guard?

"Ah, this is no good."(Taichi)

Somehow my body is tired and my tension does not go up.
I can not do anything when I'm this negative. Would I rather go to see the state of Marl?
No, no, if I get in the way, Marl's hardships may become bubbles.

"Even though you're a hero, you have no aura of dignity, did you have a fight with Marl-chan?"(Peron)
"It is still OK if it is a fight because it's my fault but she is not and mad even going to fix it for me."(Taichi)
"Marl has forgiven you haven't her? Stop making those face and be stand tall already!"(Peron)
"That's why I was thinking of buying her a gift to and get a change in mood."(Taichi)

My tension is slumping down.
I began to think that it would be better to release it with a hammer at the workshop.
Maybell and Flam will leave me alone as long as I'm hammering in the workshop.

"Is Taichi-sama here!!?"(Maybell)

And the door opened and a small shadow jumped into Peron armor shop while I'm thinking about such a thing.
It was Maybell, look like she is in a hurry.

"Ma, Marl-sama! She's bad! To the mansion! Hurry!"


The moment I understood Maybell's words, I lifted her and jumped out of Peron armor store.

I feel like I heard Peron's angry shout behind, but I do not have time to listen.

I jump up to the roof of the building using magic power to reinforce my leg, jump from roof to roof and rush to the gate of the third wall.

"Wow!? H, Hero-sama!"
"It's an emergency! Forgive me!"(Taichi)

I said that to a panicking soldier and break through the gate and head straight to the mansion.
For what I see, there was no change in the mansion itself.
Maybell in my arm has a blue face, it should be motion sickness by my serious move.
I put Maybell down in front of the entrance and rush into the mansion.

"Flam! Where is Marl !?"(Taichi)
"She is in the alchemy workshop."(Flam)

I heading straight to the alchemy workshop via the smithing workshop while feeling a little complicated toward a calm Fram.

There was a figure of Marl who was turning pages of the alchemy recipe book with an impatient look.
It seems that she wasn't hurt.

"Marl! Are you Safe!?"(Taichi)
"I'm safe! But still not safe! I made a mistake!"(Marl)

As I say so, the line of sight of Marl who flipping the recipe book is moving around hastily and her tense atmosphere is transmitted tome.

"What going on here! What happened !?"(Taichi)
"Marquis Sondark side ended successfully, but for Calinella! W, Well, I never thought it will become like that....."(Marl)

 Finally, find the recipe she wanted, Marl began to put the materials together in a panic.
Then, I shudder.

...... ariel ... ... aaaaah!

A voice from somewhere not far away.
Something coming in from the open smithing workshop and coming near the door of the alchemy workshop.

"KYAAAA!!!!! SHE IS COMING!!!! Taichi-san, Please stop! Stop her!"(Marl)
"O, oh, I don't understand, but I'll do that!"(Taichi)

The footsteps coming closer, *tap*tap*tap**
A familiar voice that seems to argue with Flam.
W, Well, what is this all about?

"UFUFUFUFUFU, fufu she is here, is Marielle-sama here right?"

It was Princess Calinella who entered the smithing workshop.
Her face is red and her breathing is rough. Atmosphere like she is drunk.
I feel like I know this condition.

"Oh, the dirty insect that attached to Mariel-sama isn't it? Mariel-sama is over there right? GET OUT OF THE WAY PLEASE!!"(Calinella)

Princess Calinella's eyes are set on her target and her breathing is getting more roughly.
I am scared.

"H, Hey, Marl! What is this!?"(Taichi)
"I just wanted to make a harsh punishment for Calinella! I just thought of having her learned some lesson! I didn't think there was any side effect like this!"(Marl)
"U, UHehufufu, Mariel-samaaaaaa, moaRRRRRRR.........!"(Calinella)
"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! I'm making an antidote now! Taichi-sam please stop Calinella!"(Marl)

Marl is on the speed track here.
I  catch Calinella that trying to break into alchemy workshop by breaking through me.
I generally get the gist of what happened, sorry, this is for Marl.


I circulate magic powers with fairly strong output and reap consciousness out of Calinella.
I generally thought about the methods. Sorry, to not hurt you this is the only way, forgive me.

"What to do with her......."(Taichi)
"L, let's cure the effect of the drug for the time being and let quietly return her to the castle ...."(Marl)


".Hnn...oh...? What am I.........?"Calinella)
"You just felt sleepy, and went to sleep."(Stella)
"Hmm? It sounds like a disgusting dream........"Calinella)
"It's just a bad dream, you'd better forget it, Nela-sama."(Stella)

TLN : Taichi, your ranting are freaking hard to translate. Curse you.


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