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29-Sai Ch.21

29-Sai Ch.21

Last chapter from old site, Yeeehaaaaaa!

Lewd chapter

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.21 - We're learning magic together.

"My presence need to be publicly announced, yeah, that is the only way.”(Marl)

Marl nodded after saying that.
I talked to Marl at the back of the alchemy workshop
Compared to this morning, books that seemed to have been bought by Marl, medicinal herbs, and reagents were placed in various places and it seemed quite much like alchemy workshop now.

"It is obvious that the Miscronia Kingdom is asking each country for my search, and if someone discovered that they have kept hiding something like this while the Great flooding is occurring, the Karendale Kingdom will be in big trouble."(Marl)

The suggestion of Sondark is to announce the existence of Marl along with mine.
Marl is the 1st princess of the Miscronia Kingdom who respects the Hero.
She ran out with an oracle and met with brilliant Hero, it would feel like a fairy tale from the public viewpoint.
The love tale of the hero and the follower of different gender, because it is a classic hero story, there is also the fact about engagement announcement too.
A certain degree of friction will occur as long as it is done without permission of the Miscronia Kingdom, there is no other way to quiet down the Miscronian royal family unless Marl is the one who said it herself.
Moreover, since Marl chooses a genuine Hero as her companion, there is a possibility to make them rethink about the engagement with the neighboring prince.

"It's a delicate line whether it'll go well with my case, but there is also matter of the Great flooding, And lastly and most important because I'll only accept Taichi-san!"(Marl)

I stroked Marl's head when she comes and hugs me.
This girl is too cute, is she an angel?

"Again, I'm still inexperienced, but please take care of me, Taichi-san."(Marl) 
"Ah, of course."(Taichi)

I feel like it's too late at it this time, but I was completely accepting Marl.
Is it due to the Persuasion skills that Marl has........?
It is not like I have not thought about of that kind of thing, but now it seems to be a great thing no matter what.

"Taichi-san! Please help me learn new magic!"(Marl)

While thinking, Marl changed the subject.
Since there was a magic learning method which anyone can easily do with a grimoire, it's not hurt to try.

"Well, first, join hands with me..............No, tied up your fingers with mine, then please send magic power through my body, and make it circulate from one hand to the other."(Marl)
"Hmm, like this way?"(Taichi)

We join both our hands and tie them together firmly.
Marl's hand was quite small compared to my hand, but there is some hard point was made in the palm of those hand form holding a sword.
It was evidence that Marl who had never held a sword or anything until she met me, trained hard with a sword.
It can be called a talent to have Sword skill level 2 in a short period of time, but more than anything, Marl hellish training result.

"Taichi-san's hand is big, is not it?"(Marl) 
"Because your hands are small and cute."(Taichi)

We hold each other's hands.
Let's start, as I started to feel embarrassed somehow, yeah.

"Well, then, from the left hand------ and Marl should and trying to circulate the magic power from the right hand towards the left hand."(Taichi)

I concentrate magic power and flow them from my left hand to Marl.
At that moment, Marl trembled.

"Oh, oh...........! Somehow, It's inside me.......!"(Marl) 

Marl was confused by her first feeling.
She tried to take off her hand off reflexively, I hold her hand firmly to not let her hand go.

"Next, I'll let it flow to my right hand"(Taichi)
"Y, Yes, it is............. no, that's not right, I can't................Unnnn!"(Marl) 

Did my magic power mix with Marl's weak magic power?
Magic power with a slight incompatibility returns through her body and comes back from my right hand.
But Marl, would not you stop letting out strange sexy voice.
I feel like I am doing something very lewd.

"I will speed up the flow a bit."(Taichi)
"Wa!!! Wait a moment------Hyannnnnnnnnn!!!!"(Marl)

When Marl screamed, her body trembled very hard and fall down to her knee.
Oh, oh? Did I overdo it? The circulated magic power is just 50 though.
When circulating the magic power, mine magic power mixed with Marl's magical power came back to me, did I take away her magic power instead?
Let me just pass my magical power in the same way for the time being.
I should use Healing magic too.


Marl panting while twitching unconsciously on the floor, because of magic power circulation.
What to say, it's lewd.
However, there is a sense that magic power is strangely getting warmer right after circulating the magic power somehow.
It is a feeling that the magic power of Marl and my magic power mix together, and the mixed magic power becomes familiar with the body.
Familiar, indeed! Let's become more familiar! Fuhahahahahah! I want to let out loud laugh.
I wonder what this is.

Marl woke up 5 minutes later.
I could not bear to leave her on the floor, so I'm giving her lap pillow.

"Oh, that.........? What happened?"(Marl) 
"Hey, after I increase the speed of magic circulation you have fainted, so is this really OK? I'm somewhat worried."(Taichi)
"W, Well, it's okay, I did not feel uncomfortable, rather it's felt better than I was earlier! L, Let's do it again!"(Marl)

Again, we start magic circulation the same way as before.
Although it seems that she seemed to be able to bear more than the previous time, still, Marl fainted again.
Her face turned red and it was somewhat in ecstatic expression.
I have some familiarity with this expression......... I pass my magic power to her again and use Healing magic.
This time she was revived in one minute.
The face is bright red and the feet are weak like she is drunk.

"O, Okay.............I understand............this time, I will try it."(Marl) 
"Hey hey, are you OK?"(Taichi)
"Yes, I'm OK! I'm coming!"(Marl)

Marl said so and begins concentration of magic power with a bright red face.
She did not go very well, but as I pull the magic power backward, I can feel that Marl's magic power started to flow into me smoothly.
Marl's magic power comes into my body from my right hand.
What is this strange feeling? It's a mysterious feeling like getting caressing my whole body with feathers.
Is it said that it is ticklish or irritating?

And that happened the moment when the magic power came out from Marl's left hand.


Great feeling of being exhaust surging off from the core of my body.
No, that is not just simply that.
It's a great feeling that reached the new summit.

"Wait a minute, what is this !? What is this!?"(Taichi) 
"Fufu, fufufu................please stay still, Taichi-san"(Marl)

When I'm trying to shake off my hand, Marl holds my hand firmly and does not release.
Stop it, stop idiot.

"WAIT..., Taichi-sa------------AHNNNNNNNNNNNNN!?"(Marl)

I also circulated the magic power and strikes back and succeeded in depriving Marl from being initiative.
Marl desperately resisted, but the amount of magic power is different!
Fainted Marl, still shaking on the floor. It was dangerous.

"It was such a dangerous act to circulate magical powers among people......."(Taichi)

I wipe the sweat off my forehead with a sleeve and then take care of Marl.
After checking it, "Origin magic" Level 1 was added to the skill list of me and Marl.
It is a magic that we must bring our body close to each other, but someone needs to have more magic power, but.............. Is there some use to this?
It seems to be useful for nightlife though, this is likely to open a door to the new world.


Because we sweat a lot, I decided to take a bath with Marl who woke up in the late morning.
We could not suppress our curiosity, I tried to make it hot with Marl's using Origin magic.
As a result of adjusting and uniformly circulating the magic power to each other, we really reached a whole new world.
No, it can be said that we have completed enlightenment.

"Taiiichiii-Shhaaan ... this is a dangerrrr, let's sthap ushing thhiss."(Marl)
"A, ah, this---- is too overkilling."(Taichi)

Neither myself nor Marl has power in voice.
But why is this Origin magic?
Shouldn't it be the magic that was born for the first or something?
In the sense that it is a primitive magic which uses a manipulation by body contact, it certainly seems to make sense.
If this level goes up, will not it be possible to instantly suck each other's physical strength and magic power?
Or rather, it is pretty dangerous magic if you can do it from a distance.

"But somehow, I feel like I lose power from my body."(Taichi)

Check my status. It can be called fine as well.
MP is reduced by about 100, HP is reduced by about 30. I guess it was sucked out.
There seems to be no influence on the ability value.
Sneak up Healing magic.
30 damage to HP, this the most decrease I've had, scary.

"Let's eat and then let's work."(Taichi) 
"Yes! But it seems to continue of that magic, so I will read the grimoire!"(Marl)

What,? That is scary.
While saying that in my mind, but I can not hide my expectation.
I'm a man after all.

I get up from the bath and have lunch.
Lunch was a meat sauce pasta with a small boar intestinal filling and hot boiled vegetable as an assortment.
Although it is meat sauce, it is not red, it is green.
It seems that the tomatoes of this world are green.
Where the hell are you, Lycopene?
The taste is almost the same as the meat sauce pasta I ate in the former world. Is it can be called Bolognese?
Small boar's intestinal filling and hot vegetables were also delicious.Especially, the intestinal filling was excellent with spice.

"Okay, let's do this."(Taichi)

Marl retracted into the alchemy workshop at the back and I decided to start my first forge.
I know the basic by natural because of the skill.
Will knowledge and experience be imprinted to the brain by acquiring skills?
Wondering how it is to think about the mechanism, it is such a thing.

Firstly refine the iron ore, I purchased from a Commercial guild to make an ingot.
I need to use the magic furnace for refining, but it was easy to do because it has fine temperature control.
Next, while heating the resulting ingot in a forging furnace, and strike it.
The first thing I'll make is an iron dagger.
I do not know whether is because of it easy to handling or I have to much power.
But I have fun hitting metals that have been heated happily.
Within 30 minutes I got a single dagger's blade.
I sharpen it with a grinding stone and make grips and sheaths with wood and leather.
It took less than an hour so far.

"Is it possible to do so soon.......? No, actually it is done." (Taichi)

The power of skill is wonderful.
When I looked at the dagger I was able to see with the Appraisal eye, it was displayed as an iron dagger properly.
Quality is "good". I did it.

Well, from this point I will gradually increase the skill level one by one, then making dagger's blade one after another.
Setting the skill level to 2 makes the creation time much shorter. Moreover, the quality also becomes "excellent".
As I raise my skill level, I know how to heat at each timing, at what timing I should strike, how to sharpen, how to refining a ore to become a better ingot?
Such knowledge comes in more and more.

The way to make magic conductor weapons when raising the Smithing level to 3.
When I raised to 4 and found how to give magic power to weapons.
The time required to create a dagger is getting shorter and shorter.
Next, I will make not only ordinary daggers but also special items such as conductor and magic powered products.
Both were able to be made without problem.
I gave Light magic attribute to the magic powered product.
It's a convenient item to replace lighting if you pull it out of the sheath.

And when I got up to 5 and understood the Magic Sword / Holy Sword forging method which also has the effect of a magic tool.
Due to a sudden enrichment of huge amount of knowledge, my head is dizzy.
But my body keeps striking iron.
Continue striking as if I was possessed.
When I noticed, I finished making dozens of dagger blades.


There is something like an aura rising from my smith hammer. Scary!?
It was supposed to be just a smith hammer when checked with appraised eyes, it was a smithing hammer of the spirit.
Did the spirit live in it now? Skill is too cheat.

I sharpen each dagger carefully one by one.
Let's leave the light dagger that I gave Light magic attribute at hand.
I also understood how to make weapons out of monster material, so when I defeat monsters from now on, it may be good to keep the parts that are likely to become material.

"Fuh, I finally created one magic potion! Wha! What is this mountain of dagger!?"(Marl)

Marl's face was slightly soothed peered her eyes at a large number of daggers lining up in the smithing workshop.
That would be normal, there were also 38 pieces.

"I got absorbed in making it, I am reflecting now."(Taichi)
"No, I do not think that it has to reflect on....."(Marl)

Marl take one of the daggers that lined up, pull it out of the leather sheath and look at the blade.
What she seeing now is a "good" quality made with skill level 2.

"It looks sharp and very solid, is not it?"(Marl)
"Oh, take one if you like it, I recommend something like this."(Taichi)

Give the steel dagger of "Supernatural" quality made at skill level 5 to Marl.
Marl pulled out the dagger from the sheath and fixed her eyes at the blade.
Then she tried touch several times and put it in the sheath.

"It seems pretty good, but is it good for me to have it?"(Marl)
"Oh, it's the best I've made today, I would like Marl to have it if possible."(Taichi)
"... Thank you! So I will give this to Taichi-san!"(Marl)

What Marl gave out was a shiny liquid with dubiously greenish in a transparent bottle.
Why is it shining, this is scary?
Looking at the appraisal eye, it is displayed as a recovery potion.
It seems that it is neither low quality nor high quality.
Even though it's her first alchemy, is not this an uncommon thing?

"I'll take that."(Taichi)
"Hehe, adventure is fun, but alchemy is also interesting too!"(Marl)

When I checked it, Alchemy level 1 was attached to Marl's skill.
Today alone she has learned Origin magic and Alchemy skill.
I guess this girl is actually a genius.
My throat is flat when I notice it. How long have you been doing work? No, I do not feel like I'm going to make this magical drug clearer, even though my throat is dry.


"Good work, did you finish working?"(Flam)

When I and Marl got out of the workshop, we encountered Flam holding a hemp bag.
Apparently, she seems to have brought out some ingredients from the underground warehouse.

"Oh, I made quite a good dagger."(Taichi)
"This is a dagger made by Taichi-san."(Marl)

Marl took out the dagger I made and showed it to Flam.
Flam looking at the dagger and narrows her eyes.

"...... It's a great piece, is this your making Master?"(Flam)
"Oh, it's not bad, right?"(Taichi)
"It is can be said that this is an excellent item made by a rare master blacksmith."(Flam)

I think that she is praised too much, but it is a level that exceeds human knowledge on a skill level basis. Is it a valid evaluation in a sense?
It's a complicated feeling because it's a skill that I got easily with skill points.

"It was eye-catching, so excuse me, I'm going to prepare dinner."(Flam)

Flam bowed and walked to the kitchen.
Marl was eagerly looking at over the dagger I gave her.
She liked it.

When I think about it, I feel that I am giving Marl only a knife, and armor.
Let's give her something sexy next time
What should it be? I'd like to give something that can be used.
Circlet that gave a magic power of defense system is also good.
Wahahaha! If it is for Marl, I will break any rules!

"What are you smiling for?"(Marl)
"Ha ha ha, I just came up with a good idea. Alright, I will do my best tomorrow too."(Taichi)

While I'm excited I take a bath with a Marl.
It will be dinner time soon so we went to the bath normally because we already did it in the morning.
We only wash our bodies. It is pleasant to have someone scrub your back.


After dinner, I'm relaxing the tired body after swinging the hammer all day.

"Ei, Ei."(Maybell)
"Ah ...... That's the spot. Wow ...... good"(Taichi)
"You look like a pervert who is pleased to step on by a girl when looking from the side!"(Marl)

<img src="" />

I laid down on a carpet in the living room. Maybell got on my back and massaged with her feet.
At first, I was massaged by hand, but it did not work at all.
Now I lay a towel on my back and Maybell steps on it. It feels good.

"Oh, a bit more on that, yeah, hey, it's okay to put in more power."(Taichi)

Maybell's soft foot captures the acupuncture point on my back.
Aahhh, its feel good.
I mean, I certainly look like a pervert as Marl says.
But I want you to think. I think that the scene that father, with his child, massages him by stepping on his back.
It is the same as that.
Though she is a beautiful girl who is not connected with blood, on the back and wearing maid dress.
I got it, I was a pervert.
But it's good before this pleasantness I will blow off some reasons.

"Ahh, ohh.......Thank you, Maybell"(Taichi)
"Y, Yes!"(Maybell)

Why is Maybell cheek is blushing when she descends from my back.
I wonder whether she felt pleasantly stepping on a man.
It's too early, Maybell.
Perhaps I was mistaken. Yup.
I try turning the shoulder and neck. Well, I feel something got better.
It seems that massage by a girl's feet has shown its effectiveness.
As I was about to get up and Marl tackling me from behind.
I was forced to lie-down down again.

"Hey, what are you going to do."(Taichi)
"Only Maybell is not fair! I also want step on Taichi-san!"(Marl)
"Wait, that is a message, I do not have that kind of hobby, but if it's Marl, it's too heav---"Eeei!" AGHH!?"(Taichi)

And Marl stepping session started.
Even though she is petite, she is still heavy when compared to Maybell.
It's hard to breathe with the sense of oppression.
I don't know what is fun about this, but they seem to be happy.
Hey, wait! Why are you looking like you're going to join in too!? Stop it!


But it was not bad to relax my muscle.
Yeah, I felt the stiffness was gone.
It's not like I felt good to be stepped on.


"Why don't you mix in?" (Jack)
"No, I am a crime slave, so I once aimed for his Master's life."(Flam)
"I think that person did not such nature to care about that."(Jack)
"It's fine, it's fun even if you just look at it like this."(Flam)
"Sure, but I wonder if my niece has awoken by strange taste."(Jack)


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