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29-Sai Ch.20

29-Sai Ch.20

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.20 - I finally start my production.

"You did it every day without getting tired of it."(Flam)

Flam spoke with fed up tone to me who entwined body with Marl on the bed.
It can't be helped either because we are both young.

We have tea time in the morning after having breakfast.
By the way, this morning breakfast was a salad with honey toast,  milk, and baked bacon.
It is a little heavyweight menu from the morning.

"Well, about today's plan." (Taichi)
"Are you going out today too?"(Marl)
"That is also good, but there is a workshop and I want to use it."(Taichi)

My level rose by 2 and I got 19 skill points.
If you have 15 points, you can change the Smithing or Alchemy to the maximum level 5, so I'd like to try to maximize the level of either one and make production activities.

I wonder if this is a forge here as well.
If you mass produce powerful weapons and send them to the market, you will be able to raise the power of the whole population.
If you maximize the Smithing level and make your own weapons, you will be able to get a strong weapon quickly.
Does refining a medicine in a large amount with an alchemy making other hard to die?
However, this is also to help to raise whole population power too.
But, won't I ruin the market if I release something on the market too much?
No, I feel like I am doing that already when I bringing in a large number of materials to the Commercial guild.

"By the way, does Taichi-san have knowledge of smithing and alchemy? I have never heard of it before."(Marl)
"Well, I have a little, if I have to say."(Taichi)

By the way, I remembered that I told Marl that I came from a different world, but I remembered that I did not say about skills acquisition.
It may be good to talk about it next time.
Marl is an airhead sometimes but she is smart.

"Master, about today's schedule."(Jack)

When I was talking about such things, Jack-san, who was waiting at my side, said so.
Oh, he is waiting for an opening.

"As soon as Master returns to the mansion, there is a message from His Excellency Sondark that he wants you to contact him."
"Understood, I'll go out to the city in the morning and buy the necessary materials to use in the workshop, then I'll go to see Sondark in the afternoon, is that a problem?"(Taichi)
"Yes, I'll make an appointment."(Jack)

Then, Jack-san bow.
Because Sondark should be busy because he is king's close aide, there is a possibility that if you go suddenly without any inquiries you can't meet him.
It would be better for Jack-san to make an appointment.

"Well, are you going shopping today?"(Marl)
"Ah, We got a reward yesterday. Oh, I forgot to give Marl's share."(Taichi)

So I took out a bag of 20 gold coins from inventory and hand it to Marl.
Marl was surprised at the contents of the bag and opening her eyes wide.

"Is not it a little too much?"(Marl)
"Why? Marl did pretty much and took down Big Hornet yesterday, I think that it is a reasonable remuneration although I shot down most of them with magic."(Taichi)
"Ummm....., Then I will put this all on our shared property! It is about 25 gold coins in total including the details as well."(Marl)
"Well, well, if Marl is fine with that, I do not mind. I left the management of the shared property to you, so if you need to, do not hesitate to use it."(Taichi)

Marl reply with high spirit, so I can only accept that.
If Marl wants it that way, I will not bother to express myself.
I drank a cold tea and stand up. Let's started acting immediately.

"First of all, I will check the workshop again and I will go buy what I need, so let's go to the workshop."(Taichi)


"Hmm, this is the workshop?"(Taichi)

When entering the workshop, the first thing to notice is two large furnaces.
Both of them do not fire with coal or charcoal, it seems to be a magical furnace that burning with magic power.
It seems that one is for forging and the other is for metal refining.
In addition to this, tools such as hammers, anvils, and wheels used for sharpening are placed.
The workshop was divided into two rooms, and in the back room, there was a bench table for alchemy, there are beakers, flasks, and similar instruments.
It seems that this preparation table also moves using magic powers.
I guess it will be used to add magic to medicine and make it a magic medicine............
I was wondering why they split it between two rooms, and the magic of soundproofing was given to the wall of the partition.
Apparently, it seems to be soundproofing measures.
It will not be possible to formulate in the sound of a **gun gun**, is it a reasonable solution.
But how much they spend on this room.
Absolutely let's not ask Sondark for a price.

I tried putting the magic power in the furnace and started it, the fire immediately lit the furnace.
Apparently, it fills magic powers and burns with the stored magic power.
When the smithing level was set to 1, I found out how to use this facility in general.
Awesome, skill cheat bansai.
For the time being, it seems that's good enough to fill magic power as fuel first, so I fill in about 80% of the stored magic power limit.
When the MP was consumed about 100, the magic power storage of the two furnaces became almost 80%.
My level has risen and my MP has risen to 950, so I can afford it.
It will have recovered more than half by the time I've shopped and come back.

"Sounds interesting, is not it?"(Marl)

Marl seemed to be interested in the alchemy tools of the next room.
Atelier Ma..............Yeah, safe.
Perhaps nearly unsafe.
I feel that the word "Sue" appeared to my mind but surely it safe. (TLN: Atelier games series pun here.)

"Alchemy, why do not you try?"(Taichi)
"Eh? Me?"(Marl)

Marl thought for a while and nodded.

"Well, I will challenge alchemy while Taichi-san is doing work at the smithing! I have to go buy a textbook."(Marl)

That's why Marl tightened her fist with determination.
Well, it is fine that there is motivation.
Marl can't use magic, whether or not can she master alchemy is a mystery as it is, but she wanted to challenge herself, I should watch over her.
If she learns it, I will also be saved.
But, I think I can't expect much.


We left the mansion for the new town and left armor in the Peron's for maintenance.
In addition, I asked where can I got the ore used for smithing.

"It's a Commercial guild, but they will only sell it to members, so you need to register as a member."(Peron)
"Is registration difficult?"(Taichi)
"No, no, it costs only an entrance fee, but it's a bit expensive if I remember correctly the membership fee is 3 gold coins and the annual membership fee was 1 gold coin?"(Peron)

Certainly, the entrance fee is expensive.
But I guess that you need to earn that much, or you can borrow from a merchant you know.

"Listen to the guild guys for detailed story, they should be willing to tell you."(Peron)
"Oh, I understand. Thank you, Peron-san"(Taichi)
"That's good, but do you also doing smithing? As it will be a problem, as promising customers are gone, you know?"(Peron)

I smiled wryly to Peron-san who threw a line of sight as if gauging me.
Ritz-san continues to cast a jealous glance from the counter as usual.
How much did you love your wife?

"No, I do not have confidence in the design of armor or clothing, only weapons that I wanna try."(Taichi)

This is my decision.
I may make armor for a change of pace, but basically, I am going to go with a weapon.

"Wow, weapon craftsman huh, if you can make good ones, bring it over if it really a good pieces, I'll put it on sale for you."(Peron)
"I will do my best to make things that will fit showcase. Thank you." (Taichi)

As I said so and left Peron's armor shop.
Marl was also keenly looking at the corner that showed the shield again. I wonder if she is interested in something.

Commercial guilds were crowded.
It seems that impatient merchants are coming because of some difficulties starting early in the morning.
I sat on a waiting chair of the Commercial guild by myself, waiting for my turn to come.
Marl went to a bookstore inside the wall to buy an introduction to alchemy and a beginner book for magic acquisition.
There are guards here and there around the wall, and Marl herself already has the ability as a mid-level adventurer.
I am worried, but I think it probably will be fine.
But while I am afraid, I do not feel like protecting her a bit too much.......
But no, no I don't know where any threat is hidden. I'm still worried.

It seemed that my turn came.
And the one who greets me is.........

"You're early, what do you want to sell today?"(Huey)

It was Huey. It is today's yesterday, but it is strangely funny.

"No, I want to be a member of a Commercial guild, I'd like to purchase ores for smithing."(Taichi)
"Even though you are an adventurer, you also smithing? You are versatile, give me your adventurer cards, we share information with adventurers guild, so you don't have to write extra papers. And, what do you want and how many?"(Huey)

Huey, who knew that I got a lot of money yesterday, entered into negotiations as soon as he accepted my membership registration.
Straight to the point, it's a lot of help.
Well? I have no idea what and how many I should purchase.

"First of all, I'm thinking of trying to make my shoulder familiar with hitting, I'm going for iron as the main, is there any recommendation?"(Taichi)
"Oh yeah, it is probably a Mythril-made weapon that sells at a high price, other is Black steel, we can sell weapons made of Orichalcum and Crystal at a higher price too, but few people actually buy it because they are too expensive. Good news, the guild is also going to have stock it up too."(Huey)

Hmm? Is there a word that seems to be related to blacksmith just now?

"Crystals are a quartz crystal, right? Are you going to use it as a weapon? In a smithing?"(Taichi)
"Isn't it normal?"(Huey)
"O, Oh"(Taichi)

Apparently, it seems common sense in this world.
This is a culture gap.
Do you heat it and hit it with a hammer? It does not break on normal occasion?
I also heard the word "Black steel" for the first time.
Anyway, I'll buy it all for a test.

"I want a lot of iron, Mythril, and black steel a bit, Orichalcum and Crystal will get as much as to make two swords, and there are also straps etc. Are there any other materials that other weapon craftsmen will buy?"(Taichi)
"Oh, yes, others..........." (Huey)

For a Commercial guild member, Huey was knowledgeable.
In addition to receiving advice such as leather used to make wood and sheath, and procure necessary materials.
I bought about 35 gold coins worth of materials and paid 3 gold coins for an entrance fee.
It seems that membership cards of Commercial guilds can be shared with Adventurer cards. It is convenience.
Also, Commercial guilds seem to have aspects as a bank too,  you can deposit money at the guild.
After that, if you become a member of a commercial guild, it is said that it is possible to issue a collection request of material with no fee.
Annual membership fee One gold coin is not in vain.
Although they seem to give out a loan too, I don't pay attention to it that much, because it seems not to be necessary for the future.

"What about your shop name?"(Huey)
"The name of a shop...........Umm, that's right, I'll go with [Taichi & Marl's Studio]"(Taichi)

I nearly laugh in spite of saying so myself.
How about a Hero from a different world and a runaway princess for a secondary name?
It seems that Huey did not notice me who smiled and laughing, it seems that he registered as I said.

"With this, it's done, I will send the materials you ordered for now...... But delivery is not necessary huh, please follow me to the back warehouse"(Huey)

Yesterday he saw that I got a lot of materials from inventory, so Huey leads the way to the warehouse.
I collected the materials to the inventory exactly as instructed by Huey, put it in a different place and arrange it.
I tried to inspect them with appraisal eyes, but there seem to be various other ores.
Such as very light ore, that can slightly float.
I just go and move various ores and materials and arrange them while appraising.

It took me an hour to notice that the warehouse arrangement was being carried out in spite of receiving the materials.

"Well, I was saved. Ore-based materials were heavy and it was hard to organize."(Huey)
"You owe me one."(Taichi)
"Ah well, I understand, I understand! I will treat you a meal next time!"(Huey)

Truly a merchant, even if he falls, he will not waver at all, or there is no gap.
I parted with Huey and headed back to the hall.
In the waiting hall of the commercial guild, Marl was waiting for me while reading a book.
In addition to the book she is reading now, I think that there are a quite a few books and something in a bag beside her.

"Oh, Taichi-san! I have found a lot!"(Marl)
"Oh, here and there, registration and procurement have ended. Let's go back to the workshop."(Taichi)
"Yes, please listen, Taichi-san, I found a grimoire that seems to make me able to use magic immediately after I read it!"(Marl)

Marl closes the book she has been reading so far and makes a big smile.
Apparently, she seems to be having fun.
We leave the Commercial guild and walk out from the new town into the wall.

"Huh, is that so easy?"(Taichi)

Mage is rare and if you can use it so easily, wouldn't there are a lot more magicians.
Or perhaps, Marl has a magical aptitude?

"It's all right since I've checked the past, it seems that there is an aptitude in me, even I used to have been studying in the past, but I never get it."(Marl)

Is it alright?
Well, if there is aptitude, the level is also going up and it may be that you learn surprisingly fast.

"But it's okay! This magic can certainly be learned! It would be great if Taichi-san helped out too! Onee-san at a magic shop said so, there is no mistake!"(Marl)

A magic shop, it sounds dubious.
I wonder if they sell magic books, magic tools, and magic powered items.

"What kind of store was a magic shop?"(Taichi)
"It is a magic shop lie secretly behind the alley in the wall. It was a shop wider than it's outside looks, there were plenty of items that I had never seen books or etc. She surely expanded the inside of the house with magic I guess."(Marl)

Is that okay? I wonder if it would be there afterward, it would not be such a kind of store that I could not remember where to find it right?
While having such strange worries, I and Marl returned to the mansion.


When I got back to the mansion, I immediately headed out to meet Sondark.
Marl remained in the mansion to read books and try the foundation of alchemy with the laboratory tools of the workshop.
I accompanied by Jack-san on a carriage and moved to the house of Sondark in the Noble district.
To travel in the city by a carriage... I feel like I was somehow celebrity.
No, in the previous world it was also natural to move by car, train or subway as soon.
I guess I'm getting used to the life in this Eliald, after all.

I arrived at Sondark's mansion and I was greeted by a lot of maids at the entrance of the mansion.
Everyone is bowing down and said "Welcome".
Is this the movie or game world? No, it was such a world.
Jack-san leads us through the mansion.
Super big. The mansion where I and Marl live is big, but it can't become a comparison here. How many rooms are there?

After walking for a while in the corridor, I arrive in front of a heavy wooden door.
When Jack-san knocked on the door, I heard a voice saying "come in" from inside.
As I entered, Sondark was struggling with documents.
A beautiful maid of onee-san age is waiting nearby. I wonder if she also serves as a secretary.

"Your Excellency, I brought Taichi-sama."(Jack-san)
"Oh, I'm sorry sitting on the sofa and please waiting for me to finish it soon."(Sondark)

I sit on the sofa as he told.
Then the maid who pushed the cart soon appeared and poured the tea.
I'm not proud but I do not have enough sense so that I can taste the tea properly.
However, I felt that this tea was delicious.
Jack-san's tea is also delicious but tea leaves are still different.

"I kept you waiting"(Sondark)

Sondark seems to have stopped working at a good point, sitting on a sofa in front of me and sighing.
Apparently, it looks pretty tiring. He added a lot of sugar in Maid's tea. You'll get diabetes, you know.

"Today, Hero came all the way here, it's not about anything else, it's about that case."(Sondark)

Sondark took a sip and wrinkled his eyebrows.
I guess it was too sweet. I told you so. No, I didn't say that, did I?

"From the conclusion, it was right on the mark, I asked each temple to confirmed the oracle, now we are sharing information with each country."(Sondark)

The face of Sondark said so that it looked like it was crushing bitter while drinking hyper sweet tea.
It seems so, even though the fourth wall has not been completed yet, a Great flooding will occur.
Also, if a Great flooding occurs, it can not be predicted how much damage will occur in various parts of the country.
I do not know because I never experienced a Great flooding, of course. However, I know that it is a major incident.

"Well then, each country has decided to announce the hero of each country, along with the announcement of the occurrence of the Great flooding, to raise morale."(Sondark)
"……I see"(Taichi)

I was telling them to refrain from extensive announcements.
Even they promised to do so, they felt inevitable because it became a situation where they had to broke the promise immediately.
Because the Kalendale Kingdom tried to kill me once.
Please work in order to raise the morale of the country, it is a look too bossy and selfish.

"I don't care such a thing, things are good, I think that past grudges should be throw away and sink into the water"(Taichi)

Frankly, I said so. Even if I still put on ego here, no one will earn.
Besides, I also want to sell my favor to the Karebdale Kingdom.
It's not a bad story.

".....I'm seriously aware that our country is not in a position to ask for such a thing"(Sondark)
"It can't be helped, it's just too big, but understand that if there is something happened to  Marl or people at the mansion, I will completely turn to the enemies of the Kalendale Kingdom, keep that in mind."(Taichi)

In my words, Sondark nodded with a subtle face.
I will give him my hand.

"Please give me a call when the schedule is decided, I'll try to stay at the mansion until then."(Taichi)
"Okay, thanks."(Sondark)

Sondark holds my hand tightly.
Shake hands and drink tea.
There is still another serious problem remaining.

"The problem is Marl."(Taichi)
"Oh, that's right, there are suggestions for that matter."(Sondark)

Listening to Sondark's suggestion, I can think of the only thing.
I just have to do that.


"What are you reading?"(Maybell)
"It's grimoire, grimoire! It seems that magic in this can be remembered as soon as there is an opponent. Everything seems to be a very old magic, though."(Marl)
"Do you have such magic!? I want to learn it too!"(Maybell)
"No, I can't tell Maybell about this."(Marl)
"Wahhh! Not fair! Please tell me!"(Maybell)


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