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29-sai Ch.2

29-sai Ch.2

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Translator: Geraffe
Editor: izikblu (Last edited 22/01/2018)

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita...katta

Ch.2 When I went to the Adventurer guild, I got beaten up.

My first impression of Crossroad is that the road is very very wide.
It might be this way for carriages to use.
The road is paved with stone, and the buildings on the roadside are made of hard stone.
Everyone who was passing by looked European, they also dressed in what looked like old native European clothes I once saw on either TV or the internet.

“Hey, don’t get in the way!”(Passerby)
“Ah, sorry.”(Taichi)

Since I might keep getting in the way if I kept standing in the middle of the street, I stepped out to the roadside and looked at the people passing by.
There are tons of styles, but everyone has at least one weapon on them.
Even the children around 12-13 years old had some sort of dagger with them.
It seems that everyone who isn’t carrying a weapon is wearing a black leather collar. Maybe they are slaves?
The buildings that are lined up by the roadside also look clean, nor do they stink. That means the sanitation must be good too.

“Ah, excuse me, do you know where the Adventurer guild is?”(Taichi)
“Oh, it’s just over there, it’s that wooden building.”

I tried to ask a gentle looking lady who looks like she is just coming back from shopping, she answered immediately and pointed at the big wooden building.
“Thank you, Nee-san(TLN: Big sister)”(Taichi)
“Ahaha! And you, become a good adventurer too! Do your best!”

She laughed and waved her hand because of my praise.
Yosh, let’s hurry.

The Adventurer guild is a place every fantasy world must have.
Adventurers would receive requests, gather information and then venture out.
For that reason, bases of operation like Adventurer guilds were made.
I think that the Adventurer guild in this world might also be like that.
Inside the building, there are a lot of ruffian looking guys wearing various kinds of armor.
Some gathered at the request board, others went to the nearby bar.

“Welcome to the Adventurer guild. I have never seen you here before, are you looking for some requests?”
“Nope, I’m here to register.”(Taichi)

When I finished speaking, the old man at the information counter (Who is bald and stern) began scrutinizing me from head to toe.
It feels unpleasant having some old man staring at me… Don’t look at me!

“You have a good physique… But will you really be alright with that getup?”(Guild’s old man)

I’m fine, mind your own business.
I really want to say that, but I kept it to myself.
And even if I were to start talking about materials, I don’t know much about such things.

“Well, I can use a sword, fight bare-handed and use Wind magic. I can also use Healing magic just a little as well. I’m thinking about buying my new gear after this. By the way, do you know how much a full set of armor costs?”(Taichi)
“Heh— You’re much more versatile than you look aren’t you. If it’s a set leather armor, 8 silver coins is enough.”(Guild’s old man)

I have 1 gold, 2 big silver, 8 silver, 13 big copper and 20 copper coins left.
I felt that price is a little expensive, but not excessively so.

“It’s still within my budget, can you recommend a shop?”(Taichi)
“Ah, I’ll point to you a shop that has a close relationship with us later. For now, let me register you. Bring out your identification.”(Guild’s old man)
“Can I use this?”(Taichi)

I bring out my temporary identification that I got from the gate, and the old man nods.
And then we go to another room, he lectures me about rules and asks me about other details.
Well, the rules are just basic common sense though.
Such as:
Don’t use your weapon and magic to make a ruckus in town.
Help comrades in the guild.
Don’t kill your guildmates. Things like that.

“Finally, there will now be an aptitude test.”(Guild’s old man)
“Aptitude test?”(Taichi)

After listening to his lecture for about a half an hour, the old man said something like that.
I never heard about this! Oi!
If it’s a written test, then I’m done for.

“Yes, follow me.”(Guild’s old man)

And he led me to a wide open training ground.
There is a lot of space for practicing Swordsmanship or Archery, depending on the person.
As the old man led me in, we drew a lot of attention.
Hey, don’t just look here, damn.

“Now, is there a suitable person…….Umu”(Guild’s old man)
The old man is looking around.
A lot of the adventurers here are taking interest, ah there are more coming.
Hey, why the hell are people inside the guild building coming out too! Stahpp!!

“Yosh, Ethan come here.”(Guild’s old man)

The adventurer who the old man called for came out.
He is a young man with shabby looking armor.

“Can you use this?”(Ethan)

Ethan picks up two wooden swords and throws one to me, he is a good guy.
I catch it and try swinging, it isn’t bad.

“Here, please look after this for me.”(Taichi)

I leave my sword to a nearby adventurer and begin stretching.
Well, here we go.

“Can I use magic?”(Taichi)
“If there is a chance that it would kill him, then no.”(Guild’s old man)

So If it isn’t lethal it’s okay right?
Ethan is already ready, and assumed a calm stance.
The gallery has already started betting.

“Now, the test will begin, be ready you two.”
Ethan tightens his grip on his wooden sword and lowers his hip.
I also lower my hip to ready myself.
There was a moment of silence…

“Begin!”(Guild’s old man)

Ethan came at me immediately after the old man announced that.
I also charge at him.
It might be because I look like a beginner to him, but in that instant his expression turns to one of surprise.


I’m the one who attacked first.
A Horizontal slash to blow away Ethan’s sword on his right hand.
Ethan backed up a half step and swung his sword down, but it missed.
Slashing up, down, sweep, slant, I traded blows with Ethan for some time.
Good, I’m able to react to all his moves, I’m winning.
Ethan who is now agitated, raised his sword over his head and swung it down.
I see a chance and hold my sword with both hands to receive the blow…
Then kick him hard in his torso.
It made a “Bang” sound.


Ethan is knocked back because of the power, I point my left index finger at him, and gather enough magic power for 3 shots.
I imagine air bullets being shot, and quickly fire them.

“Wind Shot!”(Taichi)

Ethan who had yet to recover his stance, received all 3 shots.
The training grounds went quiet.
And I kept pointing my finger at Ethan without moving an inch.
Wha… Did I overdo it?
Don’t be quiet, someone say something.

“You’re very good aren’t you.”(Guild’s old man)

The old man grins.
Ethan got carried out by someone from the gallery.

“Anyone else wanna try?”(Guild’s old man)

**Fum** every adventurer raised their wooden weapon overhead.

Hey, isn’t that too many?

“You think you’re good? Come at me!”
“Let me taste you!”
“Let’s not!?”(Taichi)

Let me go… Please, I’ll die for sure.


“You sure are popular.”(Guild’s old man)

I wanna kill this laughing old man.
Because it “looked like fun”, he went and sent 3 people at me all at the same time.
The result? I got splendidly beaten up by 3 wooden swords.
If my magic didn’t deplete first, I might have had a chance.

“So? Did I pass?”(Taichi)
“Oh, of course, without a problem. Normally everyone starts at rank F, but, I’ll give you rank E instead.”(Guild’s old man)

Then, the old man gives me a metal card, It has my name and face on it.
It also displays my adventurer rank as “E”.
There is no level on it.
Maybe, they have no concept of level?

“Why is it good to rank up?”(Taichi)

When my MP recovered a little, I healed my aching parts.
I won’t show any manners in front of this old man anymore.
Letting a group of adventurers beat me —who doesn’t have any armor— to a pulp. Do you have any humanity left in you?

“Well, If you got rank B, you’d get acknowledged. At rank A, you’d get admired by people. And if you were to get rank S, you’d be a hero.”(Guild’s old man)
“That looks far away.”(Taichi)
“Of course it is. Do your best. Oh right, about me recommending a shop…”(Guild’s old man)
“Well, why don’t you recommend me an inn too. And don’t charge me for it!”(Taichi)

Now, with this, I can forgive him a little.



I go to the weapon shop that the old man at the guild recommended, there are several adventurers inside, and business seems to be good.
The greeting came from the woman behind the counter. She’s very beautiful.
Is it because of the iron and leather? The inside of the shop is filled with a unique odor I have never encountered before.

I take a look at the leather armor that is being shown in the corner.
There are elbow and knee guards, which also have a metal plate to enhance their durability… As expected of high quality ones.

“Choosing your first armor is important, do you need my help?”

I heard a voice from behind me, I looked and there I found the beauty from the counter smiling at me.
Hmm? Her ears are pointed too. Is she an elf?

“Ah. I’m Luise, This shop’s employee. Welcome.”(Luise)
“I’m Taichi, I’m thinking about buying leather armor.”(Taichi)
“Hmm, let me see, let me see.”(Luise)

Luise was moving her hand around, and suddenly hugged me.
When I looked down, I saw her emerald silver hair.
Ahh… it smells good—— Don’t don’t. There are a lot of people here, don’t be a pervert me!
By the way, other customers might aim for her too, There!
The stares! Their stares are hurting me!

“Unn… This armor should fit you alright sir. What style do you want your gloves and knee guards in?”(Luise)
“Ahh… I want something that can be used for punching and kicking too, not just for swords.”(Taichi)
“Then adding some extra metal pads at the elbows, knees, and knuckles might be enough. I’ll harden the tip of the boots too, but that will cost a little.”(Luise)
“If it isn’t too much, then there’s no problem.”(Taichi)

While we were talking like that, I was looking at other gear.
When I looked at the counter, I saw a cat.
No, not a normal cat.
It’s a slim cat that is as tall as a child, Is he a beast man?
And he’s holding a pipe professionally in his hand too. Well, he looks gorgeous.
So, that’s the owner, and Luise here is an employee.

For the tools I chose, I tried them on and adjusted them many many times.
And, after checking my budget. I bought a leather armor set, which added an extra pad on every attacking limb.
It cost a total of 9 silvers and 6 big coppers.

“Yay, thanks for your patronage. How about a weapon too?”(Luise)
“Umm, I really want one, but my budget… I want a longer sword, well I can make use of wind magic instead.”(Taichi)
“Well, looking at your physique, you really need a longer sword sir, but magic? How is your conductor?”(Luise)

I tilted my head at the unfamiliar word.
Luise gives out an disbelieving face which turned into a bitter smile.

“Are you really a magician, sir? I heard it will not be as efficient if you use magic without a conductor, you know.”(Luise)

Then Luise goes into the shop and brings out a wooden stick with her.
It looks like a drumstick to me.

“This is the cheapest conductor in our shop. I don’t know how it works, but you be able to tell the difference when you try it.”(Luise)

So, I try Wind Shot out with the conductor that Luise brought out.
How should I say this?
It hard to describe in words, but the magic power that went out through the conductor felt “Stuck Together”.
Without a conductor, it feels like it’s diffusing into thin air by itself.

“It’s different indeed, do you have something that can be used as a melee weapon too?”(Taichi)

You wouldn’t use a drumstick to hit something, right?
It would break into two against a sword.

“We have something like a sword, but it’s expensive though. How about this?”(Luise)

And Luise brings out a wooden staff that’s taller than me.
Wow, it looks like something that you would use for Kung Fu.

“This quarterstaff is also a conductor. It’s just 6 silver.”(Luise)
“I’m also buying armor too, so how about a discount? Maybe 4 silver?”(Taichi)

When I started negotiating for a discount, Luise looked back at the cat on the counter.
The cat is sending back some signal.
How can you do that even though you have a paw for a hand?

“Then including this armor set, how about 1 gold and 4 silvers?”(Luise)

And for that reason, I was left with 2 big silver, 13 big copper, 20 copper coins.
Yep… Looking good.


About 20% of humans are trained to use magic.
But, only half of those end up becoming magicians.

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