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29-Sai Ch.19

29-Sai Ch.19

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.19 - I gain easy profit with bee extermination.

"So, we'll go now!"(Taichi)
"Oh, be careful."(Bison)

In the early morning, I and Marl left Viet village.
Big hornet spread out from the hive seeking food as it gets bright.
The plan is to hit Big Hornet before they spread out from the hive.
I'll try to finish them by taking the first strike with my area attack magic.
I think I can kill the majority of big hornets within the first or second shot.

"Let's blow away the hive."(Taichi)

Marl shot down my proposal.

"The honey in the big hornet's hive is sold at a very high price and also in high demand, also we can take out a large amount of beeswax from the hive! You can make a big profit if you bring the whole thing!"(Marl)
"Hoh, it'll take time to take down all of them."(Taichi)

So it would be better to attack Big Hornet as far as possible from their hive so that we will damage the hive as less as possible.
Attack it with a certain distance and intercept it when it charged?
No, is there a need to clean up everything at once?

"Marl, let's go ahead with attacking multiple times instead and gradually decreasing their number. Let's thining them from distance and make hive stark naked."(taichi
"Well, it's too creepy to be near the big hornet's hive anyway."(Marl)


**Vroommmmm! !**


We were now running away.
It was good until we found a big hornet's hive and set the first strike with magic.
In conclusion, big hornet's resistance is normal.
But their numbers are far exceeded our predictions.

"Taichi-san! What to do now!?"(Marl)
"Of course it's going to be plan B!"(Taichi)
"What is Plan B!?"(Marl)

Because the opponent is flying, we will be caught up soon.
In that case, we'll get stung and dies.
However, I thought of plan B while running.
Big hornet follows us out of their nests and stretches out their hordes vertically.
I plan to sweep them out by using magic with high penetrating power.

I start concentrating magic powers while running.

Five times firing expansion, three times continuous fire, magic convergence.
There are five pure white light balls at the end of the battle staff and its start rotating.


I pointed the staff towards the huge hordes of big hornets that are pursuing us.
Penetrating rays are launched from the rotating five light balls like a machine gun.
At the same time, I felt weakness in my body because I used a quietly high amount of magic power.
When checking the status, it consumed about 70% of MP which.
I can't shoot this twice.

What I used this time is the "Magic Ray" that I learned at Non-elemental magic level 3.
You can fire up to ten balls with high penetrating power and fast velocity at intervals of one per second.
Honesty as it is, it hard to use.
Penetrating power is perfect, but for the speed of one shot per second, the launch interval is too long to use.
In this case, it is quicker and more reliable to purge with Energy bolts that are ten times faster.
However, as what I used just now is five times faster, and three shots can be shot per second.
In other words, it shoots 150 hundreds of lasers in ten seconds.

As a result, the majority of big hornet's hordes were shot down by the barrage of the laser.
Still an original number is enormous, so the number of surviving big hornet is still a lot.
Despite the fact that the majority of them were shot down, the big hornets boldly assault us.

"Let's do this! Marl!"(Taichi)
"Y, yeah!"(Marl)

We began a direct battle with big hornets while protecting each other's back.
I hit the big hornet that attacks, crush and thrashing it away.
Marl moved swiftly, waving a Mythril short sword in a good stance that can't be compared to the time we first met.
This is also the effect of Sword skill level 2. No, because she put in so much effort, it becomes level 2.
Marl was quite enthusiastically trained by guards.


How many were they?
The corpses of big hornet are spreading around that it's hard to find where to put my foot, as the time fight finally ended.
I'm very fricking tired. Marl is nearly passing out.
As the big hornet attacking ceased, she fell down on the ground.
Even I and Marl were bitten and stung several times, but troll hide armor and Mythril chainmail protected us from that.
Although it would have been dangerous if we were stung where our skin was exposed, like at our face.
Look like we need new order made armor.

"Let's return to the hive while collecting their corpses."(Taichi)
"Ye, Yes.."(Marl)

I confirmed it on the way back to the hive, my level rose by 2 now I'm level 20 and  Marl is now 11.
It can be said that Marl is now comparable to mid-level adventurers.
Certainly, I can to be able to reset skills with this?
I'm satisfied with the skills I've acquired so far, so I'll keep the skill reset for later.

The launched laser not only cleared the big hornet but also the trees.
I will overcome the trees where the wind holes are open and collapsed and return to the Boss of Big Hornet.
There were a few big hornets and individuals that seemed to be bigger than the other big hornet there.
Compared to the big hornet, the individuals that seem to be the Queen are more than twice times bigger.
I don't know if the Queen has intelligence, but it's glared fiercely at me.
The big hornets trembled the wing sent out a threatening sound.

The Queen whose most vassals was killed and a few retainers left to protect it. Such story comes to mind.
They were just desperately trying to stay alive, do we have the right to destroy their hive and take it away?

"Of course it's ALRIGHT! Hyaha! Become my fund!"(Taichi)

This world's motto is survival of the fittest after all.


"This is quite a difficult task, is not it..........?"(Marl)

Big hornet's hive was hanging over a number of trees by making them pillars.
I decided to drop it on the ground first.
The tree that was pillar was harder than I thought, so I had to climb the tree and strike it with Mithril Sword.

Next, dismantle the dropped hive.
The outer shell was brittle than I thought, maybe because I used from Mithril Sword.
Mithril sword is now soaked with sticky honey. I have to wash it later.
Next, cut honeycomb to an affordable size.
It's packed with honey.

"It's sweet and delicious!"(Marl)
"You seem to be able to use it in a lot of ways."(Taichi)

When I scoop and lick it with my finger, it sweet like a normal honey. This is likely to sell at higher price. (TLN: Of course it sweet.....)
And there were still many big hornet larvae, pupa, and eggs on the honeycomb structure hive plate.
Larva and pupa must be killed firmly to store it in inventory but eggs entered storage as it was. This line of separation is a mystery.
It is pretty big, but can larvae and pupae be eaten if it's dipped in honey?
Why do not you take it back to Viet Village for the time being and ask Bison-san.
I decided to take them all, including the outer shell of the nest because it might be useful for something.

By the way, the disassembling menu came out when storing the honeycomb packed with honey in storage.
As I tried to disassemble it, it became honey of big hornet which was bottled every kilogram.
I decided not to care where the bottle originated from. (TLN: For real?)
Thinking deeply, I feel that I can hear a laugh that guy.

The number of big hornets that was suppressed by us is lightly over 300 in total.
With this alone, we've gained 600 large copper coins, equivalent to 6 gold coins will be paid out.
After that is how much hives and corpses can be sold.
I have a feeling that there are too many corpses that they can not buy them all.
At that time, if it may be useful for something, and I'll keep it.
You may be able to use the poisonous glands for alchemy.

After all, we spent a much longer time than the battle time to disassemble the hives and then we went back to the village.


"The adventurers came back!"
"Was the extermination successful?"

The villagers who saw us have raised their voices and asked for results.
They're holding a weapon, it seems they were wary.

"Oh, it has been destroyed completely."(Taichi)

I take out the dead bodies of the Queen from inventory and show them.
Two guys letting out surprised voice when looking at the corpse of the Queen that is two times larger than the ordinary big hornet.
After that, we were surrounded by villagers and praises.
I felt little tickled, but I've got a deep sense of accomplishment.
It looked as though Marl was the same, she looked embarrassed, but she was proud somewhere.

Because it was lunch time, We decided to have lunch at Viet village.
The ingredients are vegetables which are products of Viet Village, grilled wheat bread, and big hornet larvae and pupa that I gave them.
The villagers rounded their eyes in surprise when I got them out of inventory one after another.
I told them it's a magic, and villagers were convinced without any doubt.
It is also great that Bison-san knew about Treasure Box.

I and Marl stunned when children and mothers brought the dishes out.
It's a whole larva, my spine went cold.
However, adult villagers already stir-fry them.
The seasoning was just sprinkled a little salt.
We can't go without eating it 'cause we brought it as food ingredients.
I and Marl carried it to the mouth with prepared resolution.
It has a soft touch when bitten with faint sweetness
I sprinkled the salt over it, The taste was tightened, and I could feel that sweetness is stronger.
If you do not even mind about the appearance, it's like a stew?
And it's sweetness should be compared to takoyaki....................

"Though it looks like this, it delicious!"(Taichi)
"Well, yes, it looks like this though...."(Marl)

After that, I was told that it is a high-grade food material that can be sold at a considerably high price in the capital.
Of course, it is rare in for the villagers to eat it.
It seems that when big hornet's hive, emerged near village like this time, they will likely eat it when it was subjugated.
Larvae can't live long and freshness is easy to fall, so they do not keep it for a long time.

The pupa was sliced and served with vegetables.
The pupa shell is soft so you can eat it as it is.
It is the same as a larva but has a slightly sweet taste, a body texture have a feel like shrimp.
Again, it seems that this also is a high-class food material in the capital.
It is because the shell gradually becomes harder as the days go by.

We also gave them honey.
It was mixed with milk that was just squeezed in the morning, I drank it
The taste was like, I have power boils up from the bottom of my body. (TLN: What the hell is that taste?)
Before going to bed, if you drink it in warm milk, you get better sleep and ease your tiredness.
I have a lot, so I gave them a little more, it will be enough for each household.

"I'm sending you to the capital myself."(Bison)

After finishing lunch, Bison-san told me that he was taking us home.
We received the offer gratefully and leave Viet village with Bison-san's wagon.

"Thank you!"
"Onee-chan, Onii-chan, come back again!"

We were sent off by villagers and children and waved their hands until they disappeared from our view.
The feeling of accomplishment that I never had so far, fulfilled me and Marl deeply.

"Somehow, it's amazing, an adventure I mean."(Marl)
"Ah, it's amazing."(Taichi)

When he heard our conversation, Bison-san was smiling and letting out "Hohoho".


We got back to Alfen, we parted with Bison-san and headed for the Adventurer guild by foot.
A receptionist who saw my face straighten her body with **Gikiri** sound.
Why are you alarmed so much, my heart hurt, you know.

"W, Welcome! Today..... Yes, it is a matter of getting rid of big hornet's hive yesterday, is not it?"
"Oh, I'm done."(Taichi)

The female staff gave a surprised expression.
Well, is that surprising?

"We have finished! Yes, this is the completion prove!"(Marl)
"Oh, yes, yes........indeed."

The female staff got a completion prove from Marl and nodded.
We also submit our adventurer card at the same time and ask them to confirm the defeated monsters' record.
When she looked at it her eye widen as much as if it'll fall out.
I wonder what surprised you so much.

".......Etooooo, since the total number of subjugation is 341 because there are 2 big coppers for each one, the total amount of subjugation reward is 682 big coppers, so if you add 1 large silver coin which is request reward, it's totally 7 gold coins And 3 silver coins, 2 big copper coins."

About 730,000 yen for one day.
Again the adventurer's business is profitable.

"I'm bringing all the bodies and hives of big hornet back with me, will you buy them here?"(Taichi)
"Y, yes? A, all of them?"
"Ah, I can use the treasure box, and mine special, the capacity is big."(Taichi)
"W, well, that's right, the opposite Commercial guild is purchasing materials, so if you can bring it there........"
"Okay, thank you"(Taichi)

I thanked The female staff who seemed to be convinced of my explanation for the time being.
We received our reward and headed straight to the Commercial guild opposite the Adventurer guild.


The Commercial guild is bustling with people.
An adventurer who seems to have sold the material of a demon or a merchant or craftsman who came to purchase the material of a monster delivered by that adventurer, a witch-like person, noble-like person.
Looking around the area before going to the counter, there was something like a request bulletin board.
As I was interested, I went to see the bulletin board with Marl.
As expected, this was a kind of request bulletin board.
It seems that people wanting to buy something, they can post a material or food ingredients request.
Something can be obtained, even if the price is higher the market price.

"Marl, let's looking for a big hornet-related request."(Taichi)
"Let me take care of that!"(Marl)

We searched for a  big hornet-related request, hope for selling nests, larvae, pupa.
That's it.
It seems that request for the extermination of big hornet's nest is scarce, and it is difficult to collect it because it is not uncommon to set fire to the nest.
Therefore, its honey, larvae, pupa seems to be more valuable than I thought.
Demand for the hive itself for beeswax material seems to be high too.
We sorted out the request form from the bulletin, starting with the one with the best condition and taking it to the counter.

"Welcome to the Commercial guild, you've been looking diligently, did you found something that you wanted?"

It was the young male staff who responded.
Redhead, with a friendly feeling.
When he looks at Marl, his face is loose.
Hey, it's not for show.

"There are big hornet's nest, honey, larvae, and pupa! Please buy these!"(Marl)

Marle sticks out the request that she has peeled away from the request bulletin board.
The man confirmed it and raised his face.

"Pupa and larvae should have good freshness, can you show me?"

I obediently put larva on the counter.
It seems treasure box is not unusual in the capital, he did not get surprised.
The man closely appreciates big hornet's larva and nods.

"It's just as fresh as if it just killed, this is enough, how many are there?"
"There are 23 larvae of similar freshness and 27 pupas."(Taichi)
".....Are you serious?"
"I'm serious, and there is honey about 650 kilograms, and the hive of the corresponding amount."(Taichi)

I put a bottle containing big hornet's honey on the counter and open the lid. The sweet scent of honey drifted swiftly.
The man uses a small spoon taken from somewhere, scoops honey and licks it.

"..................Please sell them, we'll buy them all."
"There are lots of bodies too............will you buy?"(Taichi)
"Bodies...........OK, leave it to me, I'm Huey, and you are?"(Huey)
"Taichi, best regards."(Taichi)

Sales of various materials totaled 88 gold coins and 3 silver coins.
Including reward from a request at Adventurer guild, we got total of 95 gold coins, 9 silver coins, and 2 large copper coins.
Little labor, lot profit, I can't stop grinning.
Thanks to inventory, if not we probably have the biggest loss of freshness.

By the way, we brought back 20 kilograms of honey from big hornet and one larvae and one pupa to a house for a souvenir.
Maybell passed out from seeing the larvae, but Mr. Jack cooked larvae and pupa deliciously.
Oven baking of big hornet's larvae made with various herbs and vegetables was truly exquisite.
I'm convinced that it will be a high-class food.
Flam seems to have eaten in the past and eating it happily, in contrast to Maybell.

And when I told about ingredients to Maybell who is eating while saying "Yummy, yummy", she screamed loudly.


"It's all good because it was delicious."(Flam)
"Well, that's right, though...........Why is Flam-san is so calm?"(Maybell)
"It is not unusual to eat monsters when you camping out if it edible, then it's fine."(Flam)
"I, is that so?"(Maybell)
"That is so."(Flam)


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