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29-Sai Ch.18

29-Sai Ch.18

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.18- Ojii-san is strong, you know.

We went to the market of the new town and were walking around the broad market looking for Bison-san.
Although I asked the merchants who sell various merchandise around, I can't get information about him.

"I can not find it."(Marl)
"Oh? Ah."(Taichi)

There is a cause of my groaning other than that I can't find Bison-san.
I'm trying God call many times since I heard the voice of something that is difficult to name it out in the morning.
But even though I pressing God call many times I still can't connect.
At that time, the other side unilaterally ends communication, so I can't hear the answer I want.

I think that I need to tell people as soon as it can think that many lives will be saved as soon as they learn information of the Great flooding, but I want to be careful at some point.

I, who isn't even a priest or something related, go around and shouting about the Great flooding will occur and I know learned this from unknown being's voice that echoed in my head.
I'd get arrested for a reason such as I'm crazy or I'm losing my mind.
From Marl's story, the message was sent down to the priests of each temple, so I think that the information will be conveyed even if I don't move at all with regard to the occurrence of the Great flooding.
But still, I still worry about information that I got from unknown being.

[How rude. I've been telling people around the world properly. That's why I was busy.]

Suddenly, a disappointing voice rang in my head.
How many people did you tell them? Did you tell it to a proper person?

[Well, I have told adults over 15 years old that live in towns and villages.]

Of course, are they human being who can spread information properly? How many people have been told each village and town?

[It'll not be any problem if they're adult human right? The threat of Great flooding is well known too. Incidentally, I got one person per city. I'm so tired.]
"What's wrong, Taichi-san?"(Marl)

I see Marl looking at a strange looking face I got a voice.

"No, sorry! Just talking to myself!"(Taichi)

Are you for real! It would be impossible to believe if they're not a human being in a proper position!
And that means I'm the only one who knows the information in this Capital!?

[Well, is there a problem?]
"It's a big problem, you idiot!"(Taichi)
"Taichi-san, are you OK?"(Marl)

Marl started by my loud voice and has a worrying look.
No matter how you look at it, it seems weird, fuck.

"Sorry, I'm a little, yeah, tired."(Taichi)
[People that heard my voice, are now received weird looks like you now, ha ha ha]

You know that and you still do this!?

Shit. shit, shit, this is not the time to looking for Bison-san!
What will you do? What should I do? Report to the guild?
No, even now they're scared of me, it'll turn to worst if they're adding a something like I'm gone mad too.
Moreover, I do not think that I can believe.
Should I run to the temple?

[I heard the voice of God! Great flooding will happen in two months!]

No matter how I look, I'm just a crazy person, I really appreciate it.
I'll be putting in the confession room or whether is there confession room is in the church or temple of this world?
But hey, that interruption before, you did it on purpose right?

[I'm sowry]

Someday I'll find you and I'll hit you. Absolutely.

"Is Taichi-san really OK? We can walk even if we don't have a horse-drawn carriage, or why don't wait for a day and departed tomorrow...."(Taichi)
"Sorry, let me think a bit. I'll be waiting here, so can you searching around here?"(Taichi)
"Yes! Please don't overdo it, OK?"(Marl)
"Ah, thank you."(Taichi)

I saw Marl disappears into the crowd and thinks about it.
What to do, how should I do? Will I take Marl into the royal castle?
Although I got recognized as a Hero, will they believe me so easily?
No, wait? Why don't I ask Jack-san to contact Sondark?
Yes, this method is good. Although Sondark may give strange look, it's more certain than going directly to the castle.
Since I won't go there, a letter will do,  if not, should I see him directly?

But what about big hornet? Should we act separately?
Marl also has her Sword skill level raised, though the level is lower than mine, but considering Lv.7 is abnormal compared to general adventurers. Like of big hornet won't be her opponent and shouldn't to much take to much time to take it down.
But I don't know how many they are. It's dangerous to let her go alone.

Should I let her go to Sondark by herself?
Although Sondark acts like a friend at the moment, I don't know how far I can trust him.
From situation before and attitude so far,  it's still uneasy to let  Marl go alone.
No, I'm too scared to make Marl act alone.

"Taichi-san, I found Bison-san!"(Marl)
"Oh, let's go"(Taichi)

We arrive at where Marl found Bison-san.

"Huh, so you are Taichi? You look quite strong"(Bison)

Leading by Marl, I met an old man with a relaxed atmosphere, which looks older than Jack-san, He is selling crops.
There are still a lot of vegetables left, we can still make it maybe?

"Ah, Taichi Mitsuba. This is Marl, Are you Bison-san of Viet village who is issuing a request of big hornet?"(Taichi)
"Oh, I am a Bison."(Bison)
"I heard that you plan to leave the Capital at noon, but can it be little late?"(Taichi)


"I guess there is still a lot that hasn't sold, normally it should have sold out, if I take it back we can only keep it in a barn."(Bison)

As he said that, Bison-san gazed at the vegetables on the carriage, looking troubled.
Alright, thanks! Thank you God!

[Not really a problem.]

Not you, go die!

"Can I preparer something a little before come back again, is it okay?"(Taichi)
"Oh, yeah, but I won't wait if it passes 2 hours from this as it gets dangerous if it gets dark, is not it?"
"Oh, understood, I'll be back as soon as possible, let's go back to the mansion Marl!" (Taichi)
"Eh!? Oh, yes! Please wait for me, Taichi-san!"(Marl)

I hurried back to the mansion.
It would be nice if I can meet Sondark without a problem


"Welcome back, Master, is there a problem? I received a message from a person that received your request."(Jack)

Jack-san greeted us with his calm manner.
Alright, let's break through the first barrier,

"Jack-san, can you contact Sondark? There is something I must tell  him it really urgent."(Taichi)
"Is it to the Marquis Sondark? Surely, but to meet directly we need to arrange a meeting, but if to deliver letters, I will definitely be able to give him hand in hand."(Jack)

Is it okay with just a letter if I leave it to Jack-san?
No, it would be better if I could meet him face to face, if possible.

"I'm sorry, but I will ask for a meeting, and prepare a paper and a pen so I will write a letter if I can't meet him."(Taichi)
"Certainly, please wait a moment."(Jack)

Then Jack-san went back to the mansion.
Marl, who just caught up, is now breathing heavily.
She is holding her hands on her knees and tiredly.

"Tai, chi, san........ You, are too, fast."(Marl)
"Sorry, it's urgent."(Taichi)

I patted Marl's back and wait for her breathing to settle.
While doing that, Maybell brought a tray with a jug and a cup.
It seems to be Jack-san consideration. I guess he is a man that you can truly respect.

"Thank you, Maybell"(Taichi)

Maybell smiles happily at my words. It healed my heart.
I got a jug and a cup from Maybell and poured water in the cup and handed it to Marl.
Marl is gulping down water that I handed her, then heave out a large breath.

"Hah........ What happened to you suddenly, Taichi-san"(Marl)

I received a cup from Marl and drink a glass of water.
I managed to catch my breath.
Well, where should I start? First, let Maybell leave for the time being.

"Thank you, Maybell. You can return to work."(Taichi)
"Yes, please excuse me!"(Maybell)

Maybell received jug and cup and walk away.
Jack-san with paper and envelopes, feather pens and ink came back there.
Is it okay to tell Jack-san? Jack-san won't disclose what he heard, but....... Well, he'll know it someday.

"Listen carefully, Great flooding will happen in two months"(Taichi)
[Wh, what! What!?]

Were you still there? Please get out.

[I am looking at it because it's interesting.]

Die. Seriously just die. Even if you are a god, you're an absolutely evil god.
I've decided you whatever you say, you are an evil god.

[So heartless.]
"Taichi-san, that, how do you know about it?"(Marl)
"It is a God's oracle, well, I'm a Hero."(Taichi)

The entrance hall fell into silence.
Yes, that's right, after all, it is such a normal reaction. I knew it.
Jack-san is looking at me without changing his complexion. It's a superb poker face.

"There must be people who are listening to the same Oracle as me with each person in each town, 15 years old and over. If you also check it at the same time..............There are too many targets."(Taichi)
"Yes, it is difficult to prove.......... If you inadvertently disseminate that story, there is a possibility that you will be charged with the crime that caused the disturbance."(Jack)

Yes, the troublesome thing about this announcement is that it is difficult to prove.
Even if you find multiple people receiving the same Oracle in other cities and make them evidence, there are too many subjects to investigate.
Moreover, the person who actually heard Oracle may not be telling the truth, there is a possibility of being charged with a crime that caused a disturbance.
People who have not heard the message may lie, so even if they gather witnesses there is little credibility.

"Anyway, it would not be in vain to tell his excellency, if it is him he must also have contact with the temple."(Jack)
"Well, the temple in the Capital is full of priests who can receive an oracle from God, and if it's Taichi-san words, Marquis Sondark can't just ignore it!"(Marl)

Jack-san nods at Marl's remark.

"Master and Marl were in the middle of the request, I will definitely notify Sondark-sama, please leave it to me."(Jack)
"Can you?"(Taichi)
"Yes, leave it to me."(Jack)

Could I just leave it to him?
Jack-san is a butler organized by Sondark, so he will surely be able to notify to Sondark.
It is easier for Sondark to trust him than to me. Is not that enough?

"I will rely on you again."(Taichi)
"Yes, certainly."(Jack)

Even though it's a simple solution, I can feel mountain removed from my shoulder.
I feel tired a bit. I'm glad that I think it through.
I want to hit myself in that moment that I was going to tell the temple without thinking.
It's somewhat late, but as long as it is conveyed to Sondark, it should be very efficient rather than shouting alone.
I'd better listen to the progress.
And if he thinks that it is necessary, Sondark will call me, so I should prepare my heart as well.

"I convinced now why Taichi-san was strange at the market. I understand you."(Marl)

Marl nods as she was convinced.
My heart hurts, I actually knew it the first thing in the morning.
No, not at all. Let's be more careful.

"Anyway, I will do what I can do now, hunt monsters and earn money, so it will become stronger with good equipment."(Taichi)
"Yes! Let's do our best!"(Marl)


When we arrived at the market in the new town again, Bison-san just finished preparations for departure.
It is a perfect timing, that I felt it little too unreal like someone arranged it.

[It seems that there were various difficulties, so I give you a service. Good aftercare only comes from a good god, right.]

Okay, you are a good god. So get out of my way. I will call you if there is something.
If you are a good God, please follow other people.

[Hm, let's leave it at that. Good luck]

And communication with God was cut off.
It is somewhat strange, but I am convinced.
What kind of mechanism is this? I wonder if I can do the same thing between me and Marl.

"Oh, you came just the right time. I'm just finished here. Are we leaving now?"(Bison)
"Oh, no problem."(Taichi)

Marl nods. We got on the empty space of in the wagon and left the market.


Going down the road after being shaken by the rattling of a wagon.
It seems what stacked on the wagon are salt and daily necessities.
It is likely that he sells the agricultural products from the village and buys necessities that village can't afford in self-sufficiency.
This carriage is a lifeline of a village in a sense.

"Bison-san, there is no danger in the way of the highway?"(Marl)
"It's all right since the knight and the soldiers have defeated monsters, sometimes they're some that got in the way, but at that time I will drive it away with this guy."(Bison)

Bison had taken crossbow out from shadow the coalition.
That was more powerful than the one used by Marl.
However, it seems that it's been through a lot, the paint here and there has been scraped off.
Marl looked at the crossbow and made her eyes shine.

"Bison-san also uses crossbow! Me too!"(Marl)

While saying that she also take out her light crossbow.
Bison-san raised a voice as he looked at it.

"Jou-chan also uses crossbows too. here is too much friction on this carriage, so the crossbow is better than the bow."(Bison)

Bison-san begins to show off his habit of dealing with crossbows.
Marl was listening with her eyes shining.
Bison-san's story was really good for the battle on the horse-drawn carriage, which was often said to be the annual success from lifetime experiences.
In the past, he was part of quite a big caravan, and he was traveling around each country.
It seems that he retired with an injury in the previous Great flooding, now plowing small fields in Viet village and living in this way back and forth between the village and the capital during harvest season.

"I may not survive through next Great flooding, but before I die I will take a monster with as many as I could."(Bison)

His crossbow handling is great the Shooting skill is also level 3.
Since Bison-san's own level is also 26, it is true that he was participating in a caravan a long time ago.

"Do not push yourself if a flooding occurs, please escape to the Capitol."(Taichi)
"Ha ha ha! I already too old, I will protect the village until last moment."(Bison)

Bison-san who laughed and said that for some reason he looked dazzling.


"Sorry! Marle, It went there too! Watch out!"(Taichi)
"Yes! Hah!"(Marl)

As we arrived at the village, we jumped out of the wagon and wielded weapons.
Several big hornets entered the inside of the village, and it was flying around.
The villagers seemed to evacuate into the house, I can not find a shadow.

"These shitty bees! Get out of our village!"(Bison)

Bison-san stands on the wagon and shoots the big hornet with a crossbow one after another like a fixed turret.
I and Marl have shot down big hornet that Bison misses around the wagon.
Bison's shooting skill 3 is exerting its effect.
Although it can not be up to 100%, accuracies rate is high.

"He is better than me!"(Marl)
"It's a difference of experience. Let's do our best."(Taichi)

In the meantime, Bison-san stopped shooting.

"Damn, the bolt has run out!"(Bison)
"Bison-san, this!"(Marl)
"Oo, not bad, Jou-chan!"(Bison)

Marl hands the bolt for her light crossbow to Bison-san.
In a few minutes after Bison-san resumed shooting, big hornets retreated.
In the vicinity there are scattered things that I crushed, Marl has slashed, Bison-san's shot through, and many big hornet corpses.
About half of them was shot down by Bison-san. The old soldier is fearsome.

"It's so refreshing, I remembered the old time!"(Bison)

Bison-san who laughs happily, and collected the corpses of big hornets one after another.
The size of the big hornet is the same as the seagull, or about one size larger.
Since it rushes up making a noise that makes disgust **Bunun** sound, it's quite powerful when there are in numbers.
There were 37 dead bodies here. I am worried about how much it is in the hive.
We loaded some of its into the wagon as war spoil.

"Oooi! I'm back! And we chased out those damn bees!"(Bison)

When Bison-san shouted at the village square, the doors of houses opened, and several children popped out.
There are also small children who seemed to have been caught by an adult not to jump out.
The first one that came out was older children among the children of the village.

"Wow! It was awful! Are Jii-chan did all of this!"
"Who are you Nee-chan?"
"Oh, it's an adventurer! As expected, Bison-san, you brought them back within a day."

It is already a big fuss.
I and Marl are surrounded by children and being questioned.
Bison-san is proud of being admired by village adults.

We've been told that we should rest today and extermination was good from tomorrow morning.
Big hornet seems to be active in the daytime and inactive when at night, but when approaches the hive with lighting it rushes towards the light, so it seems to be dangerous.
And there is a nocturnal monster in the night forest where big hornet's hive is supposed to be.
I also thought that it was dangerous for that, but it seems that there is no problem because the nocturnal monster around here will not attack or ruin the field unless we go out at night.
Is this also a kind of co-existence?


"……Are you serious?"(Sondark)
"At least that person was seriously saying that."(Jack)
".........OK, I'll contact the temple."(Sondark)
"I've troubled you."(Jack)


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