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29-Sai Ch.16

29-Sai Ch.16

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.16 - Let's calm down and talk properly.

"Taichi-san this is a good opportunity, for you to stop worrying about the matters of assassins, and Flam-san's too, I'm fine, happy and I don't have any single injury, Flam-san also reflected it already. So this is more than enough."(Taichi)

Marl said such a thing when Flam woke up.
I knit my eyebrow at that remark.

"How can that be enough, I messed Flam's life, you know"(Taichi)

I tried to hold back sullen voice, but Marl didn't even budge.

"Even if you say that Taichi-san, I think Taichi-san did nothing bad you know? Because Taichi-san's life was targeted, it's common sense to protect yourself,
killing is natural if you are going to be killed, if you aren't prepared for it, you shouldn't turn the blade at others the beginning."(Marl)
"But I raped Flam, and I left her without fulfilling my responsibilities......."(Taichi)
"Responsibility? There is no such thing, Flam-san directed her blade at Taichi-san and lost, there is no such thing as duties or responsibilities, so it's irrelevant because she loses.(TLN: Seem like Marl wants to emphasize, Taichi's winning authority here.)
Whether killed or being raped Flam-san is at fault herself, it's just a normal revenge act of Taichi-san on Flam-san."(Marl)

Marl thrashing my words.
She returned with a direct word that makes me stunned.

"I! Because of me, Flam got her life messed! If only me "You won't let that end that, do you? Then, what can Taichi-san do?""(Taichi(Marl))

Marl look at me with the fed up eyes. I was struck by that gaze, and couldn't mutter anymore word.
I was nailed by Marl gaze, and I can't avoid those eyes.

"No matter how strong or even you're a Hero, Taichi-san is just human after all, how far can Taichi-san's arm reach?
You can't make everyone happy, You can't do what you can't. God can't even do such thing, don't be so full of yourself."(Marl)

Her word is the fact, so all I can do is listen.
I feel like I have been pulled by her word. But I can't argue.
What Marl has said is convenient for me. I want to accept it.

But is not this a kind of brainwashing?

Is it good to just accept that? Was my moral and ethical view only that extent?
Even while I'm still confusing, Marl keeps talking.

"Rather, Taichi-san is totally a victim here, just being a Hero, you got targeted and as a result, your heart got injured so badly.
Do you notice it? After you killed assassins at that ruins, Taichi-san is clearly abnormal, you know?
If just something about me is touched, you easily snap. It the same case of today's Adventurer guild.
If it's Taichi-san when I just met, you should have done it quietly without using that kind of method in the first place."(Taichi)

I get shocked as if I was given mortal words done by blunt weapons.
When I remember it, my leg starts to tremble, like I'm going to fall.
I............I'm doing it for Marl.

"To be honest I am happy for you to get angry for me, I'm glad that you will give full effort without hesitation to defend me and even if you became a murder, but for that, it wounding your heart and leave a scar, and of course I also love Taichi-san like that."(Marl)

Changed? I? Is it so?
Consider again about what happened in the guild.
I was told to give Marl, I refused. This is natural.
I was punched and punched back. Well, I guess it was not strange.
As I stop the weapon, I prevented it and threatened it by breaking it
Yeah, I think that doing with bare hands is not normal, but I think that the behavior itself is not abnormal.
And I'm about to kill a guy who tries to take away Marl, trying to kill the one who already apologizes.
Then I was persuaded by Marl and stopped.
Yeah, it's

Why did I try to kill? Isn't it strange?
The threatening should have been sufficient with crushing their weapon?
No, but they tried to hurt Marl, those trashes.
Eh? what?

"That's true, it's strange, like that..."(Taichi)
"To be frank, your love is too heavy! I'm at fault to be too cute.... It HURTTTTTT!! THAT HURTTTTTTTTTTTT!"(Marl)

I do iron craw on Marl's head when I saw her giving off a confident grin.
I felt little nostalgia, this feeling.
I released her because she starts struggling. Marl is holding her head and saying "This love is painful."
Yeah, it feels like my head is slightly refreshed.
I can say that being slightly obstructive by Marl made me little angry.

Marl words are comfortable. As Marl says, I'm not the one at fault.
I don't mind being ruthless.
But then I guess it was good to just kill Flam.
It seems that it was too much to kill another assassin at that time.
But the other side is a genuine assassin. Even trying to bring her back alive, it would have been impossible to look after her for me alone.
It might have been different if it knew that the 1st corps would come after that, but I didn't it know at that point.
In that case, there might be another survivor than Marl.

I do not know if I could make that decision at that time, but at that time Marl was the one who made a decision.
And Marl dirtied her hands on my behalf. That's how I felt.

"... I understand it in theory, but it's not convinced me."(Taichi)
"I don't know fully how Taichi-san think, but as far as I listen to your story, I think it was not familiar to kill or be killed in a country where Taichi-san was born, right?"(Marl)

I replied to Marl's who is just revive back.

"Well, please get used to it. This world is like that."(Marl)

When Marl who is people of this world say so, It sounds convincing.

"Even so, Marl, I've raped Flam."(Taichi)
"After killing a person, it is said that even a skilled warrior embraces a woman to distract his fear,
also Taichi-san was "virgin(first time)" to that sort of thing, you didn't kill Flam-san out of confusing after you raped her, It should have been good enough, isn't it? Flam-san."(Marl)

Then Marl looks at Flam.
Flam, who had been silent until now, nodding silently.

Is this reaction of Flam really her true feeling?
Has Marl mentioned her this in the bathroom?
My suspicions arise.
However, since Marl is not the owner of Flam, she can't force her to speak or act.
From the contents, there is possibility Flam of being coerced? Did Marl threaten her to make me ask you to kick her out?
No, as I begin to doubt, I can't stop it.
But there is one method to clear it.

"I can't bear it if you have to face such fate."(Taichi)
"If so please always be by my side, and absolutely protect me, even if you can't protect me, and if I had to face such fate, please comfort and heal me. To me, if Taichi-san is alive I'll never give up on living. "(Marl)
"If I died ...?"(Taichi)
"I'll follow you, but Taichi-san is not allowed to follow after me even if I die."(Marl)
"What is that, that is cheating."(Taichi)
"Woman must be like that."(Marl)

Marl said that and smiled.
I think it was the best smile ever.

"Regarding the matter of Taichi-san killed the assassin, I will forgive you, even if no one does.
Taichi-san has defiled his hand to protect me at that time, even though I said that at the same time that's it my fault.
I am afraid of my loveliness that keeps captivating Taichi-san!"(Marl)
"Really.... Who do you think you are?"(Taichi)
"I'm a Princess!"(Marl)

In my words, Marl holds her chest high with full confidence.

Because of that confidence face was stinky, I use iron claw with a little more effort on Marl.
Now she is groaning at my feet saying "If you can't argue back, please don't use force.".

"Marl said so, but what about Flam?"(Taichi)

In my words, Flam closed her eyes for a while and opened her mouth after thinking.

"What Marl-sama saying is true, It's doesn't like I'm fine, but there is no grudge, as Marl-sama has said."(Flam)

Flam gave a bitter smile.

"All of the people of the unit, including me, was ready from the time we took the sword, it was just the story of what we were supposed to be the side that kills, but we were killed.
Even the infants and the babies have been put to an end by this hand."(Flam)

She drops her eyes on her own hands and laughs with her own self-ridiculed.

"It just a cause-and-effect that it turned out to expose me to shame."(Flam)
"But it's not like you can accept it right?"(Taichi)

In my words, Flam gently nodded.

"Well, it's not easy to accept, but I was defeated by turning my blade to Master, and I should have been killed, moreover I also being bought as a slave."(Flam)
"Is that ok?"(Taichi)
"It is not a problem of good or bad, it's such a thing."(Flam)

I can't accept it. I mean I'm afraid.
I'm afraid that is this really is okay.
I'm afraid to accept this new values.

Let me think for a while.
No, the answer isn't coming out.

So, I decided to use the joker while hesitating.

".........Flam, this is my order, I forbid any lies."(Taichi)
"Yes, Master."(Flam)
"Have you been ordered by Marl back in the bathroom?"(Taichi)
"Have you been received an order that all of the words from Marl is to be accepted?"(Taichi)
"I have not received it."(Flam)
"Have you received any threats from Mahl?"(Taichi)
"I have not received it."(Flam)
"What do you think of me now?"(Taichi)
"You're surprisingly coward."(Flam)

Flam smiles as she says so.
Don't look at me with such kind eyes, I want to die.

"......Leave me alone, I'm in the middle of self-loathing, I cancel my earlier order."(Taichi)
"Yes, Master."(Flam)

I'm sighing, Its might looks funny because my situation is like this, Flam is letting out a small laugh.
Oh shit, I want to die.

"I understood how Taichi-san thinks about me."(Marl)
"You seem to do whatever it takes for me."(Taichi)

Marl looking at me with a little angry face.
So I replied to her like that

"Is not that natural?"(Marl)

Marl laughed and grinning, while laid down on the floor.
I decided to accept it as it is.
There are rules of this world. If you go into a town, follow the township.

That is why, I have to be careful in the future.
I have to make sure you do not lose myself.
And I have to keep in mind that the rule also comes down to us.
If I lose, Marl is going to be raped in the same way and killed.
To protect, I need strength. In this world power is justice.

That is why you also have to be careful about the way to use power.
I mustn't drunk with my own power and swayed.
I have to think about my own right.
I have to make sure not to make the same mistakes like I had done against Flam.

But don't hesitate to defile this hand.
Otherwise, I'll be deprived.

"But, like this.........  If Master can't accept that by all means. So shall I take revenge on my behalf?"(Flam)
"That is good, but........... I guess you should release yourself from slavery before that."(Taichi)

Otherwise, you have to put up with a lot of pain, to put a single scratch on me.
But Flam shook her head.

"Criminal slave who committed a heavy crime can't be released, there are some exceptions, but that's not necessary, please don't care about me. As I told you earlier, I'm prepared than when I took the sword."(Flam)

When I heard Flam's words, heavy things came up in my chest. My stomach is stirring.
Flam began to say outrageous things.

"I'll tear Master apart form Marl-sama, and make Master take hold of me instead, that is my revenge."(Flam)

Flam shows a sweet smile.
It goes to space direction.

"Wait a moment! I won't let you! Absolutely!"(Marl)

***Channn***, and Marl stand up and bark.
Flam, on the other hand, showed a sweet smile.
Well, I'm overwhelmingly dominated by Flam's sex appeal.
Even though, I don't want to lay my hand on her.

"Taichi-san! This woman is useless! Let's drive her out!"(Marl)
"Oh, you can't believe the love of your husband? If your love with your husband is strong like a mountain, you should not mind a threat like me, but this seems easier than I thought."(Flam)
"I took that challenge! I will show you a power of me and Taichi-san's love! Well, Taichi-san, I'll not let you sleep tonight! You can be greedy and eat me like a beast!"(Marl)


After that, I was eaten like a wild beast by Marl.

"Fufufu, this is not the end."(Marl)
"Stop it! My bullet is already zero!"(Taichi)
"Is it okay even if you shoot blank ones.......... Oh well, there are still a lot of techniques I learned from the maids!"(Marl)
"Stop idiot. Stop for a moment, truly forgive me......Ahhhhhhh!"(Taichi)

The wild beast's rampage continue until I fainted.

AN: This is the basis for Taichi's foundation of action.
From next time I will enter the new chapter.
Thank you.


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