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29-Sai Ch.15

29-Sai Ch.15

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.11 - I bought a slave in the slave market.

I decided to see the fourth wall that was under construction before heading out of the wall.
The height of the fourth fortified wall under construction is about 12 m.
It is impossible to imagine how long it is to surround Alfen.
Because this is almost human-powered, I was wondering how much money and labor are being inputted...
I also saw people who are obviously not a physical worker at the construction site.
It is not just one or two people. If you look carefully there are here and there.
Looking around there seem to be someone using a magic conductor, is it a wizard?
Apparently, it seems that they are helping the construction by applying the Earth magic.


I use Magic Detection to observe the situation.
Apparently, they're applying Earth wall to fills up a gap between the stone and fix it on a spot.
Earth wall created from magic is not just normal one, it likes makes hard walls hardened with cement.
If you hit it with a brittle sword, it would break.
This is a very useful technique. Let's note it down

"It's big, isn't it?"(Marl)
"I wonder what this wall is supposed to protect the city from."(Taichi)

Is it for a human-to-human war or a monster?
The feeling that I have spent so far in this Eriald, is that the Kalendale kingdom seems unlikely to be in a war with another country.
And the monsters are like images that only exist in places where the development of forests or something human development has not reached.
So what is this wall for?

"I think that it is probably built for the next Great flooding!"(Marl)
"Great flooding?"(Taichi)

Great flooding is a phenomenon that monster overflow from every area where monsters live.
It seems to occur at intervals between 10 to 20 years.

"I was also a small child, I did not understand well at that time, but the maids were crying, I also remember that the number of soldiers who protect the royal palace also decreased, surely my family because they could not return from the battlefield, I don't understand at that time, when I noticed it, it was long afterwards."(Marl)
"Is there such a thing............How long since last time?"(Taichi)
"12 years ago, it isn't surprising that Great flooding will occur at any time now."(Marl)

However, it seems that a revelation will be given by God when a Great flooding occurs.
It seems that there is a calculation going down with how revelation is sent.
But as far as the preceding example is concerned, there is a revelation of about one month before Great flooding at the shortest.

"Even if it says big flooding, the scale varies depending on the place, if it's not surprisingly small, it's horribly many, and in the last flood, a large number of monsters rushed to this Capitol Alfen and it seems that they received big damage."(Marl)

Is that the reason for the construction of the Fourth wall?
As long as there is such an event, I have to get as strong as possible.


Outside the walls seemed to be chaotic.
But, it seems like there are more miscellaneous shops than
a market we came from earlier.
If you look at the back alley a bit, people like a vagrant or homeless are sitting without power.
It even looks like they're waiting for some savior.

I don't know whether it is a minstrel or an adventurer, but some guys are singing while playing instruments.
But from the get-up, he looks like an adventurer.

"Delicious, what is this meat from?"(Taichi)
"Well......... Is it a bird, maybe?"(Marl)

We tilt our head while eating the skewers of the meat that sold at the stall.
The texture feels like a chicken. If it is not a bird, I think it is a reptile or a frog.
It was my first time eating this, but I had seen such a thing on the net.
When I asked it was the meat of a big lizard that you can hug them.
Whether it has an original flavor or not, it is salty and tasty.
Marl did not seem particularly concerned when she heard it's a meat of lizard.
Well, they normally eat monster as food.
Nevertheless, it is the real pleasures of traveling to taste the ingredients that have never been eaten before in a strange place.
Let's eat everything without fear.

"This is ...!"(Taichi)
"Let's go, Taichi-san, this place is no good!"(Marl)

While I was walking around, I reached the redlight district, but Marl pulled me and got through at a high speed.
Hahaha, Marl is no.1 for me, so don't worry too much.

I'm sorry, somewhat.......No, I'm pretty interested.
It can't be helped, it is a boy's thing.

Marl's compact and beautiful tits are nice, but sometimes I want to experience plump big boobs.
I thought about such a thing when Marl pinches my side, I'm sorry.


"Our slave is healthy and tough! If you are looking for battle slaves with combat skills, please take a look!"
"Well, our girls are obedient, right? Our girls are also a virgin!"
"The slaves dealt with by our company are computationally devoted to reading and writing, devotion to service, yeah, nighttime service too, of course, we also have gay people, here......."

The most chaotic place outside the wall, I reached the slave market.
Here various slaves were bought and sold, and various stalls surrounded the slave markets for the customers who came to buy slaves.
Those selling clothes and sandals to wear to the slaves just bought, those who sell food and drinks.
There was also a business that puts a Daily life magic to use.
It seems that Daily life magic is useful because it is a place that smells somewhat bad.

There were various slaves being sold, battle slaves to take as adventure companions, service slaves to take care of personal belongings, labor slaves engaged in agricultural work etc. were sold.
Slavery was widely used in the past even in the former world.
However, at least in my era it was barbarous and declared as an evil that tramples human rights.
I was shocked by the fact that same humankind as myself was being sold and sold like a thing in front of me.

I knew it as information.
For example, in a work based on fantasy, we often have slaves and slave markets dealing with it.
And I have heard a few times about the existence of slavery even after I came to Eriald.
In Crossroad there were even sometimes I actually seeing people who seemed to be slaves.
However, it was too shocking to see slaves actually being sold.

"Taichi-san, are you okay?"(Marl)

Marl looks into my face worriedly

"Oh, it's okay, I just got a little shock, because in the world where I was, slavery was illegal and it was forbidden, so I was considered it as hateful evil things."(Taichi)

They are adventurers who lost their lives due to debts, Daughters of merchants who were sold for to repay their accumulated debts due by failing in business, children sold from rural villages to reduce their expenses.
It is a criminal slave who committed a crime and was slapped down.
They are bound by Slavery magic and are being sold as goods.

"Let's go home if you feel bad. Don't force yourself."(Marl)
"No, it's okay, if this is a matter of course in this world, I can't avoid it."(Taichi)

Yes, I decided to live in this world, so I have to accept it even shocking.
Even if such things come out in the game in the former world, I accepted whether it is such kind of thing, isn't I?
I took a Marl's hand and watched the slave market.
The state of a slave is various.
Those who are likely to be healthy.
Those who are frightened, those who are not helpless as if they give up everything.
Those who suffer from disease and are about to die.
Neither men nor women are involved. However, many people are still young.
Battle slaves, reading, and writing, slaves that can be calculated are not as much as they are, but overall they are young.
The lower the age, the cheaper it is, but conversely, it seems cheaper if the age is too high.
20 gold coins of about 15 years of service slave without any skill.
A strong battle slave who seems to be an immediate fight will cost around 50 gold coins.
A slave who has a disability in the body or sick, their price can only be described as a dumping price, which is good enough if they just sold.
And criminal slaves are cheap. No matter how much you bound them with slavery control magic, few people would want to buy criminals.

"Taichi-san is eagerly looking at this, but do you want to buy a slave?"(Marl)
".....No, I am interested because it is the first time I see something like this, I don't intend to-------"(Taichi)

My eyes got caught by one criminal slave.
The dark-colored hair, which looked like darkness, became bulky and covered with dust, and the eyes that were shining like glittering like obsidian knives are cloudy in despair. Beauty was mingled with despair and fatigue.
She holds her knees like a child, she does not show anything on her empty eyes, she is just there.
Marl noticed me and following my line of sight.

"That person…"(Marl)

The former assassin, Flam Folsess, who loses her former look.

"That woman? Your eyes are good, dear customer! It's a slave I just bought recently! It looks bad now but it's quite a good deal, it's a bit thinner but it also has battle skills."
"How much is that?"(Taichi)

I don't know why, but I was speaking to a slave trader who tried to sell Flam.
Marl come near me and watch me in silence.

"30 gold coins, a good bargain isn't?"

Certainly, it is incredible as a combat slave. But it is too expensive as a criminal slave.

"You're joking, that woman is a criminal slave, she has no will as far as you can see, it is quite doubtful whether she can fight, 10 gold coins"(Taichi)
"Hey hey, why you talk about rare diamond like that, that is not only a battle slave but also a sex slave, how about with 25?"
"Even if it looks good, it's not gonna respond to anything done to itself, that is just an expensive doll. 15."(Taichi)
"Okay! I got it! 20 gold coins! I can't lower anymore!"

I think that it is still high after I checking around this market.
However, it is good.
I'm that girl..... What is it? Why am I trying to buy her?
Do I feel guilty?
No, let's not think deeply. Because that I wanted to buy her, so I buy.
I give 20 gold coins to a slave trader immediately.

"Okay, please drip a drop of your blood here in this contract"

I check the contents of the contract that the slave trader has taken out.
It seems to be a contract concerning the possession of slaves.
As I can read the contents, it seems that Owner has to offer her clothing, shelter, and food.
A slave needs to obedient to the command of the Owner absolutely.
Any action that harms the Owner is forbidden by Slavery magic, and in case of breaking the prohibition, it will result in death in the worst case by the effect of slavery magic.
Flam, a criminal slave, is obliged to follow it if I ask for sexual intercourse. If she refuses, it is considered to have broken the prohibition.
Besides that, it is written in detail, but it's about such contents.

"Dear customer, is this your first time to buying a slave?"
"I thought so, people who are accustomed to buying do not check the contract so enthusiastically, but it's a good thing because some douchebag in slavery businesses too"
"I'll be careful"(Taichi)

I stung my finger with a hunting knife, and press it on the contract.
Blood enters the contract and glows lightly. It seems that the contract has ended.

"If you do not need slaves you can take this to slave market or go to the governor office and sell it."
"Oh, I understand"(Taichi)

The slave trader walked to Flam and took off the chain attached to the collar and brought her to me.
Flam stands up as he urged, walks down here with a slave trader with her face down.

"This customer is your master, do your best to serve him."

Slaver trader says so and brought Flam in front to face me.
Flam raised her face and saw my face.
The eyes that were muddy in despair are opened wide and are stained with the color of fear.

"Hii.....N, no........"(Flam)

Flam keeps retreated and falls down on her butt, It seems that she is going to leak.
I get closer to Flam and use Daily life magic to clean her.
Dull black hairs and dusty faces became clean and beautiful so that like a dream.

"Follow me."(Taichi)
"No, no ... Uoo!"(Flam)

Judging that she rejected my order, Slavery magic seems to have given pain to Flam.
I bring Flam closer and whisper softly.

"I won't do anything bad, so follow me, got it?"(Taichi)

Flam nodded with a pale face.
She trying to hold tears in her eyes like a kid.

"Taichi-san, let's buy a cloak and sandal at that shop."(Marl)
"Oh, It's enough for today, let's go back to the mansion."(Taichi)

We bought hooded cloak and plain sandals for Flam and left the slave market.


"Taichi-san, why are you................?"(Marl)

Marl asked me so when we entered the new town from outside the wall.
Even if she asks me why. I can't answer it clearly.

"The guilt is the strongest, at that time it was pretty abnormal and crazy, but I did a terrible thing since then I did not care and I forgot until I actually saw it today. No, I was trying not to think about it."(Taichi)

That's what I said, I breathed out a sigh and took a glance at the back.
Flam walk with a bit of a dangerous footstep, but she was following us obediently.

"For a redemption maybe, but there are more hypocrites, there are other reasons, such as being able to use her as a war potential or remembering crazy pleasure at that time. But most of it is for me."(Taichi)(TLN: Pretty confusing phase here.)

I look back on what I did after defeating assassins and my head hurts.
I tried not to think about it as much as possible. I wanted to forget that I was that frenzy.
I bought Flam and tried to balance her by carefully holding her. And I feel nauseous at myself.
Moreover, because there are also sides that hoped for the violent pleasure unilaterally.
I'm the worst.

"I am jealous for a moment."(Marl)

I'm surprised at Marl's word. What are you talking about?

"Because, Taichi-san is thinking about only that person now, and isn't she the woman who received Taichi-san's black desire for the first time?"(Marl)
"A, ah....."(Taichi)
"Taichi-san loves me and cares for me, but you haven't  aimed such a beastly desire at me, and because that person monopolizes that part of Taichi-san. When I think about that, it is somewhat frustrating. Even if I gained the first time because of liquor."(Marl)

I feel like I can understand what Marl says, but what to do?
I glance at the back again, but the expressions of Flam was hidden under the hood.
I would have heard the conversation between me and Maru in Flam, but I do not know what she thought.


"Welcome back! Master! Well, who is this lady be?"(Maybell)

When I got back to the mansion, Maybell who was just cleaning the hall greeted me with a shining smile.
I am at a loss how to respond to Maybell's question.
I still have not completely organized my feeling within me.

"A slave that I bought in a slave market, but please handle her as a guest, so can you prepare a bath and a meal."(Taichi)

Maybell left with tottle sound.
The feeling like a little animal is somewhat healing.
I urge Flam and guide her to the bath. Marl also came with me.
However, I came in trouble in the dressing room.
I feel that it is not good for me to keep an eye on her, but I'm worried about letting her alone.
When I was wondering what to do, Flam began to take off her clothes voluntarily.

It is not as beautiful as Marl.
You can see scars on her body, things like slash or burns.
However, her proportions to supple limbs and rich breasts gave her a charm that surpassed it.

Flam who became naked got closer to me gradually with an empty expression and started to take off my clothes.
When I stop that hand, she shows a strange look.

"I'm good, just try soaking down and get refresh and don't try to die by yourself"(Taichi)

In my words, Flam nodded and entered the bath with an unsteady footstep.
After I saw her off, Marl pushed me out off dressing room.

"I'll come in with her as well, Taichi-san please come later."(Marl)

Then Marl closes the door of the dressing room loudly.
I was a bit worried, but there is Slavery magic, dangerous things won't happen.
I drop myself down on the living room sofa and waited for time to pass.


After an hour passed, Marl and Flam came out from the bath.
Marl sitting on a chair and wiping Flam's black hair carefully.
Flam is taller in height, but it is strange that Marl seems to be a big sister for some reason when seeing Flam which is being wiped by her.
I was watching those two people beside me and just doing nothing.
For some reason my head is not clear.
I feel like I was drinking alcohol while the sun is still out.

"... Oh, what's wrong?"(Taichi)

It seems that she had finished wiping off her hair.
Marl looked into my face with an anxious expression.

"I'll take a leave, so please talk to Flam-san a lot, I'll be nearby, please call me if there is something."(Marl)

Marl said that and let Flam sat next to me, then brought Maybell out of the living room to the dining room.
Even if you told me to speak, what should I say?
Should I apologize? I feel something different.

"You have nothing to worry about."(Flam)

It was Flam who broke the silence.

"I, we aimed at your life and lost, Even if we were killed, we've nothing to complains ...!"(Flam)

Saying that she could not hold it up and started crying.
I can't embrace that shoulder either.
It seemed that I did not have that right to do so.
I can do anything if I want, as she is a slave, but I could not do it.

"That time, if you also kill me at that time ... why, only me ... Uh, huh ... um, WAHHHH!"(Flam)

Flam wailed.
A comrade was killed in front of her, only herself survived.
She dedicated everything for the country, she won't mind doing dirty work but she was abandoned by the country.
She was abandoned by her family, a worthless father who used his power to abuse her.

"Why didn't you kill me at that time!? If you kill me at that time!! I won't have to live with this feeling! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!"(Flam)

Even though Flam is tormented by the Slavery magic, she continue to hit my chest, again and again.
Then she falls down on my chest as if the thread broke.
It seems that she is not dead or fainted.
If you look at the rough breathing out. She just might not be able to endure the pain given by Slavery magic.
I thought about saying something, but nothing comes up.
It's struck at my throat.
I could imagine how Flam went through which kind of experience with her word.

Think about what went wrong.

The army tried to kill me by dispatching assassin troops because they fear my power.
Because I don't want to die, I killed assassin troops, all but Fram.
I vent out fear, desire, demonic, excitement, and frenzy on Flam.

And abandoned her.

Yes, I abandoned her. I did not take responsibility and just abandoned her there.
I was littering without susceptance and covered it so that I couldn't see it.
Like a lid to a waste.
After all, I guess that I didn't fulfill my obligation by concentrating only on the rights of the winner.

I did not kill them all. I doing it half-heartedly, and I let her live alone.
I wanted to make such an escape.
What a disgusting thing, is not I the lowest?
It seems that laughter is coming up passing through nausea.

At that time, I should have killed Flam firmly.

"I was wrong, I grew the winner's rights only and did not fulfill my duty as one, I am a coward of a coward, you can curse me for it."(Taichi)

I said so and stroked Flam's head.
Flam, who had been crying in my chest for a while became quiet.
She was asleep with a restful face.

TLN: Harem member incoming, but I told ya, MARL THE BEST GIRL!!!!

~ Great flooding ~ 
A mass emergence phenomenon of a monster occurring in an unstable cycle of 10 to 20 years.
Which type, how many, where they come and where do they go? No one knows.

A phenomenon of a mystery that a record was taken every time it occurred and studied but still can not grasp the pattern yet.

The cause is not specified, only what is known is that prediction is made by the oracle from God before the occurrence.
Some are unbelievers who claim they are brought by God.
Some believers can think only as a cruel taste that claims to be the trial brought by God.

After all, God knows the truth.


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