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29-Sai Ch.14

29-Sai Ch.14

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.14 - I take a stroll in the capital's market.

It's been ten days since we started staying in the castle.
Just as I've started to suspect that it was their plan to make me stay in the castle, there was a report from Sondark saying, "it's ready".

"I was getting tired of waiting.......But it was just because I was just sleeping and eating the past couple days."(Taichi)
"Well, I was pretty active!"(Marl)

Yes, Marl had also practiced with guards and her Sword skill had risen to Level 2.
We didn't go out to hunt monsters, so our levels stayed the same, but we were able to train and raise our skills.
Me? Nothing changed even though I was sparing with the Royal guards from morning till night.

Haha. It seems that raising sword skills from Lv.4 to 5 is a long ways away.
Although sparing with the Royal guards wasn't in vain.
All of the Royal guards who are at the center of the country were still the elite of the elite, and all of them could use not only swordsmanship but also magic. Not a small number of them could also use Magic Strike.
The average level of the Royal Guards of the Karedale Kingdom exceeds 30.
The highest is Lv.42, the Vice-captain, and the lowest is a newcomer who just commissioned this year. He is Lv. is 25.
Everyone has acquired Swords skill Lv.3 or higher, and one or two excellent magic.
I knew that I can take them on in one-on-one combat, but all of them at the same time seems impossible right now.

I was very tired from sparing with the Royal guards all day, but what I gained was great.
Anyway, my swordsmanship is a burning blade forged by a skill point.
There were quite a lot of things to be learned in sparring with the people who handled their swords properly.
And it was the same with learning how to use Magic strike.
My technique until now was using magic power to strike the opponent, and at the moment of impact, finish them by releasing my magic power.
However, this technique was originally called "Penetrating strike," and seemed to destroy the body by piercing through the opponents defences and armor with magic power.
In my case, it seems that it has become "Burst" rather than "Penetrating" because it is a technique that pours in a large amount of magical power and explodes, rather than penetrates.
Another thing I learned was a technique called "Sharp Strike" using the sword, which released magical power to enhance the blade’s edge.
With this technique, you can cut rocks and metal like cutting butter with a heated knife.
I had to watch several demonstrations, but I succeeded in mastering the techniques by observing the flow of magical power.
Although the level of Spellfist did not increase, this was still significant.

In return, I taught them a way to strengthen their physical abilities by imbuing the body with magic power.
This seemed to be difficult for the Royal guards. Though was quite a difficult struggle, the Vice-captain and the newcomer learned it.
I was relieved to have a proper relationship of "Give and Take", but I kept that to myself.

I got distracted, let's get back to the story.
We had another audience, and gave a proper farewell to the King.
Then we were brought by Sondark’s subordinate to the area inside of the Third wall - also known as the inner wall.
People in this city call the area outside the Fourth Wall the "Outer wall".
The "New Town" is the area located inside the Fourth Wall.
The "Inner Walls Ward" is the section inside the Third Wall.
It seems that the inner section of the Second wall is called "Noble Ward.”
Before the construction of the Fourth wall had started, the place referred to as the "New Town" was then known as the "Outer Wall" area.

Well, there are various facilities within the Third Wall.
It includes the magic school that I went to study at yesterday, the governor’s office, churches, guard stations, and auction houses that deal with expensive items.
Other than that, there are many big shops that handle high-quality goods, though prices are pretty high.

"I'm excited!"(Marl)
"That's right."(Taichi)

We are heading to the "Base" that I've requested.
The person who guided us seemed to have finished surveying the area already.
He was walking and leading us without hesitation at all .
Since Danger Perception doesn’t kick in, we obediently enjoy the townscape while following him.
Throughout the trip, Danger Perception doesn't activate even once I feel like I’m at a loss.

Eventually, we arrived at a mansion.
It is a stone mansion facing the main street, having an antique feeling.
The mansion is surrounded by a fence that’s slightly taller than me.
It doesn’t feel like it’s aged at all, and has a tasteful atmosphere.
However, isn't it too big?

"Isn't it a little too big?"(Taichi)
"Certainly, it may be a little big to live in with just two people."(Marl)

Although cleaning it is difficult due to its size, Sondark should have prepared a manager and a maid, so it should be okay.
The guide bid us farewell and left.
After that, all that’s left is to say hi to the manager inside.
We pass through the gate and step into the front yard.
Flowers are sparse, and there are traces of ravenous weeds.
Perhaps the place was neglected, and its renovation was rushed while we were staying at the castle.Perhaps the preparation for the use of a sudden pitch was advanced while we were staying at the castle.
The mansion is a stone two-story building with a chimney visible on the roof, so perhaps there is a fireplace.
There are windows, but they don’t seem to be made of glass.
By the way, ever since I came to Eriald, I’ve only seen glass on the royal castle, so maybe it is an expensive item.
There is a knocker on the entrance door, so I bang on it.


A door opened after a little while.
It was an elderly man that greeted me, dressed in butler clothes and wearing a monocle.
He is tall and his hair is peppered with black and gray as it drifts, emitting the feeling of cleanliness.
I almost called him Sebastian. (Editor’s Note:  racist bastard… why not call him Jeeves? haha)
As soon as he saw us, he instantly and graciously welcomed us into the mansion.

"I am very pleased to meet you, I'm Jack Mason. Marquis Sondark gave me the duty of managing this mansion, please call me Jack."(Jack)
"Taichi Mitsuba, thank you for your help."(Taichi)
"I'm Marl, thank you, Jack-san"(Marl)
"Yes............Well, I will show you around the mansion."(Jack)

First of all, we are now in the hall.
In front of us is a staircase that leads the second floor, as well as several doors in the hall.
On the left, there is a large bathroom, kitchen, dining room. The dining room is connected to the kitchen and leads to a living room behind.
The fireplace, sofa, and etc. create a calming atmosphere in the living room.
Opening the window would allow you to see the backyard and light up the whole room.
On the right side of the mansion, there is a workshop that can be used for smithing and alchemy. There also seem to be several rooms for the servants in the back.
There is also a basement, which can be used as a food pantry, storage, and wine cellar.

On the second floor, there are bedrooms and rooms that can be converted into a study or office.
There were two toilets on the first floor and one on the second floor.

Speaking of magical tools, there are many installed in this house.
Not to mention the appliances in the kitchen and bathrooms, there is a fireplace, toilets, and all the rooms has lighting installed.
I wonder how much money was spent here...

My budget used to prepare the tools for our trip was only about 86 gold coins, this also included selling the material from the monsters we took down in the forest.
Even if small coins are combined, they would amount to one or two gold coins, so it couldn't surpass 90 gold coins.
It was probably about 100 gold coins, including the living expenses that I entrusted to Marl.
It worth probably be worth about 10 million yen for this mansion's magic tools.
But I can't imagine how much money the Kalendale Kingdom put into this just by looking at the size of this mansion and its facilities. (Editor’s Note: So about 100 gold coins. Not sure why the author would change currencies like that)

"How is it, Master?"(Jack)

Jack-san asked us after we walked around for 2 times.

"I was honestly surprised because I thought it would be smaller than this."(Taichi)
"Master, you don't mind your wording to an employee like me."(Jack)
"Oh, ah ... So it’s like that?"(Taichi) (TLN: Taichi is switching from polite speech to his normal ones here.)

It isn't easy speaking casually with a polite old man like Jack-san.
I heard that his payt also comes from the Kalendale Kingdom, so I'm not the one who hired him.
If you were someone like Oldman Ulz, I could talk to you rudely without hesitation.

"By the way, is there a maid?"(Taichi)
"Yes, she is my niece, but right now she is out on an errand. I'm sorry, I should have had here her to welcomed you."(Jack)
"No, don't mind it."(Taichi)

Jack-san deeply lowered his head.
At the same time, the entrance door opened and a girl came in.
Oh, it's a maid.
She came running, her face is red by carrying a hemp bag that seems to be heavy.

"S, Sorry, uncle, I am late!"
"Mabell, you are in front of Master."(Jack)
"W, Well, I am sorry! I am Mabell, Uncle Jack's niece! I'm pleased to meet you!"(Maybell)

The maid, Maybell bowed while holding the heavy hemp bags.
Her hair is black like mine. She gathered her long hair together and put it behind her head.
She has a young-looking face, and her height is about the same as Marl.
I can't tell because she still has the hemp bag, but she is probably a petite one.(TLN: Boobs)

"I'm Taichi Mitsuba, this is Marl, pleased to meet you."(Taichi)
"I'm in your care, Maybell-san!"(Marl)
"Yes, thank you! I'll be taking my leave!"(Maybell)

Mabel slowly bowed her head in a big way and went to the kitchen with the hemp bag.
Jack-san bows his head down after he sees her off.

"I'm sorry, she has a casual nature."(Jack)
"No, I don't feel uncomfortable. Rather it's preferable, isn't it?" (Taichi)
"Well, I think that being lively is good! But Taichi-san, please tell me before you lay your hand on her, okay?"(Marl)

To my words, Marl let out such remark and looked at me with reproachful eyes.
Hey, we are in front of her uncle.

"What are you talking about!?"(Taichi)
"Because, Hero is a player, right?"(Jack)
"Jack-san too!?" Aren't you guys in sync too early!?"(Marl)

My cries echoed in the new house.


"Haaaa...! It's paradise ......"(Marl)
"Oh, it's felt good......."(Taichi)

After feeling flattened with teary eye by a white rice and dried fish, We are now soaking in the bathtub.
For now, I'm letting Jack-san deposited 20 gold coins as a fund for daily necessities.
Of course, the living cost I entrusted to Marl is separated.
Since I have just started this kind of life, various sundries are necessary, and daily food expenses are also high.
Even all the money is coming from the Kalendale Kingdom, but it is not a good feeling, to let them be a piggybacker.
I don't want to own them too much.

"What shall we do tomorrow?"(Marl)
"Oh yeah, first of all, we need to say hello to Alfen's Adventurer guild. There is no problem for weapons at the moment, but I want to order a new armor."(Taichi)

The hole made by the assasin is still open. I'd like light armor made from more lighter and durable material.
When thinking about such a thing, Marl who is excited until now, flutters and looks little murky.
The weakly colored hair got wet and sticking to her cheek, It is too cute, coupled with that face.

"Well, Taichi-san! Wouldn't it be fine if we just slow down a little!?"(Marl)
"Maa, if so......Then why don't we go to the market in the New town? Miscellaneous areas in the outer part may also have surprised good things."(Taichi)
"Yes! Let's eat the food of various stalls!"(Marl)
"Hey, you only think about eating?"(Taichi)
"Hehe, Taichi-san also look tasty......."(Marl)

As she said so, Marl crawled her fingers on my chest.
The beautiful white skin of Marl that I soaked in hot water is the same color of cherry blossoms, and the pale eyes of the same color as the hair are looking at me in a provocative manner.
OK OK, I'll make you squeal.


"Mufufu ~ ♪ I win!"(Marl)

When did she learn this much of techniques, I'm!

"I asked the maids in the castle a lot!"(Marl)

Maids of castle.......How terrifying.(TLN: Terrifying indeed, my imagined maid-san.)


"Have a safe trip, Master."(Jack)
"Safe trip!"(Maybell)

I ate delicious breakfast and being sent off by Jack-san and Maybell. The destination is New town.

Today I plan to go and give the greeting to the guild.
Afterward, I want to walk around morning market and at midday walked around through the outside wall's shop.
After that, we will go back to the new town and sightsee various shops, then cool down at the luxury shops in the inner wall.
Such a schedule is made.
And today is fine weather.

"It's a perfect weather for a date!"(Marl)
"Oh, I'm looking forward to seeing something surprising."(Taichi)

Today, Marl is hanging her Mythril dagger on the waist, but she is not wearing leather armor.
She is wearing some fashionable ordinary clothes, that she bought at Crossroad before.
I also wear clothes that I bought at that time too, though I am wearing leather armor on it.

"It suits you well, it's cute."(Taichi)
"Is that so? Ehehehe."(Marl)

Marl fidgeting shyly. What is this, too cute.
I pass through the gate while Marl hugging my arm.
I can feel jealousy from the guard's eye when we pass them.
Wahahaha, get lost losers!
After coming to this world, that kind of gaze feels great to me.

"Taichi-san, that is a villain's face."(Marl)

No, no, I need to tighten my face up.
Because troublesome thing always comes down when this kind of loosening face is out.


"Hey boy, you got some nice girl with you."
"Hey, let us use her too. You shouldn't keep her to yourself right?"
"Gahaha! You're gonna break this small body! But this lad can't satisfied her for sure!"

My head hurt.

Once I entered the Adventurer guild in the New town and got involved with an adventurer who got drunk before arriving at the counter.
They got drunk from the morning. I guess they probably drank from last night till morning with a large reward.
The tavern which is attached to the Adventurer guild is open 24 hours.

I look at their level of Appraisal eye.
The first is level 21, the next is 19, the last is also 19.
All of them have Sword skill and Blunt weapon skill at level 2.
When I looking at their achievement there is no punishment or anything, don't know if this is their first time or they're good at covered things up.
Every one of them is a muscular doll.

"I refuse, Marl is mine, I won't hand her over to anyone."(Taichi)

Something ran up to my mind. I feel that the back of my nose is tickling.

"Oooooh! cool! Hey!"

As I thought that the third man was laughing, he suddenly changes his expression to those of anger and wields his fist at me.

I was perplexed by the feeling I ran through my mind.

Impact on the face. Precisely at the nose.
I bend my body to dodge it.
But I'll not blow away with this level.

What is it, you want some, huh?
Are you trying to take Marl from me as you like, eh?

I charge magic power, and I swing my fist at the belly of the third man.

**Dogan**, bursting sound.
The third man was sent away, flying turns over the table and the chair to the back of the tavern.

"Weak, with only this, you get so full of yourself."(Taichi)

The back of my nose is still tickling, but there is no nosebleed.
I guess this is a sign that my body uses a magic to protect myself.

"You damn.......!"

The second man put his hand on the Mace, which is hanging from his waist.
Hey, isn't that against the rule?
I turn to the counter, but the guild female staff were trembling with a pale face.
Nope, they can't be relied on.

Also, the same sense from before ran through my mind. Shoulder this time.

Well, is this Danger perception skill? I instantly turn my line of sight back to the second man.

I see the opening when the second man was falling down his mace.
I receive the head of mace with the left hand, charged0 with magic power.


The second person is stunned.
I put more magic power and crushing the head of the mace.

**Pang** the rumbling sound through the guild.

I'll turn you into this kind of smashed iron.
Trashes who tried to take Marl away from me shall feel some pain.
And those side using their weapon in the guild, violating the rule.
They are black cloud in my head

"Your head seems to be softer than mace....."(Taichi)

I glare at the second man and step forward. The sound around me was frozen with silence.
When I thought that the second man retreated as if it had been blown back, the first man who retired behind it grasped the collar and pulled behind.
He put out some length from me.
Somehow my back is heavy.
I put magic power in my fist and legs in order to fill up the gap, then I lower my body.

"Wait, please wait. We were bad, forgive us."

The first man presses down the head of the second man and lowers his head. And he himself is also lower his head at a right angle.
When I noticed, Marl was clinging to my waist too.

"Taichi-san, I'm fine, so, please?"(Marl)

And show her soft smile to me.
I, who calmed down, signed and release my stance.

"Sorry Jou-chan, and Thanks. Just pick up Saxon, and let's go,"

The first man said so to the second man, the third man seems to be Saxon, they carry him and leave the guild.
Whether it is a reimbursement, He places a piece of gold coin on the counter, which I blew it off and broke.
He is surprisingly a good guy.

"Sorry for causing trouble."(Taichi)

I said so and bow down.
I heard a long sigh from people around the guild.

"W, w, w, w, w, welcome, here, this is Capital Alfen branch of Adventurer guild!"

The guild female staff at the counter is now teary-eyed.
You were so scared that you wanna cry?
Other adventurers who were on the sidelines watching the situation correct the fallen chairs and the desks, the broken ones are being moved to the corner.
They're used to this.....

"I just came to give a greeting today ... Tachi Mitsuba from Crossroad, this is Marl, I think that I'll be working here in Alfen for a while, I'm counting on you"(Taichi)
"W, Well then, you're the rumored [Troll crusher] Taichi? So, that's why......."

Troll crusher?

"What is that [Troll crusher] thing?"(Taichi)
"There was a rumor that you alone taken three trolls down by yourself.... And one of them was beaten to death, bare-handed."

For real? Female officials ask me with her eye.
Yeah, it's roughly the same.
Because it is a lot of witnesses, I can't hide it.

"It's so amazing! Taichi-san now have an alias, so cool! That's great!"(Marl)

Marl let out a full smile.
Oh, yeah, I don't know what kind of face I should show when I'm facing a situation like this.

"Ah ... and, for the time being, I just came to greet today, it was bad that I made a noise."

I feel somewhat ashamed and embarrassed, so I ran away from the Adventurer guild with a poker face.
Because the adventurers whose watching us are whispering while looking here and it was very uncomfortable.
Something like, "That guy is that ..." or "As expected of Troll crusher."
Or "I thought he would bulkier than this......" or "Uho, a good man.....", How can I endure that.


"Take a look! There is good small boar's meat today!"
"Wheat flour! It's high-quality wheat flour without mixing!"
"Salt is here! Straight from Miscronia!"

An open market in New town is bustling with people.
Many women who have baskets have come to buy daily groceries.
The merchants raise their voices, insisting on how fresh and outstanding their products are, desperate to attract the attention of the women who came to buy.
We find the unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, ask questions, taste and focus on the work of buying what we like.

"Oc-chan, how do you eat this vegetable? What is its flavor?"(Taichi)
"Oh, Adventurer-kun! That is ..."
"Taichi-san! This fruit is delicious! Let's buy it!"(Marl)
"Jou-chan, this is also recommended, this is......."

I bought everything they recommended.
Fortunately, my inventory is bottomless, if you leave it in inventory, you can keep freshness, so there is no problem.
Although it little expensive, spices like curry powder, pepper, and red pepper were also available.
It seems that we can eat good food during our adventure with this.
And as I thought, salt is scarce.

However, looking at this, there are quite a few ingredients that are similar to my former world.
There are some differences, such as garlic is onion size, onion is short and thick, and carrots are round.
Bananas and others are a bit small, but it was the same shape.
And it rice is a "rice".(TLN: literally the same.)
There were differences in the size and shape of the grains, but I was able to purchase rice close to what I was eating with advice from Marl.

I also found a kelp. I thought it was another similar thing, but after I tried, it really is kelp.
There seems to be no one sell it around here, so he went to purchase it from the Geppel kingdom, it seems that he was having trouble, cause it hard to sell.
I bought it in large quantities. I can make kelp soup with this!
If you cut it down to a certain extent, together with rice, you can make kelp rice balls.
My dreams expand further!

Incidentally, I tried looking for no miso and soy sauce.
I also tried looking for rice sake, but there wasn't any.
When I ask Marl, there seems to be a liquor using rice in the Miscronia.

"There are a variety of liquors such as white colored and clear like water liquor, etc. Because clearer liquor is more expensive, perhaps it may be in a shop around the inner wall?"(Marl)
"Oh, I will take a look later."(Taichi)

Even so, I don't like drinking that much though, so it's okay even there is not any.
And if I have to pick, I'm on whiskey faction.
OK, let's go and take a look at the outside wall.


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