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29-Sai Ch.13

29-Sai Ch.13

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Translator: Geraffe
Editor: Martini

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.13 - We enjoy a rice after a long time.

At night, after we finished our audience with the king, Marl and I were relaxing in a bedroom reserved for guests.
Fortunately, there is a bathtub in this room, so I enjoyed my first bath after a long, long time.
Cleaning magic is surely sufficient, but the feeling is still inferior to a bath that warms the body to its core.

Of course, I did a lot of washing, and among other things in the bath...  I flirted to my heart's content.
The bath is a good thing, a really great thing.

Marl, who always ties up her hair in a ponytail, now lets it down and dries her wet hair carefully with a towel.
I like ponytail Marl, but I also love the semi-long haired Marl too. Her wet hair after a bath looks sexy.
But now I'm in sage mode, so I just gaze at her with a pleased look.

"Taichi-san, won't you ask anything about me?"(Marl)
"Huh? Like your real name or the princess thing?"(Taichi)

Marl stopped her hands that were wiping her hair and listened with a subtle expression.
My answer to Marl was already decided in advance.

"Marl is a Marl."(Taichi)
"My most important person."(Taichi)

After looking dumbfounded, Marl jumps at me.
I hug Marl in return and caress her head, which is still a little wet.

"Even though I'm a bad woman who was lying and forced my circumstances on Taichi-san?"(Marl)
"Yes, but it's okay, Marl. If you were not like this, then the me today wouldn’t exist."(Taichi)

I remembered that night when I cried into Marl's chest.
I thought that I could keep being myself after that night because Marl had accepted everything about me.

"I'll also want to accept all of you."(Taichi)


After crying for a while, Marl began addressing everything little by little.
She is the first princess of Miscronia Kingdom, second in the line of succession to the throne.
She was about to get married to Melkis, the prince of the neighboring Kingdom of Geppel, and tried to escape through a hidden passage in the treasure vault in Miscronia Kingdom’s Royal Palace.
At that time she accidentally broke the magical tool called the God’s Jewel of the Oracle, which was in the treasure vault, and received its effects.

"God’s Jewel of the Oracle?"(Taichi)
"Yes, it is a magic tool that will show its user the way towards a prosperous future."(Marl)

It is neither an activatable magic tool like the portable stove, nor a passive tool that feeds off of magic power like the Protection Ring.
It can also be called a genuine artifact gifted from God to mankind. It’s that kind of magic tool.
It is likely an artifact that has been forgotten by time by the royal family of Miscronia, because even though the effect of God’s Jewel of The Oracle was known, they didn't know how to use it.
Even if you prayed with it in hand, it showed no response at all.
Without a doubt... I guess no one had ever thought that you’d have to break it.

"So, what happened?"(Taichi)
"I heard a voice."(Marl)
"Yes, it sounds like its resonating directly in my head."(Marl)

I have a bad feeling.
I know that voice. I’ve even talk to it.

"......What did it say?"(Taichi)
"A man with black eyes and hair named Taichi will appear in the Adventurers guild in the city called Crossroad in the Karendale Kingdom, so I was told to eat him sexually."(Marl)
"Hoh, did Marl believe it?"(Taichi)
"No way! I doubted it at first, but I didn't have anywhere to go, and I was saved by that voice many times. Then I arrived at Crossroad, and....."(Marl)
"When I saw Taishi-san, I fell in love at first sight ....."(Marl)

Marl buried her reddened face in my chest.
Love at first sight, huh. But I have to be sure.
I open the menu and push the button that I tried to ignore until now.

[Hmm? Did you finally call me? I thought I was forgotten.]

As expected, the voice is echoing in my head.
It’s a voice I haven't heard in a long time. Though it hasn't even been a month yet.

[Well, it's been about 20 days or so.]

You were the one who lead Marl to me.

[Yeah, she is a good girl all right. It was hard for me getting her to listen.]

Why did Marl fall in love with me?

[You simply fit her tastes. If I borrow words from your world, it’s like a Strike Zone, and you’re right in the middle of it too. I swear I didn’t not interfere with any feelings in this matter. I'm at a loss as to what to swear to, because I myself am a god.]

Is that so, such an amazing Cupid.

[Oh, it's not much really. However, I've not done anything after that.]

Oh, okay, go die you peeping pervert.

Because I got pissed, I cut off the call to god immediately.
It seems to be a fact that Marl was led by that mysterious being.
I don't like this. I feel like my encounter with Marl was soiled by that unknown voice.
He said that Marl’s feelings and my actions were not tampered with.
I don't have anything to prove it, but I have no choice but to believe.


Marl's sweet and wet eyes look at me, I was hugging her tightly for too long, and she started to get into the mood, huh.
She’s also licking my neck now.

I don't care about anything anymore! Marl is the cutest!


"Nuoo! I lost again!"(Taichi)
"Hehe, this is my four consecutive victory!"(Marl)

I’ve been staying in the royal palace for a week now.
In the past week, I spent my time socializing with nobles’ daughters, gazing at the maid-san while walking in the corridor, and sparring with the soldier and knight who requested it.
Today we did it too much, so I'm spending leisurely time in the room with Marl.
Because this is a world with little entertainment.
We want to do this and that with each other, but since the maids eyes are on us, it was impossible to make such a bold move with Marl in the daytime.
I was getting bored, so Marl asked the maid to bring something like a board game.
It is an intellectual game like chess or shogi. It seems to be called Blitz.
Since it incorporates the concepts of magic, it is a refreshing board game in itself.
I realized that I'm not good with this type of game.
Marl, however, is too strong. I can't do a thing against her.

"Damn...... I will defeat you someday."(Taichi)
"Hehe, I am looking forward to it."(Marl)

Marl carefully handles the pieces of the Blitz back in its case and returns it to the maid.
The pieces looks pretty luxurious. At first, it was a bit hard to handle.
Everything seems to be made of monster materials.

"It should cost about 10 gold coins for that set of pieces."(Marl)
"What's the hell is that."(Taichi)

It is the same price as the Mythril short sword that gave Marl.
Luxury goods of the upper class are really amazing.
Well, there is still time left. what to do next.

"I'm too bored, is there not something interesting to do?"(Taichi)
"How about playing a prank or something on Maid-san!"(Marl)
"Huhuhu, that might be fun as well."(Taichi)

Together with Marl, I give Maid-san, who is standing by the door of the guest room, an ominous glare.
Despite desperately trying to remain expressionless, sweat dripped down from Maid-san's face while Marl and I glare at her, letting out mischievous chuckles.

"I'm kidding, sorry."(Taichi)
"No, it’s nothing..."

Maid-san's still wearing an expressionless face but she looks somewhat relaxed.
No, I'm not really going to tease you, Maid-san.
Maybe I should go to the training grounds.
Most of the guards and soldiers are training and they'll surround me instantly and ask for a match.
It seems it’s an honor to exchange blows with a Hero.
I don't know if I was liked or hated, but I'm going to be their opponent until I get worn out.
That is one way of spending time here. But I'm not an M, so I don't want to do it that often.
I was just there yesterday too.

But what to do? Although I have killed some time with Blitz, the sun is still out.
Yes, I came up with a good idea

"Marl, I have a favor to ask."(Taichi)
"What is it?"(Marl)
"Please teach me about various things."(Taichi)


One hour later, Marl and I went to the Kalendale Kingdom’s National Magic School.
Of course, we didn't just leave the castle alone; we had some guards escort us here.
Security is strict at the Magic School because there are a lot of nobles’ children.
It can be said that we're 100% safe on the school ground.

"If we're going to study, it's should be at school!"(Marl)
"Yeah, well."(Taichi)

I thought about coming here a week ago, but back then, it would have been troublesome.
We are walking along the school grounds, led by an elderly man whose attire looks magical enough for him to be the head of this Magic School.
The building has three floors and was made of stone.
The road leading from the gate of the school building is also lined with cobblestone, with a beautifully maintained lawn with flower beds.
There is an intersection at the gate with beautiful land on either side.
There are boys and girls who seem to be students of the school, releasing magic at each other.
It was Lv1 magic though.
It doesn’t seem like there is a heroine with pink hair shooting explosions here.

"This is the grand library. If you have a problem, please let the librarians know."
"Yes, thank you."(Taichi)

When I say that and lower my head to Headmaster grandpa, he nods satisfactorily and walks away.

"Thats a hell of a lot of books..."(Taichi)
"Well, let's get started with the history of this world in the historical documents!"(Marl)

Then, Marl walks directly to the counter where the librarian is.
I'm leaving it to Marl while I look around the insides of the library again.
Books, books, books, and more books.
It’s a tremendous collection superior to the libraries in the former world.
When I was in Crossroad, I peeked into the bookstore when I was out shopping.
The cheapest book was at least 2 silver coins.
Perhaps they don’t have letterpress printing technology yet in this world.
I would probably be able to propose the idea, but since it will likely occur naturally, I won't bother interfering.
More importantly, if I did such a thing, I feel I would lose this other-world-ish sensation.
I want to at least enjoy this world as it is now.

"Taichi-san, what's the matter?"

When thinking about such things, Marl comes back holding a few books and watching me with a strange face.

"No, nothing at all. Let's start the lesson, Marl-sensei."(Taichi)
"Well then, Taichi-kun."(Marl)

We laugh at each other while saying such things.
Forget that fucking voice. I will live freely in this world.


The contents of the classes were divided.
First is simple geography.
The name of this world seems to be Eriald.
It is said that civilization has reached its height and fallen into ruin many times over in the past.
It is now November 3rd in the year 2203 of the New Gods calendar.
There are 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day.
This world was strange and yet similar to the original world. This doesn’t feel too much different.
It is said that 2203 years have passed since the New Sods were delegated control of the world by the Old God.

"Eh? There are!"(Marl)
"Eh? There are?"(Taichi)

'Do Gods really exists?' when I asked her that, Marl instantly confirmed it, so I asked again unintentionally.

"Yes, occasionally administering and giving ornaments, miracles, and magic tools. At the end of the previous year, the goddess of liquor, Melonel, came to the rocal city of the Sandres Empire on the second continent. I heard that they have a banquet full of drinking and singing, and left quite a mess."(Marl)

What kind of community-based god is that?
Religion in this world certainly have gods that exist, and they seems to be in direct contact with their believers.

"Well then, was it a similar god that gave the Jewel of the Oracle?"(Taichi)
"No, God’s Jewel of Oracle is said to have been given by the old god according to legend."(Marl)
"What happened to that old god?"(Taichi)
"It is said that the old god left the world after leaving it to the new gods. It is also said that he died breaking up his existence into pieces to create the new gods."(Marl)

Being shredded into pieces is suited for that pervert, yeah, yeah.
Because I got derailed, I returned to studying geography.
The name of the continent we are in is called the Pete Continent. The Karendale Kingdom and the Miscronia Kingdom, the home country of Marl, are on the continent. It is also called the First Continent.
Since this continent has a temperature and gentle climate, fruits and crops are cheap.
Alternatively, this environment allows allows monsters to proster, and there are still many areas that remain unexplored.
The Kalendale Kingdom is a traditional kingdom located in the middle of the Pete Continent, blessed with vast vast and forests.
The plains are well-developed and they are most proud of its food production. It is said to be the food pantry of the Pete Continent. The main industry is, of course, agriculture.
Basically, it is a rich country. But since it does not border the ocean, they didn't even have rock salt. They can’t help but depend on imported salt.
Although there are many forests, monsters dominate much of that territory, so it seems that development of forest resources had not progressed much.

Next is the Miscronia Kingdom, Marl's home.
It is a kingdom located in the southeastern part of the Pete Continent and is rich in water resources such as lakes and rivers.
It is also blessed with marine products because it is in contact with the ocean.
Other than those on the Pete Continent, the Miscronia Kingdom also trade with the country of the Plum Continent, which also called the Second Continent.
So everything around the world gathers in the Capital, Klone.
Since there are many shipping services traveling to all the different countries, it is also a country where travelers gather.
However, within the lakes and rivers lurk many aquatic monsters. The kingdom greatly benefits from the water, but there are also many dangers.
As rice crops are thriving (!), unlike the Kalendale Kingdom where bread is a staple food, rice is a staple food over there.
It supplies the salt imported by the Kalendale Kingdom.
And so, the situation is that Miscronia is more powerful than Kalendale.

"So that is basically why they can't oppose Miscronia."(Marl)
"So, that's why King went that pale."(Taichi)

Afterwards, the Geppel Kingdom which planned to have an arranged marriage between their prince and Marl.
It is a country in the prairies of the eastern part of the Pete Continent. Cotton production, raising livestock such as horses, cattle, sheep are actively carried out.
Also, the quantity of monsters is very small compared to other areas. It is the country with the fewest demons on the Pete Continent.
Its agricultural production is prosperous, and since it also faces the ocean, it is famous for its cuisine with an abundant variety of ingredients.
However, they’ve been skirmishing for years with the tribe of Centaurs, who are half-male half-horse, who lives in the meadow, and security is not so great even though there are few monsters.

There are two other countries on the Pete Continent.
One is the Mountbus Kingdom of Dwarves in the mountainous areas in the northwest.
It seems that they mine and process the abundant metals mined from the mountainous areas, and export them as weapons and decorations.
The Dwarves' works are all high quality, so they’re pretty useful.
Regarding food, they import many things from the Kalendale Kingdom, but they are also making crop fields and rice paddies to increase their agricultural output.
Also, most of the tea circulating throughout the Pete Continent comes from Mountbus.
However, there are many powerful demons, such as wyverns and griffons, in the mountainous areas. There are even strong dragons, though they rarely appear, so it seems to be a difficult area to live for anyone other than the Dwarves.

Now for the last one. It is a bit difficult to call it a country.
It is a large forest spreading the north portion of Pete Continent.
The forest is dotted with various demi-human tribes and elven villages, each respecting one another.
They say that there are many ruins of civilizations dating back to the era of the Old God, but there are few who have stepped foot into the depths of the forests, where strong monsters lurk, and returned.
It seems that the tribes in the large forest lives by receiving the forest's blessings: excavating from the scattered ruins, harvesting dead or already-fallen wood to preserve the forest, and so on.

"Well, that’s a simple rundown of the geography of the Pete Continent and its countries! Are there any countries that catch your interest?"(Marl)
"Eh?" (Marl)
"Miscronia Kingdom."(Taichi)
"F, For real?"(Marl)
"For real,  I am serious."(Taichi)

Go to Miscronia and you can eat rice.
No, bread is not bad at all, but I really wanna eat rice.
I like meat too, I like it! But, I crave salted frying fish with white rice!

"Well, may I ask why?"(Marl)
"I want to eat rice." (Tacchi)
"As expected of Taichi-san, I understand you."(Marl)

Then we shook our hands together.
It goes without saying that a new bond was formed between Marl and I on this day.
By the way, this place doesn't really resemble a magic school, other than the students who were release magic at the playground we saw when entering.
Let’s take a longer tour if there is a chance next time.


Basically, the meals in the castle are brought to our room.
Only on the first day did we have dinner with the king, queen, prince, and princess in the stupidly-large hall with a ridiculously large table. It was too high class and I, who doesn't know table manners or anything, did not feel comfortable eating there.
So, the next day, I asked them to take dinner to the guest room and just ate with Marl.
After all, adventurers are unfamiliar with such courtesy. I could not bear that atmosphere because I'm an ordinary adventurer.
Yes, meals must be delicious. And it must be eaten freely, unbound by manners or rules. I think that is more important.

"Hamu! Nom, nom, nom!!"(Taichi)
"Taichi-san, that is bad manners."(Marl)

Marl smiles bitterly.
It can’t be helped. It’s my first time eating white rice in about a month. The white rice!
I begged Maid-san for this.
She seems to have prepared rice at Marl’s request.

It’s a pity that the side dish is steak instead of saury, but it is good too.
I also wanted chopsticks, though it's not like I can't eat with a knife and a fork.
Yes, let's make it next time, let's do it.
For the sake of eating comfortably… wait, no! Eating with chopsticks can be considered an art in itself!

"You like rice this much......?"(Marl)
"Oh, I grew up with rice."(Taichi)
"What kind of place was Taichi-san hometown?"(Marl)

My hand stopped with Marl's words and thought for a moment.
Is it okay to reveal such things? There are many unbelievable parts even if I explained.
If I leak information about political structures and technology, it may influence this world.
I swallow the food in my mouth, drank a mouthful of water, and explained.

"Well, as I said before, it was a peaceful place. There are no monsters or war. It is difficult to earn money, but it was impossible for us to lack food. You can eat as much as you want, whenever you like."(Taichi)

There are no convenience stores that are open 24 hours in Eriald.
Oh, wasn't the adventurer guild also open 24-hour for service?

"Huh....somehow, it sounds like a dream, does is it not?"(Marl)
"Well, I wonder? Because it was also a country where nearly 30,000 people committed suicide annually due to the stress of daily living. I feel like a dream land it is quite different."(Taichi)
"Thre..., 30,000!"(Marl)

Marl's face distorts with amazement. Well, it’s a normal reaction.

"Every year, with that much suicide.... The country isn't crumbling?"(Marl)
"Well, I think that the total population of my country was about 120 million people, so just 30,000 is insignificant compared to the total number. Well, the declining birthrate and the aging population is becoming a problem."(Taichi)
"120 million.......The differences are too vast."(Marl)

Certainly, the population of this capital was about 100,000 in all.
If there are 100,000 people in the capital, where the most people gather, the total population of the country would not even exceed one million.

"It's a historical country. It’s had rice as a staple food since long ago. It was probably about sixty years ago that bread consumption began increasing, and now bread is also often eaten. Regardless, after all that, I still think of rice as the staple food."(Taichi)

I chose a topic that would leave as little influence as possible in this word, and resumed my meal.
I was very satisfied with the white rice after abstaining from it for a long time.
Marl also seems satisfied with the taste of her home too.

"I'm full! This big city should have some restaurants that serve rice right?!"(Taichi)
"Well, let's go find them together when we can move around!"(Marl)

If there isn't any, then I'll get rice somehow and cook it myself.
If they are a product of the neighboring country, I should be able to find and buy it in the market.


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