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29-Sai Ch.12

29-Sai Ch.12

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Translator: Geraffe
Editor: Martini

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.12 - When I arrive at the capital, I have an audience with the King.

One hour after leaving the Buring Golden Bed, we were being shaken by a carriage.
The escort unit is led by Captain Walls, the commander of the Crossroad's Knight Order.


There are no conversations in the four-seater carriage.
Marl is next to me.
In the front of me is the Magic soldier-chan with teary eyes - Linet.


Whenever I gaze at her she turns blue and starts shaking.
After we returned to Crossroad from the ruins, I left Flam with the 1st company, so I was sure that they understood why Flam was so shaken.
I was having fun teasing her from since the ride began.

"......I'm sorry"(Taichi)

Marl scolded me for teasing her and pinched my thigh lightly.
It can't be helped since I have nothing to do.
So I take a look at my status and skills after a while.

【Skill Point】 25 points
【Name】 Taichi Mitsuba
【Level】 18
【HP】 251 【MP】 882
【STR】 215 【VIT】 219 【AGI】 201
【DEX】 155 【POW】 336
【Skill】 Sword 4, Bare-handed 3, Polearm 4, Shooting 1, Spell fist 2, Fire Magic 3, Water Magic 3, Wind Magic 3, Earth Magic 3 Non-elemental Magic 3, Healing Magic 3
Boundary Magic 3, Life Magic, Physical Enhancement 1, Magic Enhancement 2, Magical Recovery 2, Negotiation 2, Cooking 1, Appraisal Eye, Magic Power eye, Poison Resistance 2

There are a lot of skill points left.
For now, it seems to necessary to upgrade Poison Resistance to level 3 and Max it out.
I also get the Signs Indication and Danger Perception skills.
I do not know when or where we're going to get attacked by assassins again, and our food can also get poisoned.
Why should I care for such things though, I was supposed to live freely.
Well, these skills are sufficiently useful.
Now I don't have to worry about poison. I can also protect myself from traps and surprise attacks.
I'll be able to locate surrounding enemies, all these are good things!

Yeah, let leave it at that.

So let's dump 9 points and set the Poison Resistance to Level 3, and use 12 points to raise Signs Indication and Danger Perception to level 3.
Poison Resistance and Danger Perception aren't put to use yet, but Signs Indication is quickly used.
I can feel like something like a radar is mounted in the corner of my mind.

I'm now able to grasp the strength, distance, and quantity of people using myself as a center point.
If the names and faces match, I can identify what kind of signs are by rough guesses.
For example, the sign of the Crossroad's Knights and their horses, which are escorting this carriage.
I can also feel sign of the horses that are pulling this carriage and the man who is steering it too.

This skill is convenient.

I can actively turn on and off.
I think it exists to be used against skill that can utilize stealth.
Now I have 4 points left.
I would like to settle down soon and improve production-type skills too.

Like making your own weapons with Smithing skills.
And making potions with Alchemy skills or something.

Yep, I came up with good ideas.
If they give me something as an apology, I will request a manor or something that will be the foundation for a smithing workshop or an alchemy atelier.
If it is useless, I want the rights to buy them, or in the worst case scenario, construction permission and recommendations of trustworthy merchants could be good.

"Oh, that ..."(Linet)
"Hihhhhhhh! M, my apologies!"(Linet)

While I was drafting my ideal plans for the future, I was interrupted by her words and I replied intimidatingly.
No, no, that’s no good, I’ll be viewed as a meer thug.
It'll have a problem If Linet started gossiping about my bad personality.
Let act like an adult, yeah a mature adult.

"No, sorry, I still felt a bit nervous, what's up?"(Taichi)

I tried and asked Linet with a normal voice.
Linet opens and closes her mouth several times.
And after repeating that for some time, she finally speaks.

"Ah, well, actually I'm keeping a letter from Commander Twanich."(Linet)
"........Hoh." (Taichi)

I peel off the wax seal on the letter that Linet has shown me, and look through the contents.
What was written in the letter is the fact that Commander Twanich dispatched the 1st company, led by Captain Walls, to the ruins.

When the matter about trolls was reported, the higher-ups ordered to give me a reward which bears the Secret Seal of Pursuit.
He was curious because of the order, so I was exposed as a Hero by the Status checker and was reported.
At that time he was instructed from higher up to approach me for a while and keep an eye on me.
He felt suspicious because of the higher ups and began investigating.
He learned that a non-regular unit called "Sweeping Shop" in the military was aiming for me.
And as soon as he tried to protect me, he learned that we had already fled from Crossroad, and dispatched the 1st company to track of Secret Seal of Pursuit.

".................the story seem to fit."(Taichi)

I handed the letter to Marl and thought.

In other words, the Kalendale kingdom - or to be precise "Kalendale Kingdom's army" had targeted me without even checking my status when they received report of the trolls subjugation.
And when they learned that I might be a Hero, they were already moving in the direction to eliminate me.

"Just this letter is not enough for evidence."(Taichi)
"Well, with this speed, the possibility that this was solely the Army's decision seems to be high."(Marl)

Yes, that is the problem.
The processing time and the movement was way too fast.
Let's assume that they thought I was a Hero at the time they received a report about the trolls.
Since the reporting its discoveries, the order was sent through Magic tools for communication. It was done almost without any time lag.
If I assume the day that the report about the trolls was sent is day 1, then we were attacked on day 6.

Let's look back on our actions.
On the first day, I was exhausted. After I ate and drank like a millionaire, I went to bed.
Perhaps the report of the trolls subjugation was sent this day.
On the second day I spent going on a date with Marl.
At this time, Twanich should have been preparing the Hunter knife.
This isn’t written in the letter, but they can't make it if they weren't prepared at this stage.
On the third day, I went to the Knight Order and was confirmed as a Hero after receiving a status check. Marl and I prepared to flee on this day.
In the early morning of the fourth day, we left Crossroad, and I arrived at the ruins after three days.
On the sixth day, the assassins attacked at the sunset.

According to my information, it takes a day with fast horses, or about three days on foot, to get from the Capital of Alfen to Crossroad.
As they couldn't have made it on time by foot, at least until Crossroad, the assassins must have moved by horse.
Given the fact that I didn't find any horses when leaving the forest, I wonder if they moved from Crossroad to the ruins on foot.

Since the monsters on the way were wiped out by us, did their marching speed become faster?
Well, this is something I can't be sure of.
There is also no guarantee that they came from the same route as us.

The assassin group should have been at Crossroad on the day we left, or the next day at the latest.
In other words, when I had my status checked with the Order, the assassin troops were already at Crossroad. That is to say, that they were ordered to assassinate me before that.
Considering the time to prepare the Hunter knife, they decide to assassinate me within a day after they received the report.
There is also the fact that the knife with the Secret Seal of Pursuit had to be prepared, which almost certainly confirms the timing of everything.

"It's certainly too fast."(Taichi)
"Well, unless it’s military doctrine for them to move as fast as this against Heros, we still have to talk with them."(Marl)

There is no merit to overthink things here.
Besides, as Marl says, if I don't go and have a talk with them, I can't be certain when I’ll be able to sleep soundly at night.
Anyway, now we have to watch out for any "unfortunate accidents" on the way.


Two days after leaving Crossroad.
The carriage that carried Marl and I was arriving at Alfen, the capital of the Karendale Kingdom, without any delays.

"Whoa, this is a big one."(Taichi)
"The population of the capital Alfen is 70,000. It is said that if you include the short-term residents like adventurers and peddlers, and even people living in the slums, it will surpass 100,000 people."(Linet)

Linet began to explain to me who is looking around at the cityscape.
The capital Alfen is surrounded by four walls, including those under construction.
Now our carriage is running towards the outer edge of the fourth wall that is under construction. This is a chaotic district, where various shops and miscellaneous lodgings are connected roughly.
Although it seems that it gets more organized the closer it gets to the castle wall under construction.
It seems that the slave market is on the outer edge.

"This is the same in every country."(Taichi)

As Marl said.
Many people are engaged in the construction of the fourth wall.
Such work seems to be done not only by slaves and criminals, but also adventurers who are paid as day laborers.
It seems beneficial to employ the muscle of the adventurers. It seem like they're hitting two birds with one stone?
I'm sorry, leave me out.

Beyond the Fourth Wall, people are actively coming and going.
It seems that this is a so-called commoner parcel. The shops and inns here are better than at the outer edge, and there are also craftsmen’s workshops here.
It looks like Crossroad, but bigger and more active.
There are ordinary markets here, and various products are being sold and bought.
The Adventurer guild seems to be installed in this area.

On the inner side of the Third Wall wall, more excellent stores and inns line up.
There are public buildings such as government offices, churches, and Magic schools.
There is also a lot of housing for wealthy merchants and castle soldiers, who have a higher status than the common Knight's houses in this area.

"My parent's house is also in this block, I have not returned for about a year."(Linet)

Linet narrowed her eyes, reminiscing about her hometown for a long time as she watched the streets.
She seems to be a graduate of the Magic school. With her beautiful face and proportion, I guess she was a popular hottie for sure.
While the Magic school looks interesting. I don't think I'll go there at this age though.

The inside of the Second wall can be said to be a parcel of the noble families.
There are only either well-dressed people or guards here.
There are no adventurers here, they shouldn't have any business here though.
And finally, there is the Royal castle.

"Big..., as expected of the true Castle"(Taichi)

The only castle that I can think of is the one that was the castle of a princess in a certain dream country.
But the castle in front of my eye is enormous. It looks alive.
I can't contain myself. The king lives there, and being in the center of the country, it makes me more amazed.
Several spires are visible. That spire is not just decoration, but it was made for with a purpose and can actually be used.
I'm getting excited somehow. It seems like it was the first time I saw the cross streets of Crossroad.

From here, it seems that the castle is surrounded by a moat.
A drawbridge is hanging in front of the castle wall, and this bridge will be raised when defending war happens.
I guess this castle has surely experienced many wars.
Before becoming such a powerful country, it seems that this first wall protected people from monsters and the battle with other countries.

When I looked up at the castle and indulged in my own fantasy.
Captain Walls, who seems to have handed over to the escort duty to the knights of the royal castle, call out to us.

"Our escort end here, Taichi-dono, take care."(Walls)
"Oh, thank you. And sorry for that time in the ruins."(Taichi)

Captain Walls waved his head to my words and gave me a smile.

"I don't mind. I think I'd do the same if I was in your position, Marl-dono is your important person, right"(Walls)

After he said that, Captain Walls left with the rest of 1st company.
Looks like he was concern after all, judging from his crushed tone at the end

"From here on, we will show you the way."
"Oh, I'll go now."(Taichi)

Marl and I go through the gate of the first wall and step into the royal castle of the Karendale Kingdom.


"Whoa, it's amazing."(Taichi)
"As expected of the royal castle, right?"(Marl)

Soldiers wearing expensive looking armor that covers the front and back, and cool looking maids and butlers on either sides. We were walking in the royal castle in such a manner.
When I asked where are we headed, they say it is the reception room.
Even so, as expected of a royal castle.
Luxurious-looking pots and paintings are decorated here.
I wonder if the rookie maid breaks a pot, how could she recover from it?
No, in this world you can fall into slavery to compensate for debt right?
Let's not touch the furniture, Yeah.

"Please relax here. If you have anything, please do not hesitate to tell us."

The butler makes a pleasant and refreshing bow.
We were guided to what looks like a reception room full of furniture which also exudes luxury.
It seems like we have to wait here until the audience is ready.

"Hey Marl, it's rude to be armed when in front of an audience right?"(Taichi)
"Well, yes, I think it would be better not to. For me, this is a chastity protection sword, so it's okay."(Marl)

Then Marl showed me the sword that has a red ribbon tied to the handle.
It seems that it isn't rude to have a "Sword of Chastity" when you have an audience with the royalties.
It's mean "Don't try to make me your concubine because I already have a man who I’ve pledged my chastity to."
When I heard such a thing from Marl, I suddenly wanted to hug her tightly
Nope, endure it, do not lose yourself to whimsical urges.

"Butler-san, can we leave our weapons to you?"(Taichi)
"Yes, with pleasure."

The nice looking middle-aged butler took my weapon carefully.
The three things that we deposited were my Mythril sword, hunter knife, and battle staff.
The magic conductor rings remains on my finger.
And in the inventory, there is a poison-coated longsword and dagger from the assassins.
With this, I can do something in a worst case scenario.


Then after waiting for a while, we headed for the audience room.
But I did not get so bored as there was an excellent tea which I had never tasted in the former world.
Right now, we are kneeling towards the king at the audience.

"I'm the current king of the Karendale Kingdom, Kalendale the 14th. O, Hero, raise your face."(Kalendale the 14th)
"It an honor to have an audience with your majesty for the first time, My name is Taichi Mitsuba."(Taichi)

Then I raise my face.
So, he is Kalendale the 14th, the king of this country.
He is an old man whose appearance is over 40, with an elegant Kaiser beards and luxurious attire, the crowns on his head is embedded with large and small jewels.
Well, you can tell he is "The King" just by looking at him.

"Umu, that is a good eye, O attendant girl you can also raise your face......!?"(Kalendale the 14th)
"I really happy to see you in good health like always, your majesty. I'm Taichi-sama's attendant, Marl."(Marl)

The king who saw Marl's face turned pale in an instant.
Royalty should have the toughest poker face, but the opponent is too overwhelming this time.
Well, she is from the royal family of another country, and first princess to boot.
There is no doubt that it would be a tremendously big deal if the public learns that the assassins were sent by the royal family of another country.
The higher-up nobles whose stood beside the king also turned blue.

"Long time no see, your majesty, I wonder if it's has been three years already, thank you for [inviting me] this time"(Marl)

Marl smiling like a flower. And she doesn't forget to emphasize [inviting me].
Good job, Marl, go for it.
When the king roughly conveys something to his aides, most of the people who were present in the audience, including the guards who were guarding him, left the audience room.
There are only a few people left: the king, the queen-like woman, and some others who seem to be his close aides.

Marl pulled my hand to tell me to stand up.
I receive her hand and stand up.

"P, Princess Mariel, this time.................."(Kalendale the 14th)
"Your majesty, I have a proposal."(Marl)

Marl interrupts the words of Kalendale the 14th with hers.
The king tried to move his mouth up and down for a while, but he sighed and gave up.

"Well, say it........."(Kalendale the 14th)
"Yes, thank you, your majesty. This is a suggestion from me, why don't we took at it like [Nothing happened], what do you think?"(Marl)
"[Nothing happened], huh?"(Kalendale the 14th)
"Yes, Taichi-san and I visited this castle only for him to be recognized as a Hero today, [There is no other reason] for anything else."(Marl)

In other words, it is a proposal to forget anything ever happened, especially the assault of the Karendale's assassination unit.
The gains for the Karendale Kingdom with this is obvious.
To say that this assassination attempt against me [Never happened], means that the assassination attempt on the first princess of the Miscronia Kingdom by the Karendale Kingdom also [Never happened].
It advantageous for the Karendale Kingdom to be able to say that [Never happened], because this incident could cause a fatal fracture between the two countries.
And that the princess in question herself is proposing to do so.

It is not impossible for a war to spark if this became public.
Besides, they also violated the treaty regarding the protection of the Hero. There is no mistake that an international embargo would happen asl well.

"Fortunately, I have not received a wound from the protection of the Hero-sama."(Marl)
"W, Well, yeah, it was fortunate...............What do you want in return?"(Kalendale the 14th)
"First of all, I would like you to thoroughly ensure that no more [mistakes] will occur in the future, and keep the matter about me being here a secret."(Marl)
"Well, yes, I’ll thoroughly do that, but, about your whereabouts..."(Kalendale the 14th)
"If I was brought back to my country, I will have to reveal [all of this] with extreme detail, your majesty."(Marl)
"I, I understand. Let's do as you say."(Kalendale the 14th)

Marl-san is too overwhelming, the king is shrinking away.
But is it okay? Won't they retaliate stealthily, and finished us off.
But looking at the surrounding, it should be fine.
Well, Marl's word are also strong so it seems to be OK.
For now, Marl's requested two things, not to attempt another assassination, and not to report her whereabouts to her country.
The latter is not a big deal, you just need to ignore her and pretend that you saw nothing.
But for the former, you need to take good care of the army and nobles.
Whether it is a lot of effort or not, it is also royalty's responsibility to suppress such sentiments in the first place.
Although there is some pressure, it wasn't an unreasonable demand.

"Thank you very much, your majesty. And about Taichi-san support."(Marl)
"Very well, state your wish................"(Kalendale the 14th)
"Yes, thank you. Now, Taichi-san."(Marl)

Marl went back down behind me after she says so.
The tired eyes of the king and tense gazes of the upper-class nobles focus on me.
Calm down, Marl arranged the stage for me. I just have to say my requests.
In addition, it is good to compromise a little and buy the other's favor.

"If you do not mind, I'd like to have a base here in Alfen."(Taichi)
"Base, why?"(Kalendale the 14th)

The king's eyebrows rise.

"Yes, the citizens of Alfen managed by your majesty were very active and were filled with smiles. I would like to work in such a wonderful environment. I am also an adventurer, information and work gather at places like this."(Taichi)
"Hm ... but is that fine?"(Kalendale the 14th)

The king says, "Is that fine? Isn't it dangerous to put yourself under the jurisdiction of hostile forces?" I guess.

"Yes, I'd like to trust your majesty in that regard, I don't have the confident to suppress all the sparked fire by myself, so please contact us at that time you need my help."(Taichi)

I said so and made a smile.
The point is that if he now gets to strengthen his position by cutting off the power of the nobility who don’t listen, and he will also get my cooperation.
It is advantageous for the royalists side to be able to use the "independent strength" of a Hero, equivalent to at least one knights company.
"The Hero did it himself. I do not know anything " can be used as a good excuse.

"I only want to live a free life as an adventurer, I may want gold and some honor, but I'm not interested in any power, so please understand."(Taichi)

"Women" were not included in my interests. Because I already have Marl, yeah.

"...............I understand. Sondark, I leave the details to you."(Kalendale the 14th)

The aide that has been standing by the king's side lowered his head.
And so, the negotiations concluded.
It will be busy for a while, but I eventually sell a favor to the king.
I only have to run when I'm in really deeply in troubled.


"My name is Sondark von Meister. Well, you can just call me his majesty's aide, Hero-sama"(Sondark)
"Taichi Mitsuba, I'm in your care."(Taichi)
"I'm Marl, please don't mind me."(Marl)

After the audience, we returned to the reception room with the king's aide, Sondark.
The maids leave after they served tea, and only Marl, Sondark, and I remain in the room.
And the butler who lead me to this room.
Marl is smiling while drinking tea gracefully next to me.

It can be said that Sondark, who is working as an aide to the king, is still young.
I think that he is probably in the mid-20's.
Dark brown hair closer to black, sharp looking eyes, and his physique seems about the same as mine. His face is not that of a handsome person, but his noble air is drifting because he is from a high-class family.

"You don't have to worry about wording, I'm also tired of maintaining such a formal tone."(Sondark)

Saying that, Sondark drank his cup of tea.
He understood quickly, now that's what I like to see.

"First of all, it was the doing of the hard-liner aristocrats who are close to the army, and also the army’s doing. We also received the information of the Hero via the adventurers guild, but they moved before we could respond. For this, I really have to apologize, Princess Mariel."(Sondark)

Sondark bowed his head. It is amazing for him to be able to lower his head properly while in a position.
The angle is perfect too.

"Especially thanks to you, Hero-sama. We really appreciate it, even though this the army's own doing, but if Princess Mariel was assassinated by our hands, it would have been an extremely unpleasant situation."(Sondark)
"......Oh, I was overdoing it too."(Taichi)

I remembered the frightened face of Flam and the assassins I killed.
There was a sense of guilt, but it was necessary to have a "First time". (TLN: He used the word that also means "virgin" in here if you know what I mean.)
(Editor’s Note:  perhaps also a first time that he could actually remember? XD)

"Let's go to a specific story. Firstly, Hero has succeeded in greatly decreasing the power of the army because you destroyed the Sweeping Shop. In addition, because of the existence of Princess Mariel, it became possible to cut off power to the King’s political opponents. The other party could not possibly lay their hands on you again so easily."(Sondark)
"Well, you don't need my help?"(Taichi)
"You speak about such dangerous things so easily, I do not say it's absolutely not, but I think it's okay for you to leave it to us."(Sondark)

I'm relieved to hear that.
Even though I said that but if I could help, I don't want to be involved in problems between the aristocrats.
ButI will do it if I have to.

"Since we have found the Hero, we have to share this information with the member countries of the treaty. It’s usually announced in a big way, but it also depends on the will of the Hero. There have several precedences, so there is no problem either way. Hero-sama, what do you think about the announcement?"(Sondark)
"I'd like to be a free adventurer, so I don't want it to be big, what do you think about it, Marl?"(Taichi)
"I'm with Taichi-san!"(Marl)
"Okay, let's us proceed in that direction. Then regarding the matter of what the Hero-sama wishes for, what kind of property do you want specifically?"(Sondark)

I think a little about Sondark's question.
Because this is my chance, I want it to be big. If they refuse, then I just have to compromise.

"First I want a bath of reasonable size, and I also want a workshop that can be used for smithing and alchemy. Is there anything else, Marl?"(Taichi)
"Well, I'd like a big bed and comfortable sofa! In addition, because we will leave the house often to do adventurer jobs, I also want a trustworthy manager and maids."(Marl)

I never thought about manager and maid. As expected of a princess.

"I understand, I'll arrange it to match your desires as much as possible, just please stay in the castle for a while. I want time to consolidate the position we're in."(Sondark)

He is planning to go on the offensive now and greatly reduce the power of the army and hardliners.
In the meantime, he’s asked us to stay still.

"I understand, is Marl also fine?"(Taichi)
"There's no helping it. I am afraid of walking around the city and getting stabbed from behind after all."(Marl)
"I won't let them do that so easily"(Sondark)

As such, we decided to stay in the capital, Alfen.

AN: This time is Marl's battleground!
TLN: Marl is the best girl.

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