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29-Sai Ch.11

29-Sai Ch.11

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Translator: Geraffe
Editor: Martini

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.11 I got attacked by assassins, so I kill them.

We searched every corner of the worshipping grounds, but didn't find any clues at all.
I thought we might find some documents or recordings, but it’s all deteriorated out by time.
There is nothing like a stone tablet either.

"This is all we found huh?"(Taichi)

What we found was small idol of a god, which was in the hall next to the altar room.
And just as we thought, its appearance is also plain without any detail.
Before that, is this really a god's idol?

We thought we could find more, so we continue to search outside at the lodge-like buildings outside, but...................

"There is nothing at all...."(Marl)

There are no clues inside the lodge-like buildings either.
To be precise, there is some broken pottery but when I used Appraisal eye, it just seems to be junk.
I used Appraisal eye on god's idol too, but it’s just shown as [Ancient god's idol].
Conclusion, no information at all.
So, I put it in the inventory for the time being.


The tension wound down from continued searches that got us nothing. I'm now lying down on the moss-covered step at the top of some stairs.
Marl is also lying down, using my belly as her pillow.
Well, we got a lot of treasure, but we couldn't solve any mysteries here, so it felt frustrating.
Forget it, this is not a game. I don't need to investigate mysteries that can't be solved.

"Seem to be something like that summoned Hero----"(Taichi)

Marl jumped in a sitting pose and looked at my face.
Her serious eyes are so cute that I just want to hug her right now.

"In truth, before I realized it, I was on the plains in front of Crossroad on the day I met you. There was no one besides me, but in my inventory, there was some money and some basic necessary equipment, so I choose to become an adventurer."(Taichi)

I closed my eye and told Marl my story.
Marl didn't said anything.

"Well, I still have my past memories, so to be precise I'm not a person from this world. The world where I came from is the polar opposite of this world: there is nothing like magic nor monsters. I lived in a peaceful country that had not known war for 50 years."(Taichi)

Marl lay down and use my belly as her pillow again.
The weight on my body made me relax.

"You have noticed right, that I'm different from other people."(Taichi)
"Taichi-san is Taichi-san."(Marl)

Marl's hand is patting my head.
I can't believe that I'm hearing a phrase that most fictional protagonists with supernatural powers have heard.

"My most important person."(Marl)

If I had to describe my own feelings, I'm very frickin happy.
I can't help but fall for her more and more.

**phhh** Marl suddenly froze up.
And something fell on my chest.
I pick it up and examined it, it was a crossbow bolt.


I instantly raise my left hand up and release magic power to create a light barrier to block the incoming projectiles.
I'm now hugging Marl to protect her and check the vicinity around us.
The projectile is a crossbow bolt.
When I use Appraisal eye on the bolts on the ground, I learn they’ve been coated with a deadly poison.

The Mithril ring that Marl was wearing had broken and fell down from her finger.

"Oi, oi, isn't this too fast!?"(Taichi)

I use my Magic Detection to scan the forest in the surrounding of ruins.
Because living beings will always release a faint amount of magic, when I use Magic Detection, I can see where they are.
I open up the menu and raise Poison resistance to Lv.2, seem like it max Lv. is 3.
If I want to max it, I need 9 points, but my remaining skill points now is also 9...........
I want to raise it to the limit, but I should save these point for now.

If it’s not an instant death, I can use magic to cure the poison.

But, they are too quick in chasing after us.
We didn't do anything suspicious before we left, so it’s too strange that they know our location.

"Air shield!"(Taichi)

I cover myself with a swirling wind, pick up Marl in a princess carry, and dash for the lodge-like buildings.
The incoming bolts are all repelled by the air shield.
This Lv.2 wind magic is useful.

"Don't come out unless I say so."(Taichi)
"T, Taichi-s-------------!"(Marl)
"Earth wall!"(Taichi)

I throw in Marl, who look like she’s about to tell me something, and seal the entrance with Earth wall. Now if this doesn't break, then they can't hurt her.


I had a match with humans before at the guild and knight's barrack, but now will be the first time I kill one.
I force my trembling legs to stop with warcry.
A group of men dressed in black clothes looking like assassins have surrounded me.
There are around 30.

"You guys, you must have been preparing your heart."(Taichi)

If not for that ring, Marl would have already died. That means these bastard have killed Marl once already.
While thinking about that, darkness clouds my mind.

"I'll kill you..................................I'll kill you bastards, don't even think about receiving a quick death."(Taichi)

Do you think I'll forgive you even after I torture you? No way.
They've killed Marl once.
I charge my magic into the battle staff.
With this amount of magic power, if it hits a human, it will leave nothing behind.
**click** Switching my minds.

I won't give a f**k now.

Suddenly, they jumped at me from three directions.
Their poison coated blades flashed before me, aiming to stab my body.


I sweep my magic-charged battle staff horizontal.

Three guys that were jumping at me can't dodge it cause they're midair.
They're hit by the swinging battle staff directly.


Three bodies become pieces of meat, flying and splattering around.
Bone fragments and chunks of flesh are sent flying at high speeds, becoming shrapnel and damage the other black-clad men that were readying themselves.
Half of them missed it, only the ones with good sense were able to dodge.

Haha, What is this?
They died too quickly.
Are you kidding?
What is the meaning of this, why the hell are you dying this easily?


I jump into the bloody mist and smash the battle staff at a guy who is still crouching.


Just like a tomato.

What is this?
They're too fragile, too soft.
Like trash, yeah, because they are trash.

I won't forgive you, I won't forgive you, I won't forgive you.

"Even though you're just a trash!"(Taichi)

Then one of them makes a move.
His weapon is a long sword, the blade is faintly glowing. Magic strike huh?
I swing the battle staff that was charged with magic again while receiving a slash.


An explosive sound broke out, like a car crash.
My battle staff broke his sword into shards.
The assassin opens his eye wide, my magic isn't pathetic like you trash!

I swung battle staff at the one who slashed at me.
My side hurts------ one of them stabbed me with a short sword without me noticing.
In that split second, I bent myself to make it less lethal and use my elbow to smash his head.
I can feel his skull crushing as he falls down lifelessly.

I don't know why, but even though there is a sword piercing through my side, I don't feel that much pain.
And this feeling that is spreading, poison is it?
Concentrate, use detox magic.
It hurts, my wound hurts! Bastards, I'll kill you all!
This time it’s my initiative, I'll test my new technique on you.

"O Water!"(Taichi)

A large sphere of water quickly forms above me, then I instantly compress it to the size of a basketball.
I focusing my magic power, lock on, and activate.
The water sphere is now shooting multiple high-pressure jets of water.

The trash in black clothes are screaming.
I intentionally missed your vitals to hear you trash scream in agony, you know.
There are only two of them who didn't receive this attack, you two are damn lucky.

They must have decide to retreat since they turned back and started to run, but it's too late.
My battle staff pierced through one of guys running away.
Then I throw the body of the one I just pierced at the last one.
After hearing the sound of the collision, the last black-clad assassin who was hit by the corpse is rolling down the moss-covered stairs.
I apply healing magic on myself while walking to the last one.

Several of her bones must be broken.
The last assassin is groaning painfully while slowly crawling out from under the corpse I threw.

"Where do you think you're going?"(Taichi)

I speak like talking to an animal prey that is trying to run away.
I kick away the corpse and grab the head of the last one.
I drag the body up the stairs and pull off the mask.


Lucky me. Even though you're vile, you're still a beauty. She looks to be in her mid- 20's.
The left side of her face is covered in blood, her head must be hurting.
I grab her blood-soaked black hair and turn her groaning head to her comrades who are lying in agony in pools of blood.

I will make them repent.

"You see? You see this right? Your trashy comrades. You thought you're going to kill me? You think you can take Marl, who is my most important person, away from me? Is that right? If you want to take my important one, you must be prepared for the consequences, right?"(Taichi)

I continue dragging her black hair.
There are 7 of them still alive, not bad.
I take out a rope from the inventory and tie up the woman keep her from escaping.
Then I drag one who’s hurt badly and can't move, and place him in front of her.

I pull his mask off.
A man around his late-20's.
Broken leg, there is white thing piecing in his shoulder.
Might be the bone shrapnel from the first three.

"Great, I'll tell you the rules. I'll ask this trash a question, if he doesn't answer, I'll ask you the same question. If you don't answer, then I kill this trash. Easy right?"(Taichi)

Her expression, when she hears that, make my sadist heart beat.
This kind of trash. You need to crush their heart under your foot, crush them both mentally and physically.

"This looks fun, I'll kill you last."(Taichi)

I'm getting turned on.
Even if she is trash, she is still a woman.
I'll mess her up.



Once I burnt their corpses and scatter their ashes through the wind, I let out a breath.
On the floor nearby is the assassin girl-----------Flam, her messed up body is powerlessly spread out.
She’s looking up at the sky with glazed eyes.
I leave Flam who is trembling on the ground, and undo the Earth wall to let Marl out.
When Marl sees me, she jumps out with a face full of tears and snot.

"Taiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiichiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-saaaaaaaaaaannnnnn!! UWAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"(Marl)
"There, there, sorry."(Taichi)

I hug Marl softly and pat her back while she buries her face in my chest and hugs me back tightly.
Even my blackened heart is healed, but this is not the end.
I pull on Marl hand, and lead her to Flam.

"T, This......Taichi-sam, did this?"(Marl)
"Ah, yeah. to the trash who tried to kill Marl, this is not even close to enough for her."(Taichi)

When she see Flam’s condition, she knows what I've done to her.
And when she sees that only Flam is here, she also knows what happened to the rest.

"Will you still come with me?"(Taichi)
"...........I will"(Marl)

Marl speaks and looks at me with a sad face, caressing my face while crying.
No, that is not a sad face.
Why are you making a face like you're apologizing? Why are you look like you're going to die soon?

"Don't worry, I won't let the trash kill you. I will protect you."(Taichi)

I hug Marl, and she hugs me back.

Right, it should be like this.

I use magic to clean Flam and heal her.
Both sweat and strains were cleaned instantly, the wounds on her body also heal up.
Then I make her wear Marl's spare clothes and tie her up on the earth pillar which I use magic to create.

"What are going to do with this person?"(Marl)
"This trash, she is Karendale Kingdom's knight. So, I was thinking about to bringing her as a bargaining chip and as proof of the attack. What do you think?"(Marl)
"They would say that they've no relation to her and ignore it for sure."(Marl)
"Right, she is not even enlisted in the knight’s order, should I kill and burn her..................... Well, how about lying about her being a bandit and selling her as a slave?"(Taichi)
"If she has attempted murder listed in her Achievements and crimes, then the possibility is high."(Marl)

Marl explained, so I look at Flam.

"Ah, there is."(Taichi)

Name: Flam Folsess
Lv: 19
Skills: Etique1, Horse riding 2, Sword 3, Shooting 2, Stealth 2, Assassination 2, Deceive 1.
Aliases:  Assassin, Knight of Karendale Kingdom.
Achievements and crimes: Attempted murder.

That is the information from Appraisal eye.
Her fighting power is higher than Marl’s.

And murder nor rape are listed under my Achievements and crimes.
I thought there would be something like rape listed.

"By the way, I have nothing like murder or rape on me, do you know why?"(Taichi)
"I think because these peoples attacked us first. For the people who have crimes of murder, attempted murder, rape, robbing, and arson, whatever you do with them, no crime will appear on the list."(Marl)
".............Who is deciding that law?"(Taichi)
"The one who put in Achievements and crimes is the God of judgment."(Marl)
"...............Is that so."(Taichi)

What will happen if these peoples succeed in killing me and Marl, now I'm curious.
But didnt they come here because they had the job hunting us down? Thinking about it is futile.
Just so you know, whoever has more power wins, it's that easy.

"Well, can you tell me? The thing that you interrogated from them."(Marl)

I nod to Marl and explain what I learned.
First, these filthy assassins are from Karendale Kingdom.
Look like they are a special force which trained assassins to do dirty work, chosen from talented people in the knights order.
This special force wasn't listed as an official knights order.
This operation was forced to run by the nobles who support the killing of Heros.
And with Hunter knife that I got from Commander Twanich, they tracked us to the ruins.

"Maybe it's a [Secret seal]. Taichi-san, is there a weird engraving somewhere on the knife?"(Marl)
"This one on the handle?"(Taichi)

It must be this engraving on the handle.
However, there are secret seals with different abilities.
It depends on the character of the "Secret seal" that was engraved.
The one on the handle seems to be used for tracking its object.
When I ask Marl whether it can work if carved inside, the answer was no. It has to be craved on the outside surface for it to work.

"Should we scratch it off right now?"(Taichi)
"No, it might be better if we left it on."(Marl)

While tilting my head at Marl answer, I hear the sound of rustling leaves.
From that, I know a lot of them are coming our way.

"Taichi-dono! Are you safe!?"(Walls)

What came out of the forest that surrounded the ruins and appeared before us is the Crossroad knight’s order led by Walls and his soldiers.

"What business do you have here, people from the Karendale Kingdom knight’s order who sends me assassins?"(Taichi)

I take my battle staff out from the inventory and look down at them from the top of the stairs.
Captain Walls is showing relieved face when he sees me, but turned tense when he hears my remark.
I signal Marl with my eyes to drag Fram, who is still dazed, here.

"There were 30 before, but now she is the only one left alive. And she spilt out a lot of interesting things too."(Taichi)

I pretend to smile and look down at every single one of them.
Captain Walls seem to be choosing his word carefully as he starts to explain.

"It is certain that Taichi-dono should be angry. But please understand that there aren’t only those who take Taichi-dono as a threat in Karendale's side. There are also those who want to protect Taichi-dono too, so we------"(Walls)
"Send in assassins first, and if they fail, let you persuade me. That is your plan right?"(Taichi)

I return his words with a cold retort that surprise even myself.
Of course, how can I trust them?

"No! That is not true! We......!"(Walls)
"I'll say this. How the hell can I trust the ones who tried to stab my back with a knife? If I follow you back to Crossroad, won't I get killed while I sleep? Hah?"(Taichi)

Captain Walls seem to be at the end of his rope with my remark.
Well, I should just kill them and burn their corpses to ashes.
Yeah, that way is easier.

So I charge magic power into battle staff-------Then Marl hugs me.

"Calm down, Taichi-san. It's true that we can't easily trust them, but we can't keep going on having the Karendale Kingdom as our enemy. We should try to trust him for a time being. You two took down a Troll together before, right?"(Marl)

Marl look at me with pleading eyes.
Trust them? These guys?
But Marl was right, we were brothers-in-arms before.

"..............I get it."(Taichi)
"Thank you, Taichi-san. And Walls-dono, we can trust you right?"(Marl)
"I swear on my sword."(Walls)

Captain Walls is kneeling and bowed.


It’s been 2 days since we left the ruins.
We passed through the forest, took down the monsters we encountered on our way back, and then reached Crossroad.
With this amount of people, not many monsters dare attack.
We came back on the same way we passed, so it was a lot faster.
Even though it's only the 1st company, they numbered around 20 persons.

We left Flam to the 1st company.
Because when she sees me, she'll remember that evening and get frightened.

Even though it awakens my sadistic side, it’s a waste of time.
There is also no point in bringing her with us, so I left her to the knights.
Nevertheless, she still has attempted murder in her Achievements and crimes. Letting them handle this is the best way.
I thought about selling her as a slave, but it too annoying.

After reaching Crossroad, we're eating snacks and drink some cooled juices at the Adventurer guild's bar.
For me, it’s Napoleon pasta with a lot of sauce. Marl is having a ham and boiled egg sandwich with soft bread.
These are considerably expensive items on the guild bar’s menu.
The cheapest one is salt-boiled pasta, which is only salt and pasta.

"You guys were gone for more than a week. I thought you'd have gone for good, but you came back with this much loot......."(Ulz)

He must be finished with checking the monster corpses we brought back.
Oldman Ulz, who look a little thinner, is now sitting beside us and places the bag on the table with a heavy **kling** sound .
The rewards are this much because I tossed every monster corpse we beat on the way to ruins in the inventory.
Today's schedule is just resting. Tomorrow we'll report to the knight's barrack as they requested.
I don't know what will happen, so I immediately exchanged the monsters for money.

Our adventurer rank has increased.
For me E to D, Marl F to E.

"So what will you do? After all that’s happened?"(Ulz)

Oldman Ulz saw us leave Crossroad and come back, so he asks us.
He also works for the Karendale Kingdom.
I have thought about it, but it seems like Marl has come up with a plan or something already.
So, I think a little before telling Oldman Ulz.

"I will just watch the situation unravel for now. For me this country can go to hell, but I still can't think of anything. If Marl wasn’t wearing that Protection ring, she would have died. I can't forgive them that easily."(Taichi)
".........That explains it all."(Ulz)
"I want to leave this country."(Taichi)
"........After what’s happened, do you think they would let you?"(Ulz)

I show a fearless grin to his question.
Would they let me? Of course.

"After what’s happened, wouldn’t it be an all-out war?"(Taichi)

When he heard my answer, Oldman smile becomes twisted.
And Marl is looking at me silently.


After we received money from the monsters, we head to the Buring Golden Bed.
In the forest, we took down Giant mantis and Night Stalker(Giant black panther). Their corpse earned us a fortune.
Our wallet is getting thicker and thicker.
We prepare 15 gold coins to run away, but we now have twice that much.
The Giant mantis is valued for its scythes, meat, and shell. As for the Night stalker, it’s the beautiful black leather and super expensive meat.
There are also weapons I collected from those assassins, but I left them in the inventory as backup weapons.

"Ara? You two have been gone for a whole week! Wanna have some lunch?"(Pinea)

When we reach the inn, we found Pinea, who is cleaning while bantering sarcastically.
She is as small as always.
No matter how I many time I look at her, I still can't believe that she is older than me.
So, this is what they called a legal loli.

"No, we want a room. I want a double room for one night."(Taichi)
"Dear customer, we're not that kind of hotel. Besides that, aren't you two renting a house?"(Pinea)
"That was a lie, some things happened, you see."(Taichi)
"...........Hah, then just go to my husband."(Pinea)

Pinea seems tired with my answer and goes back to cleaning.
It can't be helped, we needed to do that to trick them.
Even though the results were meaningless.


When we retired inside our room, we removed our armor and we both lay down on the bed, spreading out our limbs.
The room we received is the same room we used before leaving.
Even though we previously stayed here a little over a week, this was the room where we spend our lives peacefully.
Talking and teasing each other with a sweet and sour atmosphere.
Finding money, training, and being with Marl. When thinking back, it was a pleasant time.

"Why the hell it become like this."(Taichi)

I raise my hand up to the ceiling.
29 peoples were killed by this hand.
And not just killed.
I interrogated them-------Not just tormenting Flam mentally, I executed another 7.
I took the lives of the injured and unmoving assassins one by one.
But the filthy opponents were assassins that aimed for our lives as well.
Because of that, I had no choice but to kill them, and I had the right to do to them as I pleased.

So I destroyed, raped, and crushed.
It was my right to do so, and they deserved it.
Serves them right for trying to take someone so important from me.
Taking, killing, destroying. I'll do as I wish.

That's why I'm not wrong.
Not wrong, not wrong, not wrong, not wrong. I'm certainly not wrong.

No, right or wrong, it doesn't matter.
Taking a life, this sin can't be removed.

The sin of killing? Then this world is full of sinners.
Kill for food, kill for defense. These are all sins.

But what I killed were humans, not animals nor monsters.
It is a sin to kill my fellow humans.

No, human, animal, or monster, that doesn't matter.
All lives are equal, that's why it's not a sin.

I'm not wrong, I'm not wrong, I'm not w------


Marl is holding my raised hand.
Warmth, I don't why I’m shedding tears.

"Taichi-san killed them and destroyed her to protect me. Of course, because Taichi-san is falling head over heels for me, it's normal to act that way. Because of that, please don't feel guilty, Taichi-san did that for me, so I'm the one who is at fault."(Marl)

I look at my side.
Marl smiles gently at me.
Then she is pulls my head into her arms, and gently caresses my head.
I'm embraced by Marl. By her scent and warmth, My tears won't stopping pouring out.

I'm scared, scared of losing my mind.
I know that I had to do it, but I don't want to. I shouldn't have done it.
I cry and let everything out to Marl.

Marl comforted me in that state, like a mother comforting her kid.


"Ay, Ay, you're a bad woman, that word isn't enough for you."(Taichi)
"When you open up your mouth, sad words keep pouring out, as expected of Taichi-san! You were so cute yesterday, hugging me and crying like a baby "Ah, ah, I can't hear a thing."" ((Marl(Taichi))

I'm closing my ear. Nope, I can't hear a thing.
I cant' take it, this girl is too much, you sly woman!

"You're leading me astray, you should receive the [Corrupter of Men] alias."(Taichi)
"Well, that’s not a bad title, it’s weird though----"(Marl)

She is teasing me while sticking out her tongue. She is really too much, this girl.
It also feels refreshing after letting it all out.
Goodbye me of yesterday, Say hello to the new me.

"What should we do today?"(Marl)
"I'll go out, of course. I'm being watched too."(Taichi)

To not let us escape again, they're keeping an eye on us.
It's not like I can't run, but it has no point now.

"Understood, let's go Taichi-san."(Marl)
"Ah, but after we wash our faces and get some breakfast."(Taichi)
"Pinea-san’s cooking that we haven't tasted in a long time, I'm looking forward to it!"(Marl)

Breakfast is baked bread and vegetable soup with a lot of chunks inside.
And even though it’s still morning, we also have troll steak as an extra too.
Troll's meat is tough and doesn’t taste very good, but it’s quite filling.

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