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29-Sai Ch.10

29-Sai Ch.10

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Translator: Geraffe
Editor: Martini

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta
Ch.10 I really have a bad feeling, So I run away.

"I'm back."(Taichi)

When I came back to the Adventurer Guild, the sun had already set.
It’s late… but since I was learning about various types of magic and related theories with the magic soldiers corp, it was worth the time I spent there.
I also learned that there are forbidden types of magic that you need permission to possesses, such as Mind control and Brainwashing magic. I shouldn't learn those.

"Welcome back---. You took a long time."(Marl)

Marl, who was writing something at the counter, stopped and came to me.
She must have organized the information she gathered today.

"Uhh, I've been recognized as a Hero."(Taichi)
"I've just become a Hero... and to receive an official approvement, I need to go to the capitol soon."(Taichi)

I admit that I've cheated.
But being recognized as a Hero is too unbelievable, HAHAHA.

"Ehh...........You're kidding right?"(Marl)
"Sorry, but it's true. They even confirmed it with a magic tool called the Status checker."(Taichi)

When Marl heard my explanation, she suddenly turned to Oldman Ulz and glared at him like he had killed her parents.
Oldman flinched from her gaze and scratched his head like it couldn't be helped.

"Sorry, Jou-chan, but I can't pick a fight with higher-ups."(Ulz)
".........Let's go, Taichi-san"(Marl)

The atmospheres became tense for some reason.
What? What happened?
I, who still didn't understand the situation, was dragged out of the guild by Marl.
This is the first time I’ve seen Marl acting like this.
Marl, who was always lively and courteous, had glared at Oldman Ulz like that. Now I'm really worried.


"Welcome back.........What happen?"(Pinea)
"Pinea-san, please bring dinner to our room."(Marl)

Then Marl shoved a large copper coin into Pinea's hand, who still don't understand what had happened, and dragged me to our room on the 2nd floor.
I was silenced by Marl’s serious expression and was dragged up here without being able to say anything.
When Marl pulled me into the room, she slammed the door shut, crossed her hand behind her back, and leaned on the door.

"Taichi-san...................Do you know the gravity of becoming a Hero?"(Marl)
"O, ou......."(Taichi)

I felt pressured by Marl’s anger.
I've done something wrong.

"Heros have a duty to take down strong monsters that countries can't deal with. On the other hand, countries need to protect and provide the Hero with support… but that's only a front."(Marl)
"In reality, they secretly choose to eliminate Heroes instead of taking care of them, because they’re hard to control and can bare their fangs against the county at any time. Listen, Taichi-san, Heros can single handedly take down dangerous monsters while an army of knights would suffer high casualties doing the same thing."(Marl)  (Editor’s note:  As far as I know, only the Karendale Kingdom treats Heroes like this)

"Marl is scared me of meeting a [Hero's end], right?"(Taichi)

Maybe, because she is understood what I said, Marl opened her eyes wide.
Even when I heard about Heros, the same thing came to mind.

"From the country’s position, a Hero is a real troublemaker. If someday he’s in a bad mood and starts rampaging around, they can't stop him. The kings are also afraid because the Hero may start a revolt and take the throne from them. With the power and authority of a Hero, he can easily gather people under him."(Marl)

Just as she said, the first meeting with them might be about persuasion... or preparation for an assassination.
With so many factors to worry about, they should just erase any potential for trouble.
If I was king, that’s what I would do.

"What do you think? Will they come after my life?"(Taichi)
"A hero hasn’t emerged from the Karendale Kingdom in 50 years, so I can't deny that. Though this has started rumors that all Hero candidates are secretly killed at birth to stop any potential fires."(Marl)

Marl is nodding seriously.
If the rumors are true, then the Karendale Kingdom has to send someone to kill me while they can still handle the situation.
But then, now they know my stats and skills.
From this, they may consider me a force they can’t deal with.
There is a chance that they're still debating whether to kill me.
But first, what should we do?

"Marl, we’ll have to camp outside of town for a while, but will you come with me?"(Taichi)
"I'll always be by your side, wherever you go, Taichi-san. Because I've accepted the Mithril sword."(Marl)

I hug Marl and stroke her head. She said something cute.
When I think about what will happen from here on out, a tear starts falling down just thinking that I'm not alone anymore.
But if the situation turns out badly, I might have to become the Karendale Kingdom's enemy.

"So what do you think we should do next?"(Marl)
"First, we should buy necessary necessary for camping. Weapon maintenance tools are also needed, and a lot of food."(Taichi)
"............You'll run?"(Marl)

I smiled happily at Marl who looks worried.

"For the time being, yeah. I still haven’t received an official appointment of Hero, so that means I I’m technically not obligated to do anything."(Taichi)

Right? When I answer her, Marl thinks for a little and nods.

"And while we're camping outside, we'll hunt down monsters. We can start raising our levels up, you should know why right?"(Taichi)
"Yes, when you raise your level, you get stronger... It'll be a tremendous advantage for a Hero.......... Now, I understand."(Marl)

Look likes Marl now understands my intentions.

"If you get more powerful, they can’t easily put their hand on us, right?"(Marl)
"Yes, I'll become strong enough that the country can't pick a fight with us. If it’s like that, then the possibility of them sending out assassins becomes lower."(Taichi)

If they can't easily kill me, then they’ll be forced to negotiate with me.
Even though I didn't have much ambition right now, the thought of constantly worrying about getting murdered at any moment is not good for my mental health.
Also, to reduce the chance of Marl being held hostage, I need her to become stronger.

"We need to procure many things........ It might be good to get the Guild’s help for this."(Taichi)
"That’s not a good idea. Because the Adventurer’s guild is associated with the kingdom, they may leak our information. The reason the Adventurers guild was established was for finding Heros from the beginning."(Marl)
".............So it’s like that."(Taichi)

The Adventurer guild's monster handling duty allows them to keep an eye out for adventurers with unnatural growth and strength, which leads them to Heroes.
They also have other responsibilities like population control, training talented adventurers, peacekeeping, and supporting the market.
The one who conceived this structure must be a very good leader.

"Good, let's get our equipment around town then."(Taichi)

Together, we run around the town until nightfall.
By the time we got back from shopping, we were met with an angry Pinea who had already brought dinner to our empty rooms.


Early the next morning, we departed town when the town's gate opens.
There is no inspection, unlike when trying to get in, so was easy for us to pass by.
Our appearance is also concealed with hooded coats that we bought yesterday.

As for the reason why we left, we told the Burning Golden Bed "We rented a house in town." Because we didn't tell them our new address, it would be a few days until they will learn that we run away.

The shop we bought camping tools at yesterday may have been suspicious of us.
I spent 15 gold coins on the necessary magic tools, so we couldn’t really be sneaky about it.  It can’t be helped though, because for such convenient tools, I’ll spend as much as we need.

It totaled to about 1.5 million yen. Spending that much in an hour, if you were able to hide that fact, you'd have to be unbelievably persuasive.

Now, the first thing we have to do is leave the Crossroads knight’s jurisdiction.

"We should aim to go through the forest heading southwest because it’s more vast and there are rumors that there are some ancient ruins in the forest. Also, if we pass through the forest, we'll enter the territory of the Miscronia Kingdom."(Marl)

As Marl explained, it seems that, among the various countries, Miscronia gives the best treatment to Heros.
Because the royalty there is of Hero lineage.
There are also many nobles who are ancestors of the Hero’s comrades.

"Hoh, that’s interesting. So for starters, we should go and have a look at the ruins."(Taichi)

We have set our destination, so we departed.
I throw all the tools and food in the inventory, so we’re able to walk comfortably without any baggage.
However, I have Marl carry a little food, water, and medicine because there’s always a chance that we’d get separated from each other.

After walking for some time, we encounter a small boar.
Even if though it's weak, its meat is delicious. Lets have Marl practice on it.

"Yosh, Marl do your best. once your dodge it charge, slash at its side."(Taichi)
"Y, Yes!"(Marl)

Marl unsheathing the Mithril short sword and enters a fighting stance facing small boar with her waist bent back.
The small boar marks Marl as its enemy and charges at her.
Even though her waist is bent back, she dodged its charge with considerably high speed, and pierced its side.
What should I say... her dodge is not bad, but her attack doesn't have enough power.
Maybe she doesn't want to hurt a living creature.
It took some time, but she downed the small boar.

"I should teach you how to handle a sword first."(Taichi)
"I. I'll try hard."(Marl)


After taking down a lot of small fries while heading to the forest it suddenly become dusk.

"Let's camp here tonight......... Will that be fine?"(Marl)
"Ou, leave it to me."(Taichi)

Marl must be worried about monster attacking us during the night.
But it's not a problem because I asked the magic soldier from earlier about magic that is necessaries for camping outside.
I use my remaining points to raise Boundary magic to Lv.3 and Magic recovery to Lv.2.
My skill points are now 0. If I want a new skill, I need to level up.

Then I prepare my battle staff and focusing on magic power.
I don't plan to fight anymore today, so I put in a considerable amount of magic.

"Safe shelter!"(Taichi)

I plunge down my battle staff into the ground and release the magic power that I had infused.
From the point that I struck the ground, a magical formation emerges from its center and radiates out about 5 meters.
At the outer circle, the light barrier dome is forms up from the ground, and ends at the top of the staff.

I put in 100 Mp. When I check the barrier with Appraisal eye, it shows that it is effective for 10 hours, so it uses 10 Mp per hour.
When I compare it with my normal Mp recovery rate, it takes a considerable amount of energy.
My max Mp is 670, and I use 100, so it’s a pretty costly. Fortunately, I raise Mp recovery and Magic power.

"Waa, amazing"(Marl)
"This is Boundary magic that I learned from a magic soldier at the barracks before we left town. It still amazing whenever I look at it. With this, we don't have to worry during the night . It won't give way, even for Trolls."(Taichi)

It can repel sunlight and rain, and we can even light up a campfire inside. What a convenience skill. All hail convenience!
What about a toilet? Hehehe, we can use the magic portable toilet tool.
Normal inconveniences with food preparation, sanitation, and setting up camp are all solved with magic tools.
A magic stove is 3 gold coins, a portable toilet is 5 gold coins.
Everything just needs some magic to use. Wow, it's an environmentally friendly tool.

"Let's prepare food."(Taichi)

I put a chopping block on a wooden barrel and concentrate my magic into a stove.
I also pull out a pot, pan, and dishes out of the inventory.

"The menu tonight is soup and the small boar that we hunted in the morning."(Taichi)

I use Daily life magic to fill a pot with water and put in salt-cured meat.
Then I put in a root vegetable that look like a carrot, and a cabbage-like vegetable.
If I happen to make to much, we can eat the leftovers tomorrow.

"So, Taichi-san can cook too."(Marl)
"If it's just this, then yeah"(Taichi)

The small boar meat that was stored in the inventory was dismembered and seasoned with salt and pepper.
When the soup comes to a boil I tasted it. Let's put in some more salt.
Food, salt, and seasonings are plenty, so there’s no problem.
We have enough to live like this for 2 months.

"This is just simple ‘Man’s’ food, so don't expect too much. But If I have time, I wanna try making delicacies too."(Taichi)
"Whatever you make, I'll eat it!"(Marl) (Editor’s note:  It seems Marl can’t cook)

“What kind of woman are you!?” I thought that while skewering meat with a stick.
The soup has the sweetness of vegetables and the richness of cured meat, it’s good.
The boar’s meat is still fresh too, so it can be eaten without any seasoning. And If I eat it with nice soft bread, it’ll be much better.
The inventory sure is convenient.


"Hoh, so these are the ruins."(Taichi)

We left Crossroad for 3 days.
We took down monsters while passing through the forest to reach our destination.
There is moss covering the ruins here and there on a building material that might be stone.
We're standing in front of something that looks like an entrance.
When I look inside, I see a straight path that leads to a temple-like building covered in moss.
It’s a vast space, maybe about the size of a baseball stadium.

"It looks like a worshipping ground. But looking from here I don't see any offerings."(Marl)

Marl checks around with her eyes at my side and her crossbow is ready in her hand.
In these 3 days, My Level become 16, Marl rose to Lv.7.
She might be able to kill some goblins with ease.

Other than gaining the Sword skill, Marl has also gained Stealth and Detection.
Even though she is a princess, the skills she has is that of a thief or a scout.
But at least she is getting stronger. This is a good thing.
As for me, I just got the Magic Detection skill, so my skill points are now 18.

"Taichi-san, let's get inside."(Marl)
"Yeah, if it's a worshipping ground, there shouldn't be any traps here."(Taichi)

When we stepped inside the ancient ruins, we get the feeling that it was purified somehow.
So, I try looking around with the Magic Detection I just got.
It shows me that our surrounding is full of magical power.
That’s not entirely correct... If this place was full of magic, monsters would appear.
But the magic here is pure, not tainted at all.
Because tall trees don’t grow around here, the forest’s shade doesn't reach this area. The whole area is is brightly lit, allowing various colored flowers to grow in areas with soil.

"It's so calm in here."(Taichi)
"Even though it was forgotten, it was used to worship a god. The ancient magic formation that was made long ago might still be activate."(Marl)

While we climbed moss-covered stairs, I look around the vicinity.
When I think about it, this is the only area in the ruins where trees don’t grow. So weird...
Normally it should be overgrown with trees.
But for the worshipping ground, that doesn’t seem to be the case.
The waterway that was built around the ruins has small fish swimming around too.

"It's so beautiful here. If it wasn't in a middle of the forest, it would be a tourist attraction already."(Taichi)
"I agree........."(Marl)

There are a lot of buildings around the worshipping ground that was built with stones too.
They must have been used as lodgings for the priests or staff of this place.
But we leave the buildings for later as we enter the worshipping ground.

"..............Seem like nothing made its nest here."(Taichi)

If there were animal or monster here, it would reek of animals and feces.
But there is nothing like that here either.
isn't it too weird? There is water, it can be used as rain shelter, and it looks safe without any danger.
Why isn't there something live here?

"Marl, can you feel anything?"(Taichi)
"............Nothing, I don’t sense any danger or enemies."(Marl)

Marl answer while tilting her head.
If it's Marl, she might sense something.
I just can't sense anything at all.

Venturing deeper inside, we find some corpses.
Even though only bones remain, there doesn’t seem to be any injuries on them.
The clothes they wore were deteriorated by time.
There are shiny gold accessories lying around.
Looks like they belong to a female priests here.
I found something interesting among the accessories.

"A ring, is it?"(Marl)
"Ah, it’s made from Mithril, and it’s imbued with magic too."(Taichi)

I use Appraisal eye on it and it’s identified as a "Protection Ring".
It can protect the wearer from a single instance of death .
It doesn’t appear to be cursed, so I take it.

"You might not want it because it belongs to the dead, but just wear it. It has protection magic in it, so wear it just in case."(Taichi)

I gave the ring to Marl and place my hands together to pray for the dead.
If I told her the real effect, she would courteously reject it. So I didn’t tell her the whole truth.
I'll be fine, but Marl is still weak.

When Marl saw me praying, she copied my actions. She is also praying.
I leave the corpse leaned against the wall, and we continue further inside. There, we found a prayer room, no, it’s a large hall.
At the furthest end from us, there is an altar and two large statues behind it.
But the most eye-catching thing is...

"Corpses... there are so many here."(Marl)
"Ah, and everyone seems to be praying to the altar."(Taichi)

Each corpse wore fretten clothes, and the bones have almost lost its former shape.
And just as I thought, even if they're in a prayer position, there aren’t any clear wounds or fractures on any of them.
It looks like they prostrated themselves to pray and then died like that.
When I use Magic Detection to investigate, I see small traces of magic on a couple corpses.
Must be something like a magic tool like the ring from earlier.
Other than that, there is magic emanating from the altar.
Is there something on that altar?

"I sense some magic power these corpses, it might be something like the protection ring. Let's pick them up."(Taichi)
"Yes, cause we're adventurers."(Marl)

Other than monster hunting, dungeon diving and searching ruins are also sources of income for adventurers.
As far as I can tell, there are no traces of anyone entering before us, so there might be some treasure.

"They’re rings and necklaces."(Marl)
"All basic things, but some of them look great."(Taichi)

We got a Protection ring, a Dark magic resistance talisman, a Magic conductor ring.  3 magic items.
Other than that, there are gold and Mithril accessories without any effect.
And all that’s left is rusted metal.

"I'll wear this conductor ring. Marl should wear the rest."(Taichi)

We wipe down the remaining items with a rag and put them in my inventory.
The Magic conductor ring is worn on the middle finger of my left hand.
With this, I can use magic at full strength even if I'm bare-handed.
Marl also dons the accessories given to her.

"Well, I feel a little uncomfortable."(Marl)
"The dead can't use it anyway, just get used to it."(Taichi)

It’s better than let these things be forgotten by time. I’d feel sorry for their crafters.
Then we proceed to the altar at the end of the room.
Even if I say it’s altar, it’s big enough for a person to lie down on.

"There is nothing here."(Taichi)

Magic has been gathering at this altar, but there is nothing special about it.
Well, I thought I might find some naked girl sleeping here, or a legendary weapon.
Reality is a bit disappointing.

"Really, what happened here?"(Marl)
"Well, it must be the result of some sort of ritual."(Taichi)

I looked up at the statues.
It must be because of time, but the face of the male statue was eroded beyond recognition.

"I think this is a statue of god they worshipped, do you know his name?"(Taichi)
"Nope............. The face is beyond recognition, there aren’t any sacred tools either."(Marl)

As Marl explained, gods in this world have sacred tool with them.
Generally, there will be a sacred tool that identifies themselves on their statue.
Then, this statue wasn’t built with current traditions in mind.

"So it's an ancient god that was worshipped in ancient era?"(Taichi)
"Possiblly. If an archaeologist were here, they might know something, but I can't tell you anything."(Marl)

Marl shaking her head.
Well, we don't know a thing, but when we turn around it happened.

The sunlight that shone through is gone.
The torches on the wall light up.
What happened? An illusion?

[Please send us, please send us.]

I look at the altar after following the voices.
I see people that should have been corpses, wearing identical uniforms, both men and women.
Dedicating their magic........... No, everyone is even giving their lives into the prayer.
There are even children among them.

[Please send us, please send us, god. Please send us a Hero]

One by one, they gave their lives and died.
No, even after collapsing, they’re still sending a force.
This doesn't end with just giving their lives. They even gave their souls.
I look back at the altar.
Standing there is a black-haired boy in a school uniform(TLN: Japanese one.)-----------------Then the vision ends and the scenery reverts back to the same as before.

Seem like Marl also saw that scene, as she is looking around restlessly and comes to lean on me.
That is the event that happened here?

"Marl, this Hero thing, are they all summoned?"(Taichi)
"N, No, a Hero is just someone with supreme talent that is rarely born. Something like giving up souls to summon one is unheard of."(Marl)

So Marl is telling me that a Hero is just a mutated human, not a summoned one.
Then what was that summoned "Hero"?

"..............................Let's look around for more clues."(Taichi)


-Magic tool-

A tool that uses magic as a power source.
It’s expensive, but recently a mass production method was developed.
This makes it easy to find in the majority of large towns.
Daily use tools such as portable stoves that use minimal magic power to cook are popular and often sold out.
Portable toilets that can be reused, tinder rods that are easier to use than fuel boxes.
Prices vary, but even the cheapest tinder rod costs 1 silver coin.
Expensive thing like a water boiler for baths can cost 70 gold coins.

There are also magic weapon like magic swords as well.

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