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29-Sai. Ch.1

29-Sai. Ch.1

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Translator: Geraffe
Editor: izikblu (Last edited 20/01/2018)

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita...katta
Ch.1 When I realized, I’m already in another world.

When I realize, I’m now standing in the middle of a grassland.
Look to the left, grass. To the right, grass. To the back, forest. In front of me is a slope
“What? He...Hey?”

I kept looking around.
But nothing changed.

I try to touch grass below me.
Um, It’s grass alright.
I try to pinch my cheek.

Yeah, it hurt.
By the way, my belly.
The full of happiness excessive belly fat is now flat and straight.
I look at my own hands.
These are my hands for sure.
But, the scar I got from an old accident is now gone. And my skinny arms now have muscles.

“Calm down, calm down me.”

While talking to myself, I adjust my glasses.
My glasses are gone.
I who should be extremely short-sighted, can now see normally without them.
Well, in truth I should be in my room, sitting and faced my PC monitor and playing a game like every day.

First of all, I should check myself.
What is my name?
Mitsuba, Taichi. A middle aged, overweight salaryman who will be turning 30 this year. (EDN: The order of his name is Last Name, First Name)
My parents divorced, my mother died 5 years ago from an illness, and my father is nowhere to be found.
I’m currently living with my grandmother on my mother’s side and her pet dog.

Great I can still properly remember myself.
And I can still recall what happened up until now. No problems.

“Well, Where is this place?”(Taichi)

I’ve never seen this scenery before.
I don’t remember ever being being in a place like this.
Normally I would be sitting in front of my PC and surfing the net, or under my blanket as always.
What happened? I don’t understand.

Now, I should try checking my clothes.
It’s good that I’m not naked, since I only wear trunks while sleeping.
I’m wearing some tough looking pants, a shirt and a pair of leather boots.
The material is like linen, it’s kind of stiff. At least, I never had any clothes like these.
I have nothing else on me.

THE truly barehanded.
No wallet, smartphone, car, house keys... Nothing at all.
I have no idea what I should do. For now, I should go up that slope in front of me.
Maybe I will spot some familiar places.
No, even if I just see someone’s house, I should be able to manage.

“OH….”(Taichi)(TLN: He said this in English)

My expectations were crushed magnificently.

“No matter how you look at it, that is a freaking fantasy fortress-town!”

Spread out before my eyes is a grassland. And by the grassland is a strong looking wall made of stone that looks like it came from the middle ages.
Is it a dream? Is it a so called “lucid dream”?

No. The feeling of the grass and wind is surely real.
What are my choices?
Firstly, should I go to the fortress-town looking thing, or should I go to to the forest behind me?
No no no, I don’t want to know what kind of beasts are in that forest.
How about the fortress-town? Is the public order okay?
I’m unarmed and broke!

Hell, isn’t there some kind of tutorial?

[Well then, allow me to explain.]

I heard a voice in my head.
Wait? What? I’m scared here!

[As you may have noticed, this is not the world you’re from. It’s a different world which you called a “fantasy world”.]

Ugh… This guy is speaking directly into my head..!
By the way, isn’t this too cliche?

[Well, it’s the fantasy world you wanted, so you should be happy.]

I pretend to be happy.
Two minutes pass, and I start to get desperate.

[This world is different from yours as it has magic.
The level of civilization here, If compared to your world should be around the middle ages.
When you only go for magic, it ends up like this.
On the other hand, science hasn’t really gone far.
And there’s also something like “monsters”, so be careful not to get eaten.]
“It’s totally a fantasy world by the book, isn’t it. So, what can I do, do I have a special power?”(Taichi)

I don’t even try to think of whose voice it is.
I can’t think about such a thing, so I don’t.

[For now you’re no different from a normal person, but if you collect experience points…
You’ll gain power incomparable to people from this world. Try opening the menu.]
“Hah? Menu?”(Taichi)

Right after I mumble that, various information starts floating in front of me.
The current time, my position, the map, my inventory, skills and other menus that RPGs tend to have.
And my name became “Taichi Mitsuba”.
By the way, what is this “God Call”?

[There are all the necessary items for living for now in your inventory, use them wisely.
In the skill menu, you can put your Skill Points for the ones you want, it can make you an advanced martial artist in a very short amount of time compared to normal methods.]

I look into my inventory and find a short sword, adventurer set, one day’s worth of food, water and some coins in there.

In the adventurer set, there are also some necessary tools for adventurers.
Yeah, like in a TRPG.
And it looks like I can just chant in my head, then I can bring out an item.
As expected of another world, so fantasy like.

“How do I get Skill Points? Can I reset my skills?”(Taichi)
[When you gain experience points and level up, you’ll get Skill Points.
You can reset skill once every 20 Lv.]
“I get it… By the way, there are a ton of skills.”(Taichi)

I’m just skimming through, and don’t I already see over 100 skills?
Production and living skills such as Cooking, Cleaning, Sewing, Smithing, Alchemy, Farming and Woodworking.
And in addition to the main main elements Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, there is magic such as Light, Dark, Healing etc.

Production skills or life necessaries skill such as cooking, cleaning sewing, smithing, alchemy, farming, woodworking.
And then finally are the special ones such as The Mind's Eye, Demon Eyes, Appraisal, Negotiation, Steal, Stealth, Evasion, and Physical Enhancement.

I’ve started with 10 Skill Points so I have various choices.
But, basically, the higher the level of the skill, the more points it needs.
And even some of the Lv. 1 skills need several points.

[Almost every skill caps out at level 5, however some special skills don’t have caps.
If you were to compare levels to martial arts, Lv. 1 is experienced, 2 is skilled, 3 is a master, 4 is a grandmaster and 5 is superhuman.]
“I’m bare-handed, my Archery and Cooking skills started at Lv. 1, and Negotiation is already Lv. 2.”(Taichi)
[That’s the experience you've piled up from your former world.]

Ah, now I remember that I trained in Shaolin Kung Fu before.
And I tried Archery out a little too.
As for food, I normally made it myself.
But, I don’t get it, I mostly forgot those things.
Negotiation is at Lv. 2 because of my side job…

“I see, and while I’m here… What am I supposed to do?”(Taichi)
[Do as you wish, Be the hero or the villain. You can try to find a way back to your former world, or live here till you die if you wish.]
“So much freedom.”(Taichi)
So, first of all, I need to gather the things that I need in order to live in this world.
[And the tutorial ends here, I will be watching you from time to time, but if there is anything you need then try to call me.]

And with that, the voice in my head disappears.
For now, let’s not thinking about him too much, He should be the great-great something.
Anyhow, it’s time to check various things.

I open my status.
The 5 main stats are STR, VIT, AGI, DEX, and POW.
My current stats are 28, 36, 24, 32 and 127. POW is overwhelmingly high.
STR should be physical strength, VIT is Vitality, AGI is Swiftness and DEX is Precision… But what the heck is POW?
In the corner is my HP and MP, my HP is 56, and my MP is 147.

“Maybe it’s magic power?”(Taichi)

It should be.
In stories about the protagonist getting sent to another world, it isn’t rare for them to have strangely high magic power.

Now that I’ve decided that, I should try moving my body.
Let’s sprint a little. OOH, My body feels light, goodbye my overweight self.
Okay, let’s try spending a Skill Point on the Physical Enhancement skill.

My stats became STR: 42, VIT: 54 and AGI: 36, but DEX didn’t change.
Just 1 level, and they went up by 50%, that’s amazing!
I can run faster and breathe easier now that my level increased.

Next is the short sword from my inventory.
Suddenly, I have a short sword in my hand, it sure is heavy.
Since you should always carefully handle sharp things, I try slashing slowly.

Once I got used to its weight, I try slashing like in a “real fight”.
Putting in all my strength into swinging wasn’t enough to get it to make a sound.

Um, this is totally like a child playing with a sword.
So I raised Sword Proficiency to Lv. 1, and then try slashing again.

Yes, much better than last time.
Even if I don’t use as much force, the sound of the swing is still good.
Next, I spend 2 points and raise Sword Proficiency to Lv. 2.

Now my lower body feels steady, it must have improved my stance, since my movement got much better.
I should raise Unarmed Fighting at once so I can use that too.

Since, if I were to have an issue in town, bringing out a sword would be dangerous.
Here goes Lv. 2.

I attached the short sword to my belt and check my status again.
I have now used 6 Skill Points, only 4 left.

I should put these 4 into Magic.
Healing magic first, Lv. 1. And I also want attack magic.
But, there are a lot of magic types.
Darkness magic, Dimensional Magic, Pure Magic, Ancient Magic, there was a lot that got me excited.

But for now, let’s focus on the 4 main elements.
In the end, after thinking about it, it ends up as Healing Magic  Lv. 1 and Wind Magic Lv. 2.
The magic that you can use at Healing Magic Lv. 1 is Heal.

Wind Magic Lv.1 is a Wind Bullet that compresses air into ball-shape, then shoots at it a target.
Wind Magic Lv.2 is Wind blade and Air shield.
I should test Wind Bullet and Wind Blade, to see how they work.

“So this is it… That’s convenient.”(Taichi)

Attack magic can be applied in various ways, depending on your imagination.
You can shoot consecutive shots, multiple shots at once, alter their trajectory, it can be controlled in various ways.

I got too absorbed into testing magic, I only have 32 MP left. I nearly depleted it all.
Okay, let’s go to the town.

A couple minutes after I started heading towards town, an animal that looks like a boar suddenly jumped out of the forest.
Unfortunately, I get the feeling that a real boar doesn’t compare to this thing.
What the hell is that enormous tusk?


I dodged its fast charge.
I don’t know what I did to piss it off, but I must’ve 'cause it turned around a charged at me again.
This is that so-called situation isn’t it, the “first battle”.

I hesitate a little to take down something that doesn’t look much like a monster, but since I got confronted like this, I have to fight back.
I drew my short sword, dodged then slashed at its leg.

It's given out loud scream and fall down, I follow and piecing it throat and yank a blade out.
With blood gushing out of the wound, the boar stops moving.

“I killed it really fast…”(Taichi)

I took a life far more easily than I’d have thought.
When I was in my former world, I’d only killed mice or insects at most.
…Well, maybe I still can’t think of this as reality.

So, I put its corpse into my inventory, and it states it as “Small Boar’s corpse”.
When I pressed the “Disassemble” button that popped up, the “Small Boar’s corpse” became “Small Boar’s meat” and “Small Boar’s leather”.

It sure is convenient alright.


After that, on the way to the town, another Small Boar and a Big Hornet attacked me, so I killed them too.

When I checked my menu again, I was just a little EXP away from leveling up, but I’m already near the town gate already, so I sheath my sword.

I passed by some native people, they all look European.
They stare at me a lot, because my face, black hair, and black eyes look unusual to them perhaps?

I take a look at the scenery of farms and pastures on the sides while walking to the gate.
Certainly, there is a guard soldier at the gate, checking people who want to pass through.
Now, will I be able to understand them when they talk?

“Next, show me your identification.”(Guard)
“I just came from the countryside, so I still don’t have any. ”(Taichi)

After standing in line, while listening to old peddlers chatting with each other for around 10 minutes, I said that with a poker face.
A poker face and going along with the situation is the most basic essential skill for socializing of course.
The guard made a fed up face when he heard me say that.
Hey, How can you do that to a customer.

“If you don’t have one then go that way, They’ll issue you a temporary one and staying permit.”

Then he pointed his finger at the stern looking building.
It seems like the soldier needs to issue documentation from there.

I’m a little furious at the way he treats a customer, but I still do as he said.
If I start ranting, I might get targeted by these law enforcers, It’s scary when you think about it.

When I get inside, I see a crystal ball with a handprint on its surface, placed on top of the table.
What is this? What happens when you touch it?

“Take a seat. First, issuing fee is 5 big coppers, you have enough right?”
“Ah, these right?”(Taichi)

I took a seat just as he told me to, then pretended to put my hand into my pocket, and finally took 5 big copper coins from my inventory.

I now have 1 gold coin, 2 big silver coins, 8 silver coins, 13 big copper coins, 20 copper coins left.
To tell the truth, I still don’t know how many small coins equals a bigger one.
I should hurry up and learn.

“Correct, name?”(Guard)
“Taichi Mitsuba”(Taichi)
“What a strange name… Hometown?”
“Shikyuu (TLN : Earth in Japanese.), it’s very far, I’m sure you never heard of it. ”(Taichi)
“Shikyuu is it? I surely have never heard of it before. You don’t have a record of stealing or murder right?”(Guard)
“Ah, no”(Taichi)
“Okay, then place your hand on the stone and declare it.”(Guard)

I then place my hand on the crystal ball on the table and say…

“I have never stolen nor murdered.”(Taichi)

At that moment, the crystal ball glowed a pale green, before it faded back out.
The guard after seeing that, wrote something down on a card that is about the same size as a credit card.

This stone must be a lie detector.

“So, the procedure ends here. This card is temporary identification for a short stay, it only lasts 3 days after which the seal on this card will fade out. If you get checked in town and the seal is gone you have to pay fine for 1 silver coin, but if you don’t have enough to pay you’ll be turned into a slave, So be careful.”(Guard)

Just illegal lodging will make you a slave, so harsh.
But, in a world that has monsters roaming around like this, the food situation might not be so good.
Troubles inside the town might get worse at anytime.
So, they just put this method to use.

“And where can I get an official permit?”(Taichi)
“The fastest way is the Adventurer or Merchant guilds, you don’t look like a merchant, so it would be better to go to the Adventurer guild. To get there, turn left after you enter the town.”(Guard)

After he finished he stood up.
So, it must be over.

“Thank you, I’ll take a look.”(Taichi)
“Ah, and welcome to Crossroad.”(Guard)

He then gave me a thin smile and went back to the gate.


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