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29-Sai. Ch.5

29-Sai. Ch5

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Translator: Geraffe

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29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita...katta

Ch.5 Adventuring is the very profitable business.

"Mou, You're so cold? Even though you share a bed with a beautiful girl last night, you're screaming."(Marl)

Marl pulled a wry face and poking my chest with her finger,
and now I'm so shocked that my heart might fly away somewhere right now.
AHHH, I can't remember a damn thing.

"You're very energetic while doing it though..............."(Marl)
"..........For real?"(Taichi)
"Yeah, when I said I'm afraid, then you hugged and pulled me from the back
"Ehhh......Sorry,  please leave out details." "(Marl(Taichi))

What is done, It's done.
Even though I really want to run away, but now I can't.
Human needs to face reality.
Wait, doesn't because I want to run away from the reality that I'm coming here?
Didn't I want a freedom, so I came here?

And I'm finished on just a first day, I wanna die.

But well, that and this is different.
I've done it anyway, I need to take responsibilities.
Marl is also cute.

".......Is your body okay?"(Taichi)

Marl is surprised with my remark.
Sure thing it is, just a minute before I'm still spacing out.
Don't worry, I'm fast as switching mood.

"Eh.... Aren't you angry?"(Marl)

Ah, that one. I get it now.
Well, aren't you the one who forced me down?
You do can reflect on it, aren't you?

"Being angry won't get me anywhere, right? Even your way of doing a thing is no good, but it is done anyway.
Your resolution passes through me, it's my loss."(Taichi)

When I'm caressing her face with my hand. She closes her lovely eye and hugs me.
Damn cute.
Even though I do want a revenge, but I got to be with this cute girl. Even if there is a troublesome situation ahead, I will get through it.
I can do it, It's Very Easy Mode, No problems.

"Let's get up, If we aren't doing any requests, we won't get money."(Taichi)

Marl crawling out of bed naked and slowly dress up by picking up clothes that scatter around the floor one by one.
OH...........What is this, it's erotic.
Well, when you look at the naked girl getting dressing up piece by piece, it's so stimulating.

"Mou...What are you looking at.....? Or are you getting horny again?"(Marl)
"Shut up"(Taichi)

I move my eyes away from Marl who is smiling and also get dressed up.
And Marl has left the room.
She went to pick up her luggage maybe.
I need to focus too.

When I go downstairs, Owner Old man is calling out to me.

"Good work, there is a well at the back, go wash your face there."(Inn's old man)

He spoke with a smile.
When I see an eye that seems like he knows everything, I got worked up a little, damn.
But I just pick up a soap and go to well at the back without saying anything.
Washing my face and my body a little.
Then Marl joined up, so I gave her a soap.

"Is this okay?"(Marl)
"I won't give you if it wasn't"(Taichi)

I poked her head with my fist then go to the dining hall.
There is a guess that already eating breakfast and Pinea who is serving a meal.
When I stepped in every eye turned to me.
Then everyone shows me their fist with thumb between index and middle finger, even though it's another world, gesture is still the same.
Fuck you all.

"Hey, how's it. When you reached clima-it hurthurthurthurthurthurt!!"(Pinea)

I'm doing iron claw on Pinea's head, who is a representative of all guess in the inn.
I put in nearly all my power.

"I want two people portion, with extra"(Taichi)

And then, Marl is walking this way.
Her walking is weird somehow.................Let's not mention that.

"I'll say it again, Good morning."(Marl)
"Ah, Good morning. Let's eat quickly and go the guild."(Taichi)
"Mou, Taichi-san. You should have spoken more sweetly!"(Marl)
"I'm embarrassed here, don't talk about it"(Taichi)

We finished out meal while having that kind of nonsensical exchange.
Breakfast is roasted bread with frying egg and soup, and we are the only one who got fruit as extra.
Don't know if it's apologizing or a congratulation, but it's the same.

Then I go to pay for food, including last night portion. And we go to the Adventurer Guild.
Damn, our budget is getting low.
And also, I feel the loss more, because I can't remember last night deed much.


"Hei! Yah!"(Taichi)

I pierce through it small body with full force. Then took a swing at the nearby head.
The second one is being sent flying by quarterstaff and viscous liquid is leaked out from its bodies.
And quarterstaff is leaking **gachi** sound, it's not good.
Even if it's thick, it still wood isn't it this staff.
I use it as a melee weapon too much, now I can see a crack.

"Marl, are you okay?"(Taichi)
"I, I, I'm fine,........but............."(Marl)
"It got leaked out..............There are 2 more on your back!"(Marl)
"Ah, so!!"(Taichi)

When I looked at Marl body and confirm it, I piece quarterstaff and spinning kicked two incoming goblins.


"Wanna find some request with a good reward that you guys can do right?"(Ulz)

Old man Ulz listens to our request and is now looking through files.

"How about searching for a lost cat"(Ulz)
"I'm good at that!"(Marl)
"That's for just Marl alone, and what's for me?"(Taichi)
"It's just....You're also newbie you know?"(Ulz)

Even if everyone has confirmed my strength, but I still have no achievement nor fighting experience.
But, I still prefer a subjugation or emergency quest.

"Oh, what about this."(Ulz)

Then old man Ulz is picking up one request.
Is adventurer guild the client?

"Subjugated goblins, no it's scouting. Those things are breeding fast
and often attacked livestock or stole farm produces. You need to reduce it number time to time.
And at that time there is scouting request, but if you kill it you'll get some money too."(Ulz)
"How can you check that we have killed them?"(Taichi)
"It will be recorded on your card, but you need to kill it for good so it will get recorded."(Ulz)

Hoh, there's such convenient function on this card too.
If there are none function like this, there will be a lot of fabricated reports, right?
Or you have to bring every monster bodies here or have someone go and check,
or bring some part of its bodies..... whichever is sound troublesome.
But if it's for me, I'll just toss everything into inventory.


***Poke, poke***

"Then let's go with this, do you have a map?"(Taichi)

***Poke, poke***

"Ah, there is. But listen, just scouting is fine, don't be greedy. Just fight less and fast, you got that?"(Ulz)

I take a look at the map that old man Ulz gave me.
It seems like forest nearby town is suspicious.
You need to leave the west gate, and follow the main road for 1-hour, huh?


***Poke, poke***

"I have a bad hunch, it looks dangerous, let's not go."(Marl)
"It's should be dangerous of course, let's say if we always avoid everything that looks dangerous,
why to bother becoming an adventurer." (Taichi)
"Au, you're right but....."(Marl)

Still, Marl is not convinced.
If it's like this, you have that sentence.

"Don't worry, if it looks too dangerous, let's run. And if anything happenI'll protect you."(Taichi)
"! E, Ehehe, it's that so?"(Marl)

Marl spoke while fidgeting with embarrassment.
I don't want to show off but something like this is a piece of cake


I use quarterstaff peicing goblin that jumped at me.
And then goblin at my side saw that chance, took a jump.
It grabbed my upper right arm and then bites, but because of leather armor I wore, it doesn't reach my body.
I use two fingers to pieces its eyes, it's rolling on the ground so I kept stomping till it dies.

"Kyaa! Taichi-san there are five more on the right!"(Marl)
"GUH! It's so annoying!"(Taichi)

There are five more goblins coming out from the forest.
When I see them, I shot out Magic arrow from Non-Elemental magic Lv.1.
Magic arrow targeting is like a lock-on in a shooting game.
If Air bullet and Wind blade need to aim and shoot like a gun.
Magic arrow is a homing missile.

I gather a magic power that is suitable for the targets, an increasing number of an arrow to 5.
At the tip of the quarterstaff, there are 5 balls of light swirling around.

"Energy bolt!"(Taichi)

I plunge the quarterstaff into the soil, it makes loud metallic sound.
5 Light arrows launches and pieces through goblins.
As I can see, there is a hole sized around 500yen coin, all headshots.
All 5 goblins, dead.
Energy bolt, even though it's Lv.1 magic, it's power is strong.
It's used 25MP for increasing arrow number to 5. Comparing to Air bullet, it's consuming more MP.


Remaining goblins must be afraid of my magic just now, it's now all frantic.
Chance, I'll shot you all down.


"Aww, Finished at last."(Taichi)

I used my short sword to finished remaining goblins.
I got hurt a little, but just using healing magic and it's all gone.
When wound closing in a blink of eyes is shocking in itself.

"Au.................................. I can't be bride anymore. Ah, Taichi-san will take me anyway,
I don't have to worry about that."(Marl)
"Move your hand more than your mouth if you please."(Taichi)

When she heard me, Marl bent her mouth and continuing to kill remained unmovable goblins.
And I've her change her undies.
Truth is, I'm also leaked a little too.
As I thought, even if it's a monster, but it has a humanoid form. I've taken a lot of mental damages.

"29 in totals huh? By the way, can we sell these corpse."(Taichi)
"Its intestine seems to be ingredient for medicine, looks like it can be sold for small sums, also it can be used as food for monster livestock, remaining can be burned and using its ashes for magical ceremony"(Marl)
"Then, let's take it all back."(Taichi)

Then I toss its corpse into inventory one by one.
Incidentally, Marl's knowledge is useful, and it's helped me a lot.
Even if she is useless in a fight, but her resourcefulness is great.

"Treasure box is so convenient.......I want one too"(Marl)
"Mine is special kind though, I can't tell you it's method too because I just suddenly gained it."(Taichi)

I can't tell her that I got it as a gift set from the unknown entity(God) for free.

"Taichi-san is amazing as I thought If a normal couple of Rank E and F is faced this many goblins they wouldn't make it through for sure."(Marl)

While collecting a goblin corpses.
Marl is praising me with the sparkling eyes.
I didn't use even half of my MP and got only scratches that can be healed instantly.
I can take more than half of that.
Lv. is also upped from 3 to 5.
And profit from this time is from subjugated, sell, and also request's reward.

"I'm also afraid. Game and reality are so different as I thought."(Taichi)

Feeling of clashed skins, liquids that got out, gooey feeling that passed through the blade to my hand.
Everythings is so real that made my body trembles.
Feeling of taking life, that I never know, when in former world.

"Game? Reality?"(Marl)
"............Don't mind it. Did you finished mapping?"(Taichi)

Though it ended without the feeling of regrets,
maybe it because reality still didn't pass deep enough through my skin, or maybe I played too much game?
Because the western game that let you running through post-nuclear war world has been released a lot,
a futuristic war ones too.
It has too realistic graphics.

"Escape way is also perfect!"(Marl)
"Good, then let's go back with caution."(Taichi)

Today is finished without a scratch.
Let's go back


"And you still come back without losing some limps, and not even a single wound."(Ulz)

When old man Ulz is receiving our adventurer cards for checking, he is mumbling something like that while sweating.
The score is Me 23, Marl 6.
And Marl score is just from finishing touches.

"I brought back all of goblins corpses please buy it."(Taichi)
"What? ALL?"(Ulz)

When I told him that,
old man Ulz is calling more people and then together with me and Marl we get into some sort of warehouse.
Cold. Is this freezer warehouse?
Seems like the cold come from the crystal that is ้hanging down from the ceiling, fantasy is so convenient.

"I'll take it out"(Taichi)

And then I took out and lined up all 29 goblins corpse.
Un, when you look at its line up, It gross.

"This one only has a hole in the head, magic?"
"This one has a blunt wound."
"Overall looks good"

Old man and staffs are checking out goblins corpses.
I don't know how they appraise it, but it looks like I'll get a good price.

"By the way, how much for took down one?"(Taichi)
"Huh? 5 big coppers for one. Didn't I told you?"(Ulz)

What........? Then it's mean I got 145 big copper coins.....
14 silver coins and 5 big copper coins!?
I can stay at the inn for 58 days!
Upgraded my equipment is not a mere dream now.

"Marl, how much for goblins corpse in the market?"(Taichi)
"It's up and down form demands and supplied, but it should be around 2-3 big coppers.
But there aren't big subjugation for goblin recently, price might be up to 3 big copers"(Marl)
"Then we'll get another 87 big coppers, it's 8 silvers and 7 big coppers.
The Income is around 2 gold coins."(Taichi)
"As expected of Taichi-san, even my highest income is just 1 silvers a day!"(Marl)
"A, un...."(Taichi)

The set meal is around 2-4 copper coins, drink is mostly 1 copper coin.
Lodging including breakfast is 25 copper coins per night.
From what mentioned above, 1 copper can be around 100 yen.
Big copper is 1,000 yen, silver is 10,000 yen, gold is 100,000 yen.
I went out in the morning, now is afternoon.

Just half a day, I made 200,000 yen

Profit, the profits is too great, adventurer job.
No, if you count in life-risking is might be normal.
And we have to add in others cost likes equipment maintaining too.

Then old man Ulz brought us back to the counter.

"Subjugation's reward, request's reward, and selling of those corpses,
the total is 25 silvers and 2 big coppers. Check it first."(Ulz)

He shows me a paper that has some written on.
In that's details that they bought one goblin corpse for 3 big copper coins.
And request's reward is 2 silver coins.

Isn't a reward too few? No, from the start this is scouting request.

"How would you split it?"(Ulz)
"Ahh, money splitting huh? What to say, I don't know about this kind of thing."(Taichi)

If it is a game then it's equally split.
but it can't be used of course.

"Normally, their split the reward from the work they had done though........."(Ulz)
"I only kill goblins that Taichi-san has stopped its movement! I didn't even join up in a fight!"(Marl)

Why is she speaking in a post that feels like it has **WINK** sound in the background too?
Even though it's all true.

"And Jou-chan is also speaking this herself......"(Ulz)

Old man Ulz is scratching his head on what to do.
So, I give Marl 5 silvers from 25 we got.
And now those two are making a questionable face.

"Marl is making map alone, right?And you're spotting goblins first and told me their positions.
Even when I fight you told me when and where they would come at me.
And of course, because when a fight broke out it all up to me so I gave you 5 silvers."(Taichi)

And I took out another 10 silver coins and gave it to Marl.

"And, this is our center budget for me and Marl party. I'll leave it for Marl to look after it. After this,
if there are some necessities to be bought or living expense for me and Marl,
you can use it to pay for all of it as you see fits for a situation. How about it?"(Taichi)

If she can't be used in a fight, then let her handle all of these troublesome works.
We're weird individuals anyway.
But Marl makes a really happy face.
It's like there's **PAN** sound, are you an M.

"And the rest is mine."(Taichi)

For the reasons above, my income is 10 silver coins and 2 big copper coins.
By the way, my quarterstaff is cracking. Let's find better ones.
Wood is out, I want something that can be used in a very long fight.

"I'm going to get something to replace this, What about Marl?"(Taichi)
"Ah, me too, I want to look for a weapon that can support Taichi-san!"(Marl)

Marl clenches her fist and let out **FUU** sound.
She has a short sword at her waist too, but she can use it with the immovable opponent only.
Let's teach her how to use it sometime.

"Let's go, see you old man."(Taichi)
"See you tomorrow."(Ulz)

And we leave the guild for the weapon shop.


Marl is smiling and happily walking beside me.
I'm not accustomed to having someone this beauty walking alongside me.
Because before this, I'm plump right?
Even though I've been dating some woman too but.....
Well, it's not a good parting.
After that, I'm not much interested in love, AHH so black.

Ah, when I'm thinking about old wounds we arrive at the weapon shop.
Yosh, are there any good match weapon.


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